Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Princess Adora Intense Purple Glittery Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

                  Ra Ra Sis Booooom BA!  She-Ra is one of those unknown characters not many know of today, being she is a goddess of power I suggest you RA ON HOMIE! Keep in mind She-Ra is the alter ego of Princess Adora, a beautiful strong willed warrior.  This was not a look I was expecting to do today however since I had a bit of tummy pain I figured going to my happy place was best, makeup is rather therapeutic.  Be aware this is MY take on Princess Adora, to the right is a picture depicting her makeup closely, rather piercing red lips I went for a more alluring combination!  This look took around 40 minutes to complete, the lips coming in at the longest amount of time, please be sure to PLAN and TAKE your time when it comes to this tutorial, beauty is pain my love. If you want to find out more information on this Mattel born Princess check out Wiki Grayskull, it gives information on EVERY character from the series with an abundance of descriptive characteristics from physical appearance to mental inhabitants. Besides the fact, I haven't done an ALL purple makeup look since my Disco Gemini tutorial, been quite a while! I hope you loves enjoy, I will be continuing the superhero/villain series this whole month and next month of course, ALSO my Buttercupcake makeup look is re-uplaoding to YouTube for the 8th time...praying it works. 

*ABH Catnip + Marc Jacobs Je T'Aime, Georgie Girl + Buxom: Zoe, Lilac Cosmo

                     Clean skin is an absolute MUST, princesses have flawless skin (check out my Dark Wonder Woman look, this is Princess Diana's alter ego as well) with nice glowy complexions! You don't have to have THE BEST skin in the world, we're all human, but it must be ridded of any blackheads/whiteheads/dirt, or in some cases pesky acne causing harsh and uneven skin textures.  Since I have sensitive skin I really do not do much to my skin other than splash hot water on it to open up my pores a tad and apply a light layer of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to hydrate my skin! After completing my little morning routine I then went forth to the priming stage, having a good foundation BEFORE the application OF foundation is important.  In other words, a skin base is needed, wether it be to conceal redness or to help control oiliness, it is beneficial to everyone's skin! I went for my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer primarily because it yields a gorgeous natural radiance while holding my makeup on well.  I applied it to the high points of my face in tiny dashes then proceeded to blending it out starting from the center of my face out towards my hairline, this comes in a jar which makes the amount applied extremely controllable! After allowing the primer to sink into my pores I then took a pump of my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Porcelain and began GENTLY brushing it on my skin in downward strokes using a Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, its rather rare for my to use stippling motions UNLESS an area needs more coverage, at that point I build the product up. 

                Yay, today I don't have to make cream contouring optional,  my heart is full ;).   Today I made this process VERY different, in specific I placed the illuminizing product on during the placement of cream contour products, this method seems to be more beneficial to the final product! With that being said using a freshly cleaned Sephora Concealer Brush I first began with the cream contour product, which happened to be Cover Fx's N100.  I took the cream in the hollows of my cheeks, on the rim of my cheekbones, on my jaw lines, on the sides of my nose, and under my lip for extra definition!  I then switched to N0 for highlighting purposes and very lightly applied it around specific areas such as my smile lines, the center of my chin, on my forehead, and between the cheek and jaw contour.  Lately I haven't been highlight too much for the simple factor the warmer weather will melt this stuff off, which is a total boo factor :(!  To compensate I then took a pump of Makeup Forever's Uplight in #22 to the back of my hand and applied it to my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow, and on the center of my chin/forehead.  Any excess was taken right under my under eye area, this acts as a brightener as well! To blend the products in I took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and gently stippled along to lower half of my face, blending is really simple, you just have to make sure you don't overthink the process, flow with it rather. The only time another motion was used is when it came to the sides of my face, here I worked with upward buffing motions to form illusions of higher pulled up cheekbones and seamless finishes! 

                        I have not used Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Golden Light in SUCH a long time, it is the absolute best for dramatic makeup looks since it mimics intensive bronze shadows without being un-natural! Before explaining the process do be aware matte bronzers CAN be used as contouring powders, I just personally choose to go the extra mile for a more natural gradience. Using a Mac 168 brush (curves the face beautifully) I gently applied and blended the bronzer across the tops of my temples down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line, this is known as the "outer 3" of one's face!  To further contour (as previously said above) I then took the dark bronze from my MJ Filtering Pallet and blended it down the sides of my nose, under my chin, and of course into the hollowing of my cheekbones.  Since I already had my brush out I then took Benefit's Dandelion Blush and smudged it across the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline, I hardly EVER use this but Adora is a soft fierce character, a brightening effect was needed! 

                  Today was definitely a day for trying new and old loves once again, rather going for my normal illuminating powders I went for Colourpop's Smoke N Whistles highlighter.  This is SUPER silky so I opted in for applying it with my fingers to the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow, and a bit on my chin/forehead!  I then picked up my Sephora #74 brush and firmly dusted across my cheekbones Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminator in Starlight, this was applied in 4 layers since I wanted a very frosty and FIERCE glow.  OKAY now it is lip time, PLEASE take your time with this, the lips took 10 minutes to do! First off, I applied a light coat of ABH's Catnip to my lips followed by Marc Jacobs Je T'Aime smudged in the center and Georgie Girl applied DIRECTLY in the center for a lighter appearance. I then glossed over my lips with Buxom's Zoe and Lilac Cosmo, this duo acted as a sticky base for the glitter to come! Speaking of glitter I then took Wet N' Wild's Pink Sugar Confetti Glitz and patted it all over my lips, specifically on the center dragged out towards the sides! After all of that I proceeded to setting my skin with MUFE's Matte Setting Powder in #12. The powder was applied on any areas highlighted! Everything was completely finished up and set with Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray, a goddess in disguise MUST be fabulous at any time of the day :). 
*Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Pallet, Black Magic (light pearl shade + mauve)
*Too Faced Love Flush, Your Love Is King
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan: Carnival
*Suagarpill Loose Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow: PaperDoll, Frostine
                       This makeup look is certainly NO joke, to closely resemble She-Ra I made sure to make my lids a lilac delight with a bit of Lillee weaved in, note the glitter! IT IS completely up to you loves the way you'd prefer shaping your brows, Adora has very shapely and arched eyebrows, they look very much like mine with the minor difference of me having softer arches so I didn't have much of an issue here.  Using my Morphe G11 brush I simply lined my top and bottom brows firmly with singular stokes THEN filled them in with upward brushings to mimic real eyebrow hair! As for a primer I used a combination of a light pearl shade with a mauve from the Revlon Cream shadow pallet, as you could assume I spread and smudged the new shade mixture across my entire lid area up to my brow bone, excess product was smudged under my lower lash line. 

                    Though it might seem weird to some to use a blush as a eyeshadow color, its one of my absolute favorite things to do! Too Faced Love Flush in Your Love Is King happens to be very important for the eye makeup presented here because it changes the purple hue to a softer plum like color. With my Sephora Pro Shadow #14 brush I gently applied the blush to my entire lid area with firm patting and occasional smudging motions!  DO NOT go crazy on the pigment for this, a wash of color will do. Using the same #14 brush I then took Makeup Geek's Carnival eyeshadow and patted it right on top, this makes for a good transition into the loose shadow that shall be applied next! Speaking of loose eyeshadow, I THEN took Sugarpill's Paperdoll and lightly patted it across my entire lid area.  I worked in two light layers to ensure the pigment would be built up adequately.  By this point the lid should be left alone, start working on the crease to add up drama!  The first color I went into is Black Currant from the TF Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet, though it is darker in tone when blended in it turns into a gorgeous mid tone purple color. To blend the shade in I used my Mac 224, mind you I focused mainly on side to side motions to evenly disburse to color into my crease. Since I had my 224 handy I then switched to a more vibrant purple, Sugarpill's Poison Plum! This color will require some patience to blend SINCE it is so vibrant-- I started to work the color in from the outer third of my lid in towards the creasing of my eye socket, not only does the eye socket work as a natural guide for crease shades it helps to intensify color through the usage of illusion. 

                         Oooh the lower lash line was beyond fun! Using my Mac 219 Pencil brush I first began by smudging the darker pink shade, provided by the Bh Cosmetics Lilac Duo Blush pallet, across the outer third of my lower lash line.  I then smoothed it into Sugarpill's Forstine shadow, this shade occupied much of the lower lash line including the inner corners of my eye for a gorgeous sheen! For the eyeliner I first lined my lash line THREE times in ACDC liner by Urban Decay in a winged liner shape, the three times was only to ensure optimal glitter pigment was reached.  I then took Pink Sugar glitter by Wet N' Wild and patted it across the line firmly with the same 219 brush, be sure to build up pigment on this baby ;)! After doing so be sure to coat your lashes with your favorite mascara, in my case this would be the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara.  When it comes to falsies PLEASE choose a lash style that will NOT hinder the liner, the point of glitter liner is to GLITTER, the point of flashes is to ENHANCE, put two and two together and get Kiss's Flirty lashes :)! 

        Make sure to check out my Power Puff Girls series, each girl was created with Spring in mind! To the left is a little Instagram collage I created a few days ago to just show a "side by side" image with my inspiration in tact.  Here are the links to eaccchh puff girl: Vampy Buttercupcake, Burgundy Blossom,  Glittery Blue Bubbles. When recreating these looks BE SURE to hashtag me #thaeyeballqueen OR email me at, I always love to post recreations of looks you loves make :)!