Monday, April 25, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick Haul WITH Review and Swatches

*I do not have any affiliate program with LimeCrime, nor do I desire one. My review below is honest, however, has changed drastically since this was written.
I have had numerous LIP breakouts/infections from these velvetines, to the point I threw each of the products above out. If you have sensitive skin, DO NOT USE.

                           Ta-daaaa, the mini haul is here cuties! I have been tempting ALL of you for a few days with the shade Rave, it's only fair for a surprise posting.  As many of you know I love Lime Crime-- straight off the bat I use their Venus Pallet daily along with their well known shade "Black Velvet" for some of my occasional gothic looks! Each Velvetine retails for $20.00 unless stated otherwise for reasons such as sales (like whats occurring now) OR promotional packages (True Love Set). I happened to of purchased the following colors a few days ago: {Saint, Cupid, True Love},  Rave, TroubleRiotand just as said before Black Velvet!  Each shade is spectacularly pigmented and very unique in hue, tone, as well as effect for some newer Velevetines (some are metallic or black lit). Do be noted EVERYTHING was PURCHASED WITH MY own money, therefore my review is as good as gold and truthful to the bone, you loves know once I dive in, I got deep, fortunately for Lime Crime over there I have a soft spot :)!  

              Am I the only person who literally saves EACH Lime Crime box I receive, I mean who wouldn't it's like a magical wonderland of unicorns stepping into the lime light?! It does make me wonder how Doe Deere keeps up with the packaging cost, let's face it this is clearly NOT cheap to make, nor is the Velvetine strategic artwork on the cap's as well.  Pictured to the left is an image of my box being opened, and for once not torn apart...hehe. One thing I REALLY fancy is how neat the product underneath were placed, sometimes with brands like M.A.C. they sorta toss everything under and it's a hideous mess, in the case of Lime Crime you really get the vibe whoever packed it, cared!  The real question you should be asking yourself is, "well, the packaging is fantabulous however does the product live up to the hype?" I am here to say SURPRISINGLY YES, there were only a few minor cases where I believe a formula change was made, other than that each product was consistent in texture and VERY long wearing...not to mention the fact they have one swipe pigment.  THE ONLY downfall is the smell, I happen to be hyper sensitive so when I open a bottle of liquid lipstick and it smells like sugared playdo, not sure really what to think!  I mean, for $20.00 at least add SOME vanilla extract. 

                         Pictured above is the following shades left to right: Rave, Black Velvet, Trouble, True Love, Saint, Riot, Cupid.  If you didn't know RAVE IS BOMB, MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE out of each shade which is quite the rarity for me because I tend to stick with my browned pinks, Rave is definitely an exception! What I love most about the shade is the black light reflective hue it contains.  For example, on instagram I posted the following image depicted to the right yesterday morning, as you can see it maintains true to that vibrant purple effect HOWEVER in another lighting it leaned VERY pinky/lilac, I am a fan of this color switch, but some of you might not be!  Another daring shade I bought courtesy of my mom's recommendation is Trouble.  This is described as a true olive color, and that it is! When you apply these MAKE SURE your lips are completely dry and one texture, if you so much as have a piece of dry skin popping up it'll throw off everything, despite these liquid lippies being creamy and very workable with they too have their limits!  Another thing to keep in mind is AVOID eating oily, or greasy foods, this will remove the inner rim of lipstick super easily.  

             The True Love Set is honestly the only reason why I had a tinnnnnnnyy Lime Crime splurge.  Each lipstick, SaintCupidTrue Love, retail a total of $60.00, I copped it for $44.00 since Lime Crime is having a HUGE sale to let go of some all time favorites and let in the new loves! These have the silkiest and CREAMIEST texture out of each shade I bought, I believe it is due to perhaps more product being filled in the containers.  Saint is described as a cranberry red, Cupid as a petal pink, and True Love as a vibrant pinky red WHICH drew my attention to Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Coral Crush, both consist of the same vibrancy...or so I thought! Though I got excited for a possible dupe, this was a fallacy as Coral Crush IS MUCH brighter and red in tone, True Love has a very wearable hue, so does the other two shades for that matter, making this a practical set, yes I gave you are excuse to shop SHHH.  One super cool benefit to buying these shades together besides the others listed IS you can create numerous ombre effects!  This seems to be a really long lasting trend going on, understandably so (psssst, try True Love all over your lips with Saint on the outer corners and Cupid centered).

                    One thing that MIGHT turn one of you beauties out there off is the amount of product picked up on the doe applicator stick. Wasteful? Yes. BUT  THE COLORS ARE SO FLIPPING GORGEOUS OH MY GOOSHH, SUCK IT UP GIRL! 12M of product per Velevtine is relatively good considering how beauty brands tend to cheap out nowadays, to the right is an image showing you loves one swipe out of the container, precisely the amount of product stuck to the wand.  Now this is no Kylie Jenner Lip Kit shenanigans with messed up applicator wands, though she fixed the mishap. I personally feel these applicators are MUCH more convenient to the average user since they fit the curves of one's natural lips wonderfully and it only takes ONE swipe out to cover the upper and lower lips fully!  

                It's sorta hard to compare the Velvetine line to ANY liquid lipsticks for the fact these are inspired by rose petals and suppose to glide on and feel like velvet, most liquid lipsticks are either too thin in formula or overly creamy with absolutely no specific claims other than "dries quick", yay?! If you happen to have the Bh Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick(s): Princess, Muse that is one GOOD comparison of formula, the BH is very THIN and due to that dries quick, but has weak pigment.  On the other hand, the Lime Crime takes all of 1 minute to dry and has strong pigment...just that downside of smell which is a very small factor!  Be sure to click the photo on the left just so you can see closer the texture of BH's as compared to the Lime Crime texture (view photo above again) this was from my March Haul WHICH YOU SHOULD check out promptly after this.  All in all I'd def purchase more of these liquid lipsticks as they're absolutely ADDICTING, let's face it with all good there is bad and to be real the bad wasn't THAT bad, these stand at a hefty 7/10 for me ranking at number 2 in my all time favorite lipstick list :)!  Stay tuned for the live swatching/demo/review video that'll be up tomorrow, I was just SUPER excited to post this, ooooppppssssieeee.