Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea: Water Foundation SPF 15 Review and Swatches

UPDATE 6/22/16: Product caused a breakout on the sides of my cheeks. MINOR.
UPDATE 1/25/17: Product has a ton of OZ to go, but has been laid to rest due to the terrible breakout. The synthetic sunscreen additives are not bien on my skin type.

                      OMG!  I ordered the Tarte Cosmetics Water Foundation three days ago, and after having three full days to wear the foundation both bare and with other products I can honestly say this is my ALL TIME favorite, def saying a lot since you guy's know I went gaga for Natasha Denona's Face Glow Foundation in my January haul.  Not only has this agreed well with my skin (no breakouts whatsoever) two key factor's maintained all day long for me- the glow, and waterproofness!     This foundation currently retails for $39.00 which is pretty damn good considering how amazing it is, plus the fact there is a butt load of product present in the bottle (some brands cheap out and fill below the cap opening).  Do be aware these are MY personal reviews, everyone has different skin and will react differently!  As far as my skin type goes I react horribly to any Giorgio Armani products, especially their ogled foundation, let's get to the review swatches will be present as well as comparisons.

             Aesthetically this is absolutely gorgeous. Most foundations take the route of black font with minimum color, this however has a wonderful balance of color present (gold font WITH a sunset like pump/beaker) without looking overall like a rainbow, the true foundation color really shines through the tube!  I have not a clue why but I was NOT expecting a beaker like pump, this is actually very convenient because the beaker only fills 1/4 in, thus you use less product but in reality get the most out of the dewy foundation.  If you view the photo the the left you will be able to see the beaker up close with some foundation pouring out!  One thing to keep in mind when you buy this (really suitable for the Spring/Summer/Fall months) is NOT too fully click the pump, this will only cause your hands to get full of foundation, been there done that take it from a pro.  I'm joking take it from a Lillee.  See, here is where the glasses emoji would be really freaking wonderful!!!!! At any rate, one con I shall say is the font was sort of "scratched" off which leads me to believe it was sitting around for some time OR was man handled, either way it applies amazing. 

                 Here is another view of the beaker along with some fab diva light accentuation on the purple-orange hues present on the cap + bottle itself!  The shade I had purchased this foundation in is Fair-Light Neutral, according to Tarte this shade is for "fair to light skin with yellow and pink undertones". One thing that I have come upon in the foundation world is poor usage of words, in terms of describing the product itself.  For example, you might buy a foundation labeled "Dark Olive" and the undertone is completely pink (yes, this has happened to me)!  There are wayyyyy more pro's than cons when it comes to this foundation, especially with the fact it is ergonomically suitable (fits everywhere, even in my jam packed purse).  Be noted this foundation (packaging wise) does have a tendency to roll over due to the circular shade, while recording my tutorial for the look all the way above this occurred 3 times, totally not fun because each time the pump tip was squashed in! 

              Moving along to the foundation itself, I'd rate it a straight 5/5 especially with the factor I was working out WITH two coatings and it stayed on the full 45 minutes without smearing off (most dewy foundations wear off easily).  Personally this has higher coverage than my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which is saying a lot!  The best part is it is COMPLETELY build-able!  For instance, during my tutorial I originally took 1/4 pump onto the back of my hand and realized I had some darkness under my eyes still, so I took a 1/8 of a pump and lightly dabbed it in and guess what? Dark circles say no more!! Its always sooooo exciting when you find a foundation with multipurpose, sorry for my over exaggeration of words hehe.  ONE THING- DO NOT use a lump sum of product IT WILL look streaky, never cakey as it remains luminous all day long, but very streaky in texture as it sits above the skin rather sinks in! Anyways, back to my personal experiences with this baby ;).  For the other 2 days (the first was 45 minute work out) I went to school (7 hours straight) and it wore amazing, not a crease or smear in sight!  One major thing I happened to notice is YOU MUST stick with downward strokes OR just firm dragging motions, if you opt in for stipples it'll effect the wear time, as far as I've notice that is.  For example, on Monday I stippled it on and I noticed it was very sticky and heavy.  Then today I used firm streaks and it was flawless, very glowy, and VERY long lasting! 

                              YES, finally the comparison section!  I am super excited to do this part only because I closely compared it to my Natasha Denona Face Glow foundation due to them claiming to have the same benefits.  Pictured above is any foundations w/ similar claims OR similar appearance in the bottle (this goes to prove my statement above about false advertisement!!!).  From left to right is Marc Jacobs Genius Gel in 14 Ivory Medium, Benefit Hello Flawless in Ivory, N.D Face Glow in 20, BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Light Olive, and the new beloved Rainforest Foundation :)!  You can really see the difference in texture of all these acclaimed "glow" foundations, starting to wonder how far they stretched the word glow for the few on the left side. Some notable differences between the Natasha Denona Face Glow and Water Foundation is the Water foundation STAYS waterproof all day long and is VERY light weight on the skin while maintaining amazing coverage.  On the other hand, the ND is more matte than glowy and feels heavier as the day progresses, plus I have noticed it makes me quite itchy after removal! 

                  Something I think most will love is the fact the glow remains all day long.  Now, I know its quite the obsession right now having that "fleeked" up highlight however this is NOT an ordinary shine!  The shine looks almost sun kissed when paired with a bronzing powder AND remains that way all day without looking flat.  MANY MANY MANYYYY foundations get flat during the day and look not so appealing, this was a shocker for me! If you view the image presented to the left you'll be able to see the shine and true color of this foundation!  It matches EXTREMELY close to my natural coloring (on my face) and DOES NOT oxidize one bit, if anything it adheres to the skin and adapts to whatever conditions come amongst it, kinda like an animal in a rainforest :).

                I took this photo only to show you guys the closest matches I found to the Light-Netural shade! Yes, a few paragraphs above I did mention swatches however sometimes the visual of a container works better for people.  On the left is the BEST match I have found, it is Maybelline's Fit Me Dewy Foundation in 110 Porcelain.  This foundation is a bit thicker than the Water foundation and has an extremely strong scent, which as being a sensitive person is not the best thing in the world.  Bottom line is, get this foundation.  It will not only be your FAVORITE thing ever to apply in the morning (primer does not affect the foundation texture, I actually on Monday added a drop of my Seaberry oil for a more dewy look) it's once more the perfect foundation for the Spring and Summer months.

**UPDATE 11/3/16: Foundation started reacting poorly as it aged. The texture is too liquid like**

                        Hopefully you guy's enjoyed this very mini yet meaningful review, sort of a warm up for Saturday.  Products upon products with TONS of swatches will be present, be sure to follow me on Instagram for some teasers. PSST- one is up already ;). Also, there has been some difficulty with me editing my hair video so if you guys wouldn't mind I'm just going to go forth in editing my tutorial (the look presented above), I kinda feel you'd all prefer the makeup than hair since I posted a chunk of the video to IG two weeks ago!