Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Patricks Day Pot O' Gold Glittery Green Makeup Tutorial

               Happy Saint Patricks day love bunnies! Today I have in store a rather different glittered look than usual, it primarily evolves the shades green, yellow, and hints of copper.  I believe these are colors we ALL think of when it comes to St. Patty's day, so I decided to give it a little Lillee twist, besides the fact three of you asked for a SIMPLE yet DRAMATIC makeup look for this holiday in specific, how ironic ;).  Now, I know what you're thinking- "simple and dramatic, the hell is wrong with you?" TRUST ME, as long as you have handy ONE blending brush...well, maybe two.. TWO blending brush's and clean fingers to work with, this is easy peasy!  I always love doing this simple dramatic looks because they appear like such treacherous work and yet in reality the whole eye makeup took 15 minutes, flat.  Before describing ANYTHING I would like to make something clear; on a few of my YouTube video's people have made comment on an excess use of product and these comments are not only petty but prove ignorance.  My loves, fluffy bunnies, cuties, beauties, my everything's- you do realize I apply light layers of foundation, light layers of powder's and one heavy leader of contour cream to have a quick perfection, right?  Alright now that I have enlightened you (not that MY followers would EVER be asshats towards me) we shall continue on with this fabulous leprechaun approved look.  Everything I chose product wise was meant to ensure the makeup would last several hours, wether it be a parade or family event I gotcha guy's set!  Feel free to email me your different looks at, I'd love to see your recreations :)!

*Dose of Colors Lipstick, Play Date

                                  Having baby butt clear skin is clearly the MOST ideal condition for makeup application, however let's face it the average living human is NOT perfect nor blessed with such clear and doll like skin! As long as you guy's have an even skin texture ahead of you (combatted oiliness, no dry patches) with no impurities present, completing this look will be an absolute breeze. I was a bad girl yesterday I didn't quite clean my skin off well, all I had done is removed previous makeup with my Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Removing wipes!  If you guy's haven't noticed I have taken a kinship to these babies, they work absolutely amazing when it comes to removing harsh and grubby makeup that just won't come off, I'm talking waterproof mascara gone in seconds.  After I had my previous makeup removed from a long day I slapped some hot water against my face (to open up my pores) and then set my skin with a light layer of Fresh's Seaberry Oil.  BE CAREFUL with how much oil you use- I have a huge pimple right now filled with OIL not puss, oil.  Can it even be called a pimple?

                                 Now that you guy's know about my catastrophic pimple oily thing above my eyebrow, we shall continue on with the priming stage :).  Once I allowed the Fresh Seaberry formula to really sink into my pores (give or take 10 minutes), I then proceeded to picking up my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer.  Using only finger tip amount of product I lightly dashed on the primer to the tops of my cheekbones, the center of my nose, the center of my forehead, and the center of my chin! When working with creams of this nature (jars) it is best to work in light dots across the face, if more is needed after you blend the product in simply go back and spot apply.  Speaking of blending out, to blend out the primer I used very firm yet light dragging motions from the center of my face out towards my hairline. I generally prefer starting my hands at the top of my nose, close together, and just gradually smoothing them outwards! The best part about this primer in specific is it is LAYER-ABLE, if extra glow power is needed to cover a blemish a bit more, Natasha Denona's got your back love. Normally I don't combine the two but I figure trying new endeavors is always a positive thing-- right after applying my primer I moved along to blending a light coat of the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Porcelain to my skin! A lot of people prefer to let their primer set BEFORE adding foundation, if this is you go for it however I like a very luminous outcome hence forth why I work in light layers, the light layers allow you to gauge and control the final product.  With all that being said, using a pump of the foundation on the back of my hand with my FAVORITE Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, I gently began applying the product to the left side of my face with fluent stippling motions.  For me I have the advantage of my brush, simply patting with a light dragging motion gives on the spot coverage and flawlessness.  If I were you i'd really stick to stippling motions, or beating if you're opting in for using a Beauty Blender.  I wouldn't stress it too much if you have redness or pimples visible after the foundation process, all will be covered during the next step, cream contouring. 

               What most fail to realize is this IS my foundation process in a nutshell, ironically enough even the product's I use are marked "CREAM FOUNDATION".  I am still not over these assholey people, they should probably run somewhere besides up east MWAHAHA. Anyhoo, contouring is very subjective!  It varies from person to person, simply use the photo depicted to the right as a GUIDE only, I contour basic areas HOWEVER highlight a lot more than most.  To begin this whole she-bang I started off with Cover Fx's N0, its much easier to highlight first because I only use one brush, the reverse would make N0 muddy! Being I only had 2 hours before the sun set I was frantic when it came to bushes, in the end I used the flat shader side of my Urban Decay Naked 3 brush, quite convenient if you ask me.  Highlighting wise I took the cream under my eyes in extended inverted triangles, down the bridge of my nose and up to my forehead (my forehead highlight is all over the place because I used it to conceal the oil breakout), as well as from my left jaw line to my chin and down to my right jaw line!  Keep in mind these are area's I want to draw light/attraction too, the way I highlight ESPECIALLY is very unflattering for most.  Know your skin/face/products before you do anything ladies! Before blending anything in I swiftly drew singular lines down the sides of my nose, singular lines on the hollowing of my cheeks and on my jaw line using N100 for added depth and dimension.  To make sure everything blended in flawlessly I took a CLEANED Elf Ultimate Blending Brush (yes, I am crazy brush lady I invested in 4 other Elfie brushes) and starting from the bottom half of my face went in with fluent stippling motions!  Be sure to ONLY use stippling (up and down pats) motions with cream foundations and really any contour cream present, these two foundations specifically have a very hard and tug-like texture so I had to use light buffing motions as well with occasional wipe off's of product to a paper towel.  Once everything is blended in you can either allow it to dry for a few minutes OR you can proceed along to the bronzing step! 

                                  I chose very glowy products so in reality my cream contour will never dry, there is a certain way to apply powder products with vulnerable creams that won't ruin the process you just completed, let me explain how ;).  First off, make sure the brush you want to use for contouring and bronzing purposes is very soft AND clean, I chose to go with my typical Mac 168 brush because it adheres to all textures well! One last thing before getting into the actual process- if you do not like powder contouring after cream contours simply opt in for a matter bronzer.  Though I don't like the effect just a bronzer alone gives, it might be a good option for some, either way the cream-powder technique is the same! Swirling into my Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer was such a weird sighting, I normally don't use this product so seeing my brush pinkish when I expected brown was odd.  I took the powder from the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line, within this I used SIDE TO SIDE and slight upward buffing motions to create a flawless effect without ruining the previously placed contour.  Don't be too light with the application either, that'll simply for splotches of color, if youuse firm yet guided motions and all should go well!  By this point you could either move onto the next step (matte bronzer users) OR follow along with the powder contour process. I like to have an intense contour that looks seamless, if you add the extra dimension of a deep bronze shade ironically enough it looks more appealing but more natural in a bizarre way. Using the same Mac 168 brush I gently dusted on the dark bronzy shade from the Marc Jacobs Filtering Powders Pallet to the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin, and to the sides of my nose!  Do keep in mind this is adjacent to MY FACE, for me I naturally have an inward flowing bone structure thus a shadow is provided, most natural looking is an added dimension for me, the point is you don't have to follow my posts step by step, make it your own! 

                               Here is where it gets a liiiiiittttle weird.  Normally I go ahead and apply blush but for some odd reason I skipped blush until near the last step...I'm blaming it on the fact I'm under the weather with an annoying sickness I can't shake off.  With that being the case, I took High Beam by Benefit and highlighted my high points (cheekbones, bridge of my nose, chin, cupid's bow, and forehead), I prefer to dash the product on straight from the brush applicator!  To blend in the product I used my favorite Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush and simply brushed across the pre-placed liquid with side to side downward dragging motions.  Try to stick within the peachy pink zone of highlights, it'll compliment the lime green and bight pink lips well, if you venture out into the bronzy side a less fresh faced look will be yielded! After blending in High Beam I proceeded to using my long lost love Champagne Pop along the SAME area's the liquid illuminator touched.  Champagne Pop is a tricky shade because while it has A TON of pigment it still requires 2-3 layers of pigment before it glows and reflects well on camera.  Anyhoo, to finish up the tactical work I then went into Becca's Beach Tint SoufflĂ© in Guava/Moonstone and patted it onto the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline!  Even this shade mimics a pink/peachy complexion which is why you MUST plan out your look well and decide which effect you want to give off.  For instance, if your blush is purple perhaps the goal is not to look as fresh faced, ya feel?

                          As a pre-warning, the facial process was freaking weird.  Rather acting like a normal person when it comes to the baking method, I placed my head back and shook the container of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil powder all over my face. I mean honestly between you and I this was MUCH easier than sitting there for an hour trying to pack on pigment! After the eyes were completed I OBVIOUSLY blended excess product off, to do so I took my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush and dusted away the power.  Make sure every area has NO loose powder hanging around, for me I left some on the tail end of my eyebrow, it looked like snow; try to prevent that my loves :).  I cannot tell you guy's HOW many lip colors I went through to get the perfect pout.  It all began with Sephora's Magnetism which is a bronzed deep copper.  Though it looked great it darkened my features too much, then it was off to the next color, Coral Crush by Dose of Colors.  Though it looked sexy, it hindered clown school. THEN the last chance of a color was Play Date by Dose of Colors, super glad I went with this as my third choice because it wasn't too light of a shade and wasn't too dark either!  It really had that "brightened" and "key lime pie" sort of look- I probably should sleep after this HAHA.  To set my face in full I sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray in an x formation across all zones of my face.  Before doing ANYTHING allow this to dry, it'll be your savior all day especially with mounds of annoying glitter moving around!
*Violet Voss Glitter, Copperella
                           As you can see from the image above literally 4 steps were done total, if you scout out the easy stuff and tie it into ground breaking steps that is! A key factor to this look is VERY strong and bold brows, anything less will form a misbalance between the glitter and browiness, yes I just said browiness deal with it :). To get super strong brows I for once DID NOT use my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, no spoolie was required which is super shocking because I praised this brush for how long? Straight off the bat with my Morphe G11 brush I lined my upper and lower brow (connecting at the tail end) with firm strokes, the best part of the G11 is it conforms to the light arches I like to complete, the #12 ABH Brush is a tad too stiff for this! After getting my ideal "shape" I moved along to lightly filling in each brow with upward flicks to mimic actual brow hair, this whole "brow" incident took all of 4 minutes compared to my usual 10.  The Dipbrow Pomade is strong enough for me that it doesn't slip off, brow gel is not needed, if you like adding the extra coating go for it! Being this look is all glitter its best to choose a base mimicking AT LEAST shimmery notes, most will run for Nyx's Milk but this shade will draw the colors down, which is odd within itself but trust me. Using Mac's Bare Study Paint Pot I gently smudged it across my lids, I made sure to blend up to my brow bone as well!  Don't worry about the lower lash line at this pint, that is PURE glitter, Mac's Paint Pot won't do shit for adhering purposes. 

                           Straight off the bat the first two shades added are Freak+Trash from the Urban Decay Electric Pallet.  This was more of a "wash" of color at first until I realized it added a nice dimension to the glitter to come!  Using my Mac 224 brush I first went into the shade Freak followed by Trash, this exact pick up of color will yield a two color depth in the crease, as I've noticed at least.  I blended the two colors into my crease with side to side motions making sure each color evenly disbursed out, you should receive a very pigmented lime green color with hints of acid yellowish/green notes! Make sure you keep this as a transitional shade that peeps up very close to the brow bone, especially with such dramatic lashes used you want to make sure the contrast between lime green and sparkled shimmer is long lasting.  The last color added to the crease, or inner V rather, is Dragon.  While this is NOT a dark green it is still deeper than Freak+Trash, thus a sense of drama will be created! Try to avoid forrest greens or blacks for the crease, this is a light and airy look, nothing dark.  To blend Dragon into my crease I took a dense Mac 219 Pencil brush and gently smudged the color in starting from the outer third of my lid up into the natural creasing of my eye socket!  Try to follow the guideline of your eye socket as best as possible, it'll yield the sharpest blending maneuvers as opposed to blending too far up or too far down.  Be sure to work in light layers, there is no rush, adding a glob of pigment will only set you back because blending takes longer than patting and smudging!

                The glitter part was SO much fun because I literally just got in the mail my Glitter Injections order yesterday(new indie band you guys should try, glitter wise), I was sort of weary at first because they felt similar to Nyx's old glitter pallets but the difference is these ACTUALLY pack a punch in pigment, its amazing! Before applying the glitter I took a pea-sized amount of my Too Faced Glitter Glue onto the back of my hand.  With the tiny amount I first applied it to my entire lid area THEN to my lower lash line in one fluent flick across.  I then proceeded to going into the glitter shade Mermaid Lips, I used gentle patting+smudging motions to apply the glitter across my lid, the trick with these glitter's is firm smudges and in between pats of pigment, you must also use your fingers because a brush digs too deep into the pans! I packed on a ton of pigment until I received my desired outcome.  Be sure to work fast especially if you did as I did with applying the glitter glue to both to upper and lower parts of the eye!! The next color I wanted to test out is Copperella by Violet Voss.  The coppery shade reminded me so closely of a leprechaun's pot of gold and it is St. Patty's day so why not go for it?  Using my pinky finger I gently patted on the pigment to my lower lash line's,  do be noted a TON of fall out occurred- be sure to have a paper towel handy! Just as I said with Mermaid Lips, build up pigment until you received your desired glitter cuties, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your taste in makeup application.  The finishing step shadow wise is to add Golidlix by Sugarpill in the tear duct, sticking to true metallic golds is your best bet!  Try to avoid any matte shades, that isn't the point of the eye makeup provided here.  

              There are just a feewww more steps left, all of which tie into each other which makes it go by much faster! First off, using Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner in Black Ink I lined my upper lash line with a thick black wing and my waterline with thick black smudged out liner. The lining part is very important because if you so happen to choose a white waterline shade it'll decrease the amount of depth and drama formed, stick with black besides a leprechauns pot of gold is black with a gold shoe buckle, duh! I actually made the boo boo of adding glitter glue to my lower lashes SO I had to really smudge on Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara, it worked eventually...After trying on a few pairs of lashes I came to the formal conclusion dramatic and fluttery lashes are the only way to go for this look, demure and natural lashes really don't play well with the dramatic glitter! With that being said i went into KoKo's lashes in Ariel, these are super stunning.  From the moment I reviewed them in my March Haul, I was sold GET THESE GUYS!!!!!! If you would like to see more "green" inspired looks perfect for Saint Patricks Day click the following links: Dragonfly Smokey Eye (very smokey compared to this look, and it is matte), Mistletoe Green Shimmery Holiday Makeup (more toned down of this look), and my Mildew Green Spring Smokey Eye (perfect for people looking for a wearable eye makeup look)! Have a wonderful day ahead everyone!!!