Friday, March 25, 2016

Pastel Lilac Smokey Eye With Vibrant Pink Winged Eyeliner Easter Makeup Tutorial

               When it comes to Easter many think of the classic colors pink, white, blue, purple, silver, green, and yellow. Since my thoughts are very like minded in this manner, I decided to add a bit of a twist to todays makeup look with glossy pink winged eyeliner! I noticed colored eyeliner seems to be QUITE the trend lately, and I certainly see why. Rather going with the flow of matte shades I added a bit of texture by adding a gloss on top instead, when you physically do this MAKE SURE to not blink- it'll transfer quickly.  The best part is NONE of this stained and the makeup lasted 5 hours (the amount of time I was out exactly) with no touch ups! This is more of an "expert leveled" makeup look, however if you take your time ANYONE will be able to complete this.  The only difference that sets this apart from easy-expert is the eyeliner and placement of pastels, they both can be quite tricky! Do be noted that on Saturday I will be doing a rant (I know it's only been so long) in regards to overly offended people, it will be filmed along with a new addition to my Zodiac Series (Libra's here I come ;)).  In the midst of ALL of this I am also in the middle of writing an "about me" page, when it goes up I will def be sure to inform all of you lovies!  Before getting into this makeup look full on just be aware that the style of application is different than usual, it might surprise you.

*Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey
*ABH Lipgloss: Barbie Pink
*Dose of Colors, Berry Me 2

                   First things first make sure your skin is adequately hydrated, it'll make a huge difference between nada and prada! Rather using harsh cleansers or chemical filled masks, today I opted in for a nice steam bath.  I find this method to be MUCH more beneficial to my skin as it unclogs pores 10x faster!  After around 10 minutes under the hot water I then proceeded to pat drying my face with a clean towel and applying a light layer of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face, including the sides.  It's a good habit to get into in regards to extending your moisturizers out towards your hairline, it creates an even base and allows wear time to be uniform!  The same premise goes for priming.  For example, after waiting a few minutes for the oil to sink into my pores I then moved along too picking up my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer.  From there I gently placed dashes of product onto the high points of my face and moved forth in blending it out with smooth outward tugging motions, note the outwards mention, this means the product would melt onto the sidelines of my face (hairline) which is what is most ideal when it comes to the basis of all makeup! 

          Here is where the surprising part might come along, no foundation was used, I went straight to the cream contour as my skin wasn't too shabby for once.  Being I only used ONE brush for the placement process I decided to highlight first (if I were to contour first the darker shade would deepen the highlight, this works against me)! Using Cover Fx's N0 and my Urban Decay Vice 3 brush, I firmly drew inverted triangles under my eyes in extended formations (to lighten my under eye area + cover any blemishes/discoloration), singular lines from my left jaw line to my chin and finally to my right jaw line (to form equal amounts of depth), and a line from the bridge of my nose up to my hairline (to brighten up my features).  To contour I took Cover Fx's N100 and drew straight lines in the hollowing of my cheeks, on the exact angle of my jaw line's, and on the sides of my nose.  Keep in mind these are area's I prefer to perfect and in this case add coverage too, it varies from person to person!  Before blending in one thing I did was "drag" the contour lines in the hollows of my cheeks upwards, this gives the illusion of higher pulled up cheek bones.  Speaking of blending, using my favorite Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I gently stippled in the product using up and down beating motions!  Make sure when it comes to blending in the contour you DO NOT mix it with the highlight, if you must wipe off your brush/sponge do so.  Other then beating motions I also occasionally used "buffing" strokes, this just helped to even the cream's out texture wise and just a flawless finish!  

                       You guy's know I am NOT a fan of waiting, so as always I went straight into the bronzing process! It is SUPER important that your skin is not dull or flat in dimension, pastels have an effect of "washing" many a person out, work against the odds love ;).  With my all star Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion powder and Mac 168 brush I gently brushed the product across the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line!  This is better known as the "outer 3" of one's face, it is method that works on EVERYONE when it comes to bronzing and contouring.  With that being said, using my Marc Jacobs Filtering Powder in Mirage Filter, specifically the dark bronze shade, I "stipple blended" (patted the brush and dragged it upwards to created numerous illusions with shadowing methods) the contour shade across the hollowing of my cheekbones and across the sides of my nose, this process set the cream contour fully and made my features more prominent! Interestingly so when it came to blusher, it became the easiest step of all.  Normally many fear the appearance of "clown" cheeks however with Sephora's Blush me in 01 All Smiles this is a NEAR impossible catastrophe as the color can be smoothed on right from the container (view my March Haul for a swatching of the pretty Coral shade).  I highly suggest using a light coral shade rather light pink as it will contrast better with the eye and lip makeup, a light pink or dusty rose for that matter will "dull" the look out!

            The illumination part is EXTREMELY important, try to stick within the cool pink to natural beige spectrum!  Anything leaning warm in tone will simply wash the makeup out, working with pastels is a toughie.  Using exactly a DOT sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana, I gently patted the product onto the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and on my cupid's bow!  I then picked up Sephora's #53.5 brush and dusted along my cheekbones Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance powder in highlight, excess product left on my brush was lightly applied down the bridge of my nose and onto my forehead/chin (the center of both high points). Once the eyes were completed I THENNNN (yes this happens to be one of the last few steps) applied Dose of Colors Berry Me 2 to my lips along with ABH's Barbie Pink saturated in the center, this form of Ombre is my absolute FAV. To set my skin I took Laura Mercier's Matte Translucent Setting Powder and dusted it under my eyes, on my chin/forehead, and between my cheek/jaw contour, basically any area's highlighted!  To complete the look fully (highly suggest this part especially if you're planning to wear this out) I spritzed on Urban Decay's All Night Spray to every angle of my face and let it set for a few minutes, try not to blink during this as the gloss liner will easily transfer (referring back to the introduction).
*BH Cosmetics 88 Cool Matte Pallet (OLDER VERSION): C4.R4 + C2.R5 with C3.R7
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan(s): Shimmermint, Ocean Breeze
*ABH Lipgloss: Barbie Pink
*Dose of Colors, Berry Me 2
*KoKo Lashes, 501
                         Just as I said in the beginning of this blog post, the eyeshadow is NOT a big deal, it's the eyeliner that might throw you trough some hoops!  Try to follow along and PLEASE watch the Instagram video linked to the right of my blog (side bar scroll down) to see the eye makeup in action, sometime's this helps perspectively better than a pictorial. For starters, make sure your eyebrows are sharp, thick, and uber defined!  Having un-groomed eyebrows with such a striking look will throw things off, it follows the same idea with the facial makeup (certain colors wash others out).  Using my  Morphe G11 brush I firmly lined my upper and lower brow then proceeded to filling both in with light upward stroking motions to mimic actual brow hair, the G11 makes this process go by SUPER quick I highly recommend this brush cuties!  After giving myself my ideal brow shape I then moved along to smudging Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over my lid, as you might of guessed I then blended the light milky shade up to my brow bone and down to my lower lash line, this will be the priming base.  Try to stick with white eyeliner's or white bases, it'll help enhance the pastel shades better as compared to nude bases!

                           One of the most ANNOYING thing's about light shadows is they take a while to build up.  Although I have used my Bh Cosmetics Foil Eyes pallet frequently it happens to contain the MOST pigmented color's that I have ever come across, even over my beloved Makeup Geek! As you might of already anticipated, using C1.R2 with a mixture of R4 in there I applied the light lilac all over my lid with firm patting and light tugging motions, I used my Mac 239 brush for optimal pigment to be reached.  Don't be afraid to go back in and add more pigment, this will only enhance the pastel like effect and make the overall look more vibrant, I personally went back to add a bit of more color (view image 2) :)!  By this point the lid shade should be fully saturated in lilacy goodness, it's now time to work on the crease.  Starting off with C4.R4 and my Mac 217 brush, I gently brushed the shade into my crease with light side to side motions.  I made sure to REALLY ease this color in as it would be the transitional shade, I went the extra mile of taking my Sephora #27 Brush to lightly dust over the light blue/purple to ensure a gradience would form. Speaking of gradience, a super important shade is the mixture of C2.R5 and C3.R7, these two together not only give off a sense of lightness they both create drama while holding a level of vibrance!  With the same Mac 217 brush that was used from before, I firmly patted the color into the inner V of my eye with carefully placed buffing (little circular motions) motions and proceeded to blended the shade fully across my eye following the natural creasing of my eye socket.  The last color added to my crease was Ocean Breeze, it added a good amount of drama to the overall eye makeup without overpowering the other intense colors!  I lightly blended it into my inner V and made sure to work in layers, this gave a controllable coverage amount.  Try to steer clear of intensive blacks and such, remember this is an Easter look!

                   The lower lash line was SUPER simple!  Using a tiny flat shader brush that was firm enough to pick up shimmer products (Mac 231), I first smudged C4.R2 across the outer third of my lower lash line, followed by Makeup Geek's Shimmermint and C5.R3 which is a stunning light sunny yellow.  Be sure to build up pigment on EACH color, it is VERY important they shine just as much as the follow colors to come!  Speaking of following colors, here is where the tricky part comes.  Using my Sephora #20 brush, I gently dipped it onto the doe applicator tip of Dose of Colors Berry Me 2 liquid lipstick.  Make sure you have an adequate amount of product before you proceed to lining!  Just like with black eyeliner I gave myself a nice thick flick, the only difference is after applying Berry Me 2 I applied a light layer of ABH's Barbie Pink just to differentiate myself from the trends ;).  Besides, the gloss liner compensates for no glitter usage today! After getting my pink liner on I quickly washed off the brush and lined my water line using ABH's Jet liner, the black contrast allows the other colors too shine more as opposed to using white. When it comes to the lashes MAKE SURE you coat on the mascara of your choice like no otha', I went for my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara simply because within 2 coatings it gives me mega lashes! To top the look off I then firmly placed on my KoKo 501 lashes (my new favorites), make sure the lashes you choose are dramatic AND still show the pink eyeliner, if the lashes don't show the liner there was no point to applying it in the first place.  I hope you guy's enjoyed this super different style of blogging and applying makeup, it's always good to experiment! For an alternative pastel makeup look that contains glitter click the following link: Pastel Glitter Eyeliner (purple shadow with blue under liner).