Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mildew Green Spring Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

               I couldn't just leave you guys hanging with a streak of natural toned makeup, so I decided to rearrange my schedule too fit in this gorgeous green smokey eye! I haven't done such a look since early January, green was definitely a game changer.  Rather opting in for dark shades of green I tried mimicking a light teal shade, more blue than green in hue! This contrast against light coral-plum lips makes for the PERFECT Springtime amped up makeup look.  This took under 1 hour to complete, be sure to plan your time as well as TAKE you time when it comes to blending!  Being the colors here are not too dramatic in tone you want to really make sure the shimmer particles evenly blend out, this goes for the lips too.  The lips took 8 minutes to complete for the perfect ombre effect.  I tried to incorporate two of my new products for this look, Anastasia Beverly Hill's Liquid Lipstick in Catnip and Stila's Water Foundation, just to exemplify what will be in my haul video coming around the corner very soon.  I apologize for the delay in that, my two orders were sent back to the hub due to horrid weather! 

*Tarte Water Foundation SPF 15, Fair Light Neutral 
*Too Faced Bronzer, Snow Bunny
*Nars Liquid Illuminator, Copacabana + ABH Illuminator, Starlight
*ABH Catnip + Marc Jacobs Georgie Girl and Cora Cora 

                           Though having flawless skin is ideal for everyone, makeup isn't about crating a flawless complexion it is about embracing certain flaw's we tend to hide.  While you mind be mind fucked by this point being I do use makeup to cover a blemish here or there, let me explain. A blemish or discolored mark is not skin deep, you really cannot judge someone on a basic matter of life.  When you conceal those imperfections it shows the true you, minus the breakouts, simple enough? The only thing you should aim for is an even skin texture, meaning no dry patches or excess oiliness in sight, especially for this makeup look! Before going forth in priming my skin I made sure to gently wash off impurities with my Murad Time Release Acne Cleaner. After working in a foamy texture I applied hot water to my skin (the "washing off" process) and set everything with Fresh's Seaberry Oil.  I tend to have super dry skin so I applied it to all zones of my face, extended out towards my hairline, and allowed it to dry for a good 10 minutes.  

                            Springtime normally has the freakiest of weather, just like you dress accordingly, your makeup should follow the same path. When it comes to a priming base YOU CAN NOT mess around, primers are the basis of everything in a makeup look.  Wether you have discoloration or dry patches, primers adhere to the skin and fix those concerns, and even then when there is nothing wrong with your skin texture, adding some hours to your makeup wear time doesn't hurt! I reverted back to my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer since my last Dewy Makeup Tutorial.  This stuff is my daily moisturizing boost of energy and it is SUPER lightweight on the skin! Using only a finger tip amount I gently placed dashes on product onto both my left and right cheeks as well as on my forehead, nose, and chin.  I then proceeded to lightly blending the product in while making sure to buff out towards my hairline in the process.  PLEASE do not neglect your hairline, if you don't add primer here yet add other products such as cream contour or foundation, it'll create a misbalance in the way the makeup appears after a few hours!! For example, if your foundation cakes up during the day and you have a special primer meant to fix that YET forget to apply it to the sides of your face, there will be an odd texture of flakey cakeness and smoothness on the rest of the face.  Cherish your primer ladies!

                           I am head over heels for the new Stila Water Foundation, you guys have NO IDEA! After my review on the product Wednesday I haven't put the bottle down, it has been incorporated into my everyday foundation routine for the sheer fact its AMAZING. To begin I took a pump (1/4 full in the beaker seems to be a good amount for me, it's the equivalent to a quarter size) of the product onto the back of my hand and picked up my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, you must work quickly with this since it is quite runny, think of the Nars Sheer Glow foundation texture. After picking up some product onto the broad bristles of my brush I began to gently stipple on the product starting from my area of most concern, my left cheek.  I happened to of broken out a bit here so I decided to apply to product in this area being the foundation is rather light in coverage and its a pain in the butt to build up, I'd rather apply most of the product to my left cheek than a full canvas of cake!    When it came time to applying the foundation to my forehead and such I switched to side downward stroking motions with a firm grip.  This just prevented the effect of streakiness! I did not allow the foundation to set into my pores for too long as I moved riiiight into cream contouring :). 

                  The way you cream contour will really make or break this look, as odd as that might seem! I made sure to place my cream products in the EXACT areas of need, you must make sure whatever you do is adequate to your face shape(s). For instance, while some might stress contouring the temples, on me it looks ridiculous as my forehead is symmetrical!  Being the shadow used is so intense, you want to really make sure your face is perfect.  To do so I took my  Sephora #20 brush and went right into into N0, I prefer highlighting first!  I took the cream first under my eyes in inverted triangles extended out towards my hairline, then from my forehead down to the bridge of my nose, and finally from my left jaw line to my chin and around my right jaw line.  For extra detailing purposes I sprouted the forehead highlight out a tad and dragged the under eye highlight to the area under my nose, this just helps conceal redness!  To contour I took N100 and brushed two thick lines; one following the hollows of my cheeks and one on my jaw lines. I then turned my concealer brush over and contoured the sides of my nose connecting at the tip with a dash on-top for extra depth.  Speaking of depth, I also took the contour cream under my lower lips to give the illusion of bigger and fuller lower lips!  To blend out the creams I switched to my favorite Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and began gently stippling in the products starting from my jaw line upwards. I continued the same blending in motions with occasional buffing motions out towards my hairline! Between you and I, I did not bother allowing the creams to dry I just delved into the powders, oops.

                            It's always good to switch up the products you choose just for the reasoning shit gets boring after a while! I went into my less popular (on my terms) Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer.  I actually used to use this EVERYDAY in 2012, but it just sort of faded off as I disliked the shimmer particles! With my Mac 168 I swirled into the shimmery bronzer and brushed it across my temples down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line. These are generally areas the sun hits, minus the sides of the nose! If you happen to be using a matte bronzer you could skip the powder contour process, although I recommend it. Right after bronzing I swiftly transitioned into my Marc Jacobs #instamarc pallet! With the same 168 brush as used before I went into the dark bronze and brushed it across the hollows of my cheeks, under my chin and on the sides of my nose. Some people like too powder highlight by this point but I see it as absolutely useless since and excess of powder application is no good!

                   There is no rhyme or reason as to why I chose Becca's Beach Tint in Guava/Moonstone other than the fact I liked the shade and felt peachy. The eyes were kept very cool-neutral in tone thus any blush hue will work for this!  With that being said, reverting back to my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I gently stippled into the soufflé and applied it from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline with gently patting motions. If you're aiming for a more intensive blush shade BUT happen to like the beach tint's simply work in layers and build-up pigment, that's what I did!  I wouldn't worry too much on if the blush exceeds past the cheekbones because the liquid illuminator I chose covers almost everything.  With only a tiny pea-sized amount on the back of my hand of my Nars Liquid Illuminator I gently brushed the product upwards onto my cheekbones and side to side on the bridge of my nose + my cupid's bow using my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush! I set the luminous glow with Anastasia Beverly Hills's Illuminator in Starlight with gentle brushing motions over each areas the liquid touched (the forehead and chin were done last minute by the way).

            Once you have the highlight done you can either proceed onto the eyes OR do the lips first, which in my opinion would be the easiest! I first applied a light coating of ABH's Catnip to my lips to test out the color.  Then I had the bright idea of forming a gorgeous ombre effect (you guys loved the one I had done for my VDAY Siren tutorial) with Georgie Girl and Cora Cora in the center of my lips! As you can tell, more of Cora Cora was applied then Georgie Girl, the light pink was only used first too lighten the center. AFTER I applied the lipstick(s) and finished up my eyes I then set my face with my Makeup Forever's HD Setting Powder (forehead, under eye area, chin, and between cheek and jaw contour) and a few sprays of Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan(s): Shore Thing, Dirty MartiniVanilla Bean 
*OCC Pigment, Nori
                            I went on a brow frenzy, meaning I started off with gummy worm eyebrows and kept building up product until I had bushes THEN shrunk them down again- basically the struggles of eyeliner summed up into two brows. First off, I FINALLY received my Dipbrow in Caramel (I lost it briefly and started using Blonde again, which looked kind of weird since my hair hasn't been highlighted) which totally made a huge difference in the aesthetic of this look!  When my YouTube video of the Dewy makeup uploads you'll hear allllll about the struggle of what occurred. To begin, using my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush I first spoolied through each brow and followed through by lining the top and bottom, connecting both lines at the tail end of my eyebrow(s).  I then moved forth in filling the sparse areas in with firm upward flicking motions this way it mimicked actual brow hair, everything was set with one last spoolieing to ensure the product evenly disbursed outwards! After doing my brows I then smudged on Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and blended it upwards towards my brow bone(s), excess product was smudged under my lower lash line (view the first photo). Stick with either a white or skin based primer, black will ruin the light and airiness of this look!

                       The first color applied to my lid is a combination of BH Cosmetic's 28 Foiled Eyeshadow Pallet R4.C1 and R5.C2.  I actually did a swatching of the first row on my Instagram, little did you guy's know I would incorporate it in my newest look ;). With my Mac 224 brush (very firm bristles pick up the most product) I gently went into R4.C1 and smudged the brush into R5.C2 after.  With the mixture on my brush I then proceeded to firmly patting the color onto my entire lid area, I continued the patting motion until I received a desired pigment build-up!  Be sure to work in layers, NEVER a huge amount of product.  Especially with foiled eyeshadows it'll form a chalky look! I was quite curious as to what Makeup Geek's Shore Thing would look like against my eyes, so I decided to use the shade.  With a Mac 217 brush I first blended the teal into my crease with smooth side to side motions THEN I patted it into my inner corners, I really made sure to pack on pigment with this just so it wouldn't be in completion with darker shades!  To deepen things up a bit I then went into Dirty Martini (view photo 4) and gently eased it into my inner V.  I concentrated the shade in that area following the natural creasing of my eye socket to ensure adequate drama was built up! Speaking of drama, to intensify the look I went into a dark forrest green color from Smashbox's Earth As We Know It pallet. I realize this is a limited edition, try to aim for blacked greens with finely milled shimmer particles! Basically using the same 217 brush I smudged in the darker color and continued to build up pigment until I received my desired look (photo 5).

                            The crease should be settled which means it is time to jazz up the lower lash line! It's best to switch too a denser and much tinier brush, especially when working with loose pigments so I went with my Mac 219 Pencil brush.  The first color I applied to my lower lash line is Nori by OCC!  I simply patted and smudged on the pigment up until I reached the inner third of the lash line, by that point I stopped blended and went right into Shore Thing once more to piece the two parts together (Shore Thing was applied into the inner corners previously).  I topped off up the shadow with a light dusting of Vanilla Bean across my brow bones, this matte vanilla helps to brighten and correct any flaws in blending! To finish the eyes up I heavily lined my upper lash line and waterline with Makeup Geek's Gel Liner in Immortal.  This has a tendency to smudge so I took advantage of that and lightly blended it up into my crease with the 217 Mac brush from before!  I then coated my lashes numerous times for a fluffy appearance with Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara. Being this makeup look is SUPER dramatic you want to follow through with the lashes, I went into one of my favorites, Kiss's True Volume Falsies in Ritzy! These do take a while to apply so deficiently take your time (referring back to the weeeee beginning of this blog post).  

           I shall end this post with a subtle note of my video tutorial should be up in a few hours! There was a delay due to YouTube now accepting the large file size, surely enough I am trying once more and if that does not work I will use a new editing program, though it isn't Premier Pro.  I hope you guy's enjoyed this tutorial AND that it holds you off for a few hours, I'm losing subscribers left and right :(!  I just checked my Nyx order by the way and it said March 7th it should be here, fingers crossed. One last thing- beauty comes out from the inside, its not the reverse. To all of you bitches being completely disrespectful, find a new job and cater to other spaces! Makeup is an artistry, my face is the canvas and pigments the paint.  If you CANNOT be mature enough to respect someone's passion because its out of the usual, clearly there is a great divide. The ironic part is, the haters actually do give me the most views ;).  Stay glorious squish bunnies, till Tuesday (I have a half day so I might post a review)!