Monday, March 14, 2016

March Haul: Bh Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, Wet N' Wild, Benefit + Swatches and Review

                Welcome back everyone!  Today I have FINALLY accomplished the task's of recording a haul video+makeup tutorial, AND providing sneak peaks on Instagram, how could you not love me? I tried to give more of a variety with this one compared to my previous January Haul blog post/videoFor example, rather all high end products a good majority of the items featured above range from .99 cents- 12 dollars! I am EXTREMELY happy with everything I purchased, all the items were unique in their own way which is something I hardly say because I'm the first to scout a dupe.  Some of the products above I have previously reviewed within the 2 week timespan such as the Tarte Water Foundation ONLY because I was waiting for my Nyx Cosmetics order, unfortunately there was a mistake with shipping so those products never came! Everything I say in this blog post is MY OPINION, though probably not the popular idea (not a fan of the Pro Conceal by L.A. Girl), also everything shown was purchased with my money which gives me more of a reason to voice how I feel; sit tight and get prepped for swatches ;). 
           I normally start off with the face products but for the sake of me being SOOOOOO eager to show off these new lippies, this shall have to do. First up is the Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick, these retail for $0.99 each and truly do live up to their name!  The color's I had punched are as follows (read from left to right): 501C A short Affair, 533D Cashmere, 517C 15 Minutes Aflame, 538A Just Garnet, and 539A Cherry Frost. According to the website these lipsticks have many key benefit's such as having, "rich, creamy, build able color that feels like silk on the lips; [and it is] Enriched with conditioning ingredients of Vitamins A & E [aloe vera and macadamia nut oil too]."  I personally was SHOCKED when I tried these on today, I wasn't expecting such intense pigment. Not to throw the brand NYC under the bus but their cheap lipsticks really set a low bar for me, these however revolutionized the way I view cheaper products; definitely gem's most haven't discovered! When purchasing I tried to get a shade out of every spectrum, it was hard because each color was  uber tempting as they have unique sheens (look at Cashmere on the bottom left, it almost looks like one of my Makeup Geek DuoChrome shadows).  Some key things too know: these last 2 hours before they wear off, AND they DO NOT feather which is very surprising.  
        These lipsticks have become my ABSOLUTE love's!  Milani hit the nail on these baby's, each packs a punch in color AND lasts 7 hours+ through laughing, drinking, and eating.  I think a few people will grow fond of the two shades "Blushing Beauty" and "Nude Creme" for the fact they're very wearable colors and once more, last infinite hours!  Some of you might be quite aware of the color Sweet Nectar for the reason I used it in my Leo Zodiac Makeup Look; with only two swipes (one upper lip one lower lip) a bold shade was formed, funny part is these $6.00 beauties last longer than my $16.00 Mac lipsticks, ohhhhh the irony. As you can see from the photo to the left the shades are very shiny (which is more amazing because shine always leads to feathering and such), yet healthy looking, and bold in tone! If I were you I'd head over to my local drugstore and snag ALL of the colors, last time I checked CVS there were only 2 shades left, in which I happily bought :). Similarly to the Wet N' Wild lipsticks these too are laced with Vitamin A, with the only difference of Vitamin C being added!  It is super important to know your products inside and out, hence why I always tell you guy's the key ingredients; better safe than sorry my love. 
         I was super ecstatic to get my Dose of Colors order yesterday morning, mostly because I ordered standard and received my product's within 3 DAYS!  I am fairly new to this brand, I just had the epiphany a few days ago after looking through their Instagram to try out some goodies.  I got three lipsticks (Seductive, Play Date, Coy) and three liquid lipsticks (Berry Me 2, Bare With Me, Coral Crush), each packing a MAJOR punch in pigment!  Normally most light toned lipsticks lack pigment and go on like a sheer gloss, let me tell ya when I applied Coy I was SHOCKED!  Not only is this bright peach color creamy to a t, it happens to wear a rather long time without feathering or getting gross in texture. When it comes to liquid lipsticks I am VERY VERY VERY picky, to the point I send back some.  These are on par with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick's in terms of pigment, wear time, and comfortableness! The photo presented to the left goes in the order of left-right left right- in a down shuttering motion.  The colors are Seductive, Bare With me, Coral Crush, Coy, Play Date, and Berry Me 2! According to the website they state to steer clear of oily or greasy foods, I highly suggest you follow through with that.  ALSO the shade Berry Me 2 looks different on everyone, its a universally flattering plum shade, if you happen to buy it send me a picture to, I'd LOVE to see if there is a difference! 
        The rest of my lippie products are items I sort of got along the way, most of these roam alone or with a partner! You might be asking yourself, "why the hell didn't she photograph these on her lips? Are they less of quality? Did she not like them?" The straightest answer I can give is- I was really damn tired man.  In all honesty I have been up since 8:00 am doing this haul video so yes, I took a slight break BUT decided to still go forth in swatches because these actually are true to color on the lips unlike the previous shades! The top features Revlon's Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor with two ABH Liquid Lipsticks, two Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, and two Bh Cosmetics's liquid lipsticks.  First off, let's get into the Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor.  The shade HD Seduction has been HAUNTING me ever since I saw it at my local drugstore; I glanced once then once away.  I decided to indulge in the product simply because, why not?  Revlon states the whole HD lipcolor line features, "Lightweight, high definition velvety matte colors. Moisturizing, velvety feel. 100% wax-free, gel formula. Available in 8 high definition shades." When it comes to velvety feelings, this has my vote!  I actually used it on two of my client's yesterday for a wedding, it lasted them a good 9 hours of wear time which for an makeup artist is a godsend.  You guys know I absolutely LOVE my ABH Liquid Lipsticks, I simply have nothing bad to say other than I bought the color's Spicy and Catnip, each very amazing with pigment and both have amazing wear time! I have not a clue why I bought the Nyx Matte Cream's only because I despise the formula (too silky to the point it lacks pigment) BUT shown above is Addis Abab and Antwerp. I never quite fond these to try to any matte finish, perhaps that is me, HOWEVER Nyx does have a nice range of color. The last lippies apart of my lipstick haulage are the BH cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks in Muse + Princess.  If you guy's recall I mixed the two together in my Spring Bronze Copper Makeup Tutorial! As a whole these two rock in pigment, but they do not lean true to what the container shows. When I swatched Princess I WAS IN SHOCK! It looks to be a sweet Barbie pink but when applied its like a powdered pink, totally surprised!  Also Muse looks to be a rose brown but when swatched its a pure taupe, though not my thing it is very unique.  One thing to know is these liquid lipsticks are very watery compared to others, this might be a turn off too some!
            Finally we're making way to the facial products! Pictured above is Benefit's Dew the Hoola, Estee Lauder's Flash Illuminator, Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation, and Bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation.  The funny part about Dew the Hoola is about a month ago I was complaining about NOT having a liquid bronzer, then this showed up and I HAD to have it, I have no regrets! Before getting into the review do be noted I have multiple breakouts, I am not quite sure if it has a correlation to the Flash Illuminator and liquid bronzer, IF it does I will let you guy's know and update this blog post!! As you can see from the image depicted to the left, Dew the Hoola blends out fairly well AND has extremely build-able coverage.  Just like the original powder bronzer it has a signature scent (could be the cause of my breakout, Dandelion gave me a rash) AND a very light weight feel.  I'd def try this out if I were you!  A game changer for me happens to be the Estee Lauder: The Estee Edit Flash illuminator in Spotlight.  Could it be the peculiar texture or seamless glow? Not sure but this is VERY unique and unique any liquid/cream/gel illuminator I have EVER tried! This is probably a dry skin person's best bet because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is amazing for hydrating the skin even when the product is removed.  This color is ideal for ALL skin types, however it might be a tad brash on deeper skin tones in terms of being ashy! Speaking of deep skin tones, since Bh Cosmetics had a sale on their Liquid Foundations I decided to buy the color's Light Olive, Light Rose, and Deep Ebony.  View the photo below for swatches and a full comparison with a review!
              Watch out for these colors IF you have a very alabaster or an ivory skin tone, LIGHT refers to light not fair nor pale and in tone it is very deep!  This goes for Deep Ebony as well, it is a super rich and highly pigmented deep brown shade that will not fit the average women. When it came time to completing a full Bh cosmetics makeup look, I will say the foundation was incredible.  Very silky, very build-able in coverage AND long lasting!  As far as a color match goes...well I was surprised at the fact Light Olive was more peachy in tone!  When I add my cream contour on the color balances out however for the average person this will be at a disadvantage, especially for those stoked on buying this cheap foundation.  In comparison to my beloved Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy foundation in 110 Porcelain, this is NOT as radiant and NOT as good for longevity, give it 3 hours before it starts to cake up sort of thing! The reason why I chose my Maybelline foundation as a comparison is primarily because it is a drugstore foundation, BH Cosmetics retails with the same pricing. 
          I purchased quite a few blush shades this time around, normally I am not such a blush fanatic because I fear looking like a clown, but I figured whats the worst that can happen, I don't like the products? The color's I chose as pictured above are Stila's Watercolor Blush in Poppy (view my everyday tutorial for a live reaction), Sephora's Blush Me, 01 All Smiles, and Maybelline's Dream Bouncy blush in Rose Petal.  All of these color's compliment the season of Spring well AND have the extra power of longevity especially with heated weather! Perhaps it is just me but I have a tiny obsession with feeling the Dream Bouncy's like feeling a squishy butt!!!!! Though I love the feeling of the blush it does lack pigment with a brush, all I use is three face brush's when I apply my makeup...not fond of using my fingers when it is not needed.  Good news is the other blushes can be applied with brushes AND some such as the Blush Me by Sephora can be rolled right on due to the dome like shape (bonus)!  If I were you I'd start investing in some waterproof blushes, they might be scary in pigment at first sight, but TRUST ME when the humidity hits you WILL NOT regret it! By the way, on the first swatch (left to right) I tried to sort of blend out Poppy to show it is VERY similar to Sephora's All Smiles Blush, the only difference is one is a cream and the other pure liquid pigment!
         While I am not disappointed in my illumining powders, I strongly feel they BOTH should of been labeled HIGHLIGHTING powders!  Why? Well both lack pigment in terms of there glowiness to the point I used Reserve Your Cabana as a under eye setting powder. When I get further into the other powders, such as the RAVED about Elf Illumination Pallet, you shall see why! Pictured above is Wet N' Wild's Cover Icon in Reserve Your Cabana and Physicians Formula Translucent Pearl Powder.  Being off the bat Physicians Formula is not cheap I was expecting much much more!  It takes a TON of women power to actual pick up the product, and when the product is decently on your finger/brush, still it is difficult to blend out onto the high points of one's face. According to some reviews on Ulta this powder is notorious for being un-nautal in tone and very thick in texture, both I strongly agree on!  There is NOT an ounce of silkiness to this powder, and when it is swatched the shade totally disappears with a lack of shimmer left behind, like one would expect!  As for the Wet N' Wild shade, in all fairness it is labeled a bronzer, though it is too light for ANYONE.  The powder is very silky, unlike Physicians shit, excuse my potty mouth, and adheres to the skin well! For the super tiny photos posted you guy's should open the photo, it'll give a much clearer view.  Now, when I went on Elf numerous times the Illuminating Pallet was out of stock.  I went to my local CVS, it was out of stock, and I can't figure out why.  These powders ARE NOT glowy at all, they're simply powders in the shade's of a VERY finely milled yellow, pink, taupe, and bronze.  I am extremely disappointed because the reviews for this pallet are phenomenal...perhaps my idea of glow powder is different from others?  That can't be so because when I swatched my Wild and Radiant pallet by Bh Cosmetics, the glow was real.  The Elf Pallet is moreover a HIGHLIGHTING pallet, NOT a glow pallet. For six bucks I expect more, sorry!
               Now this, is what a glow pallet should look like. This has been incorporated in my daily routine for a few reasons: it is long lasting; very silky smooth; highly pigmented; and versatile.  Though I might not be able to wear 3/4 shades on my face, they make WONDERFUL eyeshadow's! Bh Cosmetics did a wonderful job with this one, the best part is they can be applied wet or dry and all over the body.  Not many powders are able to adhere to the other texture's of the body, this as I have experimented with, works amazing wet and on the skin! Bh Cosmetics claims this pallet is "Paraben Free; Oil Free; Non-Irritating; [and] Vegan", BH also does not test on animals which for me and many other's is a major thing! Go out and buy yourself this $8.50 dollar pallet, it's much more worth it than a $6.00 piece of crap over hyped about.  Once more, excuse my French monsieur. 
        The last powder I'd like to draw to everyone's attention is the BH Cosmetics Floral Duo in Lilac! This pallet surprised me simply because it looks just like a light lilac pink with a light cool toned illuminator, boy was I wrong. A little goes A LONG way with these powders, the two swatches on my fingertips is with only one smudging in both powders.  Making a comparison to the illuminating products above, this is LESS shimmery than the Wild & Radiant Pallet, BUT more glowy than the Elf Illuminating Pallet! I actually am intrigued to see what Tulip, Rose, Iris, and Daisy look like in person; these truly are unique parings.  I have NEVER come across an illuminator of this kind, extremely silky but not too the point of chalk, and just absolute perfection.  If I was blindfolded and told to test this, I would of NEVER guessed for it to be $5.00!
            We're nearing the end of the face products, so I shall compile all of the other photos under this section!  First off, I was under the impression L.A. Girl's Pro Conceal was flipping amazing.  For starters, I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE TEXTURE OH MY GOSH!  WHY, JUST WHY WOULD YOU APPLY A THICK GOOP TO YOUR SKIN?!  This was unexpected for me because I am used to very creamy concealer's- I am open to the fact I might of gotten a shit product but in all honesty, this is not worth ANY hype.  As you can see from the photo above I concealed some red lipstick stains, in tern I got a green cast.  Hell my freaking MUFE PRIMER does a better job, and thats not even heavy duty!  IF you fancy thick creams, go for it.  If you're anything like me and prefer whipped and lightweight formulas, look along sweetie pie. Whew, now that my mini rant is done with lets move along to the last product, which happens to be a sample!  I LOVE the Clique Chubby Foundation sticks, they apply smoothly and work amazing when it comes to cream contouring and highlighting.  The shades pictured to the left are Bountiful Nude, and Intense Ivory.  Both are a tad too dark for me, but that is not a big deal since as I said they work wonderfully for contouring.  In order for a product to be substantial for contouring it has to blend like a dream, and this product def does.  How weird, the beginning of this paragraph is complete rage and I am literally ending it with a soft note, gotta love me ;). BY THE WAY- the redness on my hand is actually from ABH's Spicy, that is the redness I attempted to cover!
         I have been using this pallet literally in every makeup look I've created this past month.  It is everything and more, what can I say! The Bh Cosmetics 28 Foiled Eyeshadow pallet retails originally for $19.00, however with their sale price it is priced at $12.00, which is 37% off. As you can see from the photos provided to the left each color is VERY pigmented, they're on par with Makeup Geek's Foiled Eyeshadow Pan's which is huge for me too say since I LOVE MY MUG!  I prefer these shadow's sans a primer, they work wonderfully without and I noticed when applied wet the shade does not change in color, it just has more definition and metallic flecks!  One thing I thing that separates this pallet from other's is the colors range from light ivory's to intense jewel tones that can actually be blended in the crease.  Not many foiled shadows are capable of blending out to a nice sheer shade, many continue to pack a punch and in reality leave you looking like you happened to get punched. 
             I did happen to notice ONE dupe in this pallet, it is between C7.R4 and Makeup Geek's Duochrome shadow in Havoc. While Havoc clearly leans much more green in tone and streaks a light copper (view my inside review of the shade here), it is very similar to C7.R4!  Both are creamy in texture and amazing when it comes to pigment, get both if you will.  Towards the out part of my arm is the LAST two shades apart of the 28 foiled eyeshadow pallet, they just didn't fit my arm fully! If you guy's want a better view of the swatching simply click on the images, it will blow them up to full capacity and resolution.
            The ending of this haul should really be renamed to "BH Cosmetics", majority of the shadows are from this brand, I went on a tinnnnny (VERY) tinneyyy shopping spree, tiny I swear. Above is the BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Pallet, it was featured in my Everyday Coral Makeup Look for Spring!  The funny part about these pallet's is you expect them to lack pigment, then you actually swatch them and you're blown back.  This is an amazing everyday pallet for anyone, wether you're a beauty guru or at home artist this surly can make room to fit into your schedule! I think an important thing about this in specific is blenditivity, for the average person extremely build-able pigment is needed.  When you add neutral shades to the mix almost ANYONE can pull these color's off, the best part is if you want to be dazzling for one night you can choose a powdered blue or electric orange!  Besides the wide variety of color they also vary in texture, some are matte and others shimmer.  Speaking of shimmer, next up is the glitters, yay!!!  Being I use my Lime Green and Silver glitter by BH in literally every look I decided to check out a few of their other glitter's and I was most def not disappointed.  The color's I had purchased range from Baby Pink to Platinum to Deep Red, and to Sapphire.  I have already started using these shades as Baby Pink was center stage in my Barbie Spring look and Sapphire was on my lower lash in my Peacock look!
           Here is a photo of each glitter on the tip's of my fingers!  The only shade that was quite saddening to me is Deep Red.  I was expecting a darker red fleck, not brown and red mixed together...Other than that minor mishap the color's are stunning and have very minimum fall out!  In the glitter department I also bought Violet Voss glitter's in Rose & Copperella, both absolutely stunning in pigment.
                    The last few item's apart of this haul is my new fond love of KoKo lashes, and Kara+Posh Lashes!  Honestly speaking I never though I'd say there is a remote comparison to House of Lashes' Iconic, but after wearing Goddess lashes by KoKo, I will have to rethink what I once thought was the impossible.  These lashes's are freaking amazing, they have sturdy bands (means they will be good for a ridiculously long time) and are pure black in tone (some lashes don't come as a pure black, though they're listed that way).  One thing I noticed from the KoKo lashes is they don't have a shininess to them, which immediately is a pro because who the hell wants to glow on their eyeballs?!  Though I haven't gotten around to trying the Kara or Posh lashes they look amazing from the packaging, I can tell I will love them.  The KoKo lashes shown above in casing are Ariel, Lashes 501, and Goddess!  Hopefully you guy's enjoyed this VERY different style of my haul blog post format, I will be doing a blending video very soon (next week) so stay tuned by following me on Instagram @thaeyeballqueen, and subscribing to me on YouTube: Lilz Trueman :). Have a happy Monday my cuties!