Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Glittered Pink Spring Barbie Makeup Tutorial

            Ahh, I absolute LOVE Spring like weather it instantly lifts my mood up!  Today I decided to take a new view of my original Barbie New Years Smokey Eye, this time with a Spring twist on it (note the glitter loves). Obviously this is NOT an everyday wearable look, instead it is one of those chichi makeup looks that can be worn for special events, picnics, or even a night on the town!  As many of you know I make almost ALL of my blog post's versatile meaning you can switch things in or out very easily.  For example, sans glitter and lashes this look could lean softer and MIGHT be quite wearable, if you fancy color! I've had quite the itch to use my Bh Cosmetics Baby Pink glitter and my Colourpop Wifey Lippistix, so this was 10x MORE ah-mazing and fun to create. In total this took 40 minutes, be sure to plan out your time and also be sure to BEGIN with clean blending brushes!  Speaking of blending brushes, a blending tutorial specific to the eyes will be posted on Saturday (Virgo makeup tutorial hehe, so think black and grey with a twist) be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube for a video update when I post :)

*Nars Blush, Orgasm
*Colourpop Lippistix, Wifey + BYOB

                         Everything about this look is ironically light and airy, not much powder or foundation was used, the magic was held between two powers; cream contouring and liquid illumination. Since I planned to use a heavy amount of cream/liquid products I decided on using a steam method to cleanse my skin beforehand! The steaming method is basically putting your head under luke warm water and allowing it to gradually heat up to a boiling point where the water starts condensing, thus the steam.  The steam method is AMAZING for cleaning out pores, the reason why I chose this then a cleanser is because I wanted to make sure my skin was pure beforehand and able to handle harsher treatments after to re-purify! Once I had fully steamed my skin for 6 minutes I proceeded to pat drying my face and applying a light layer of Fresh's Seaberry Oil.  I allowed the oil to sink into my pores for 6 minutes, during this time I was contemplating which lip color I would fancy so it alllllll worked out :)

                            Priming wise I went for my all time fave just because I was in quite a chipper mood, and yes chipperness has everything to do with the products I choose! For example, on rainy days I might not go for my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer, I might be in such a pissed mood that I go for the crappy primers that were samples, why? I have no idea that's just how it works for me. Getting back to the ND primer, I took a finger tip sized amount and dashed it across all zones of my face (cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin). I then proceeded to blending the dashed primer in with smooth circular motions making sure to buff out towards my hairline in the midst of everything as well! This primer generally takes no time to dry so if you happen to be doing a play by play of this makeup tutorial let it sit only 5 minutes then move along to the next step.  Remember, Barbie is NOT perfect, no one is. If you have a flaw, flaunt it girl!

                        I was so anti-foundation this morning, it really stymied me on wether I should use it or not since the cream contour would be very intensive.  Rather skipping the foundation process all together I decided to choose an extremely lightweight and build-able foundation specifically Nars's Sheer Glow in Gobi!  This stuff is VERY easy to tone up or down, as you might of guessed I choose the toning down effect by only placing a penny amount onto the back of my hand, NOT a quarter sized amount!  I then went into the foundation with my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush, just to pick up product, and progressed on with applying it to my skin in small stippling motions.  I actually focused more on downward strokes than stippling motions just for the simple fact I wanted my skin to still be breathable, I will be explaining a method I use FOR CREAM CONTOURING that involves more product yet less used, very odd but it is complementary for the warmer months! Anyhoo, I continued the downward stokes until my full faced was lightly coated.  If you want that full doll like complexion be my guest on using a fuller coverage foundation OR building up coverage on a foundation, just be reminded this is a SPRING tutorial, certain things you can do during the Winter are not applicable Spring! Rather allowing my foundation to dry for a few minutes I just went right into the cream contouring process, if anything it'll be more blended in by the time I'm done. 

                 Woo hoo, my favorite part has eagerly arrived!! Yes, I look like a complete clown with this style of contouring HOWEVER I did it in a way that would cover up undesired blemishes quickly.  Before describing details there are two things you must be aware of; the style of cream contouring, placement wise shown to the right WILL NOT work for everyone, especially for those with larger foreheads!  Choose what will works best for you but mimic the same techniques :).  Secondly you DO NOT need a "cream contouring" brush to place products down, in fact I used my damn Urban Decay Naked 2 Brush to contour and highlight, double bonus eh?  First off with N0 by Cover Fx I outlined my forehead completely with an oval shape steering down to my under eye area.  From my under eye area I colored in the upside down triangle's extended out toward my hairline, and followed through with the same step on the opposite side! I then moved down and highlighted my left jaw line-chin-right jaw line. From this I finished up with tiny detailing on my under nose area, under my brow bones, and finished up filling in my forehead highlight! To contour I simply took N100 (practically the opposite of N0 on the  Cover Fx spectrum) and placed singular lines on my cheeks (hollows), under my lips (for a pouty shadow), on my jaw lines (sharper edges), and on the sides of my nose connecting at the tip (for dimension and shrinking).  Here is where the tricky part comes in, blending.  This might be odd for some because I normally consider the placement part tricky and blending simple, but in the case of more product input and removal of it in the process, very difficult to understand dynamic wise. Using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I first began with using tiny stippling motions across my jaw line with occasional upward flicks for added dimension.  Once I had blended in the jaw contour, specifically, I then took a paper towel and literally held it against my skin for two minutes which removed excess oils and excess product!  I continued the same pattern of stippling/removal until I got to my nose. Since my nose is one of those "areas of concern" due to my dry patches, I actually kept the excess on to cover the dryness, it didn't look any different from the rest of my face which was a plus!  Be sure to blend out towards your hairline in buffing motions by the way, keep an even base as much as possible. 

                          You should generally wait 7-12 minutes before adding powder products to your cream contour just because it prevents a disruption of the previously blended in products, however youuuuu guy's know me, I COULND'T WAIT!!  Using my Mac 168 I promptly blended in Hourglass's Luminous Bronzer using soft side to side blending motions.  I concentrated the shade around the outer C of my face (temples, cheeks, jawline, and under the chin IF YOU WANT) just to keep the warmth situated and not all over the place!  If you haven't noticed Barbie has an amazingly sculpted face, which means you should too, duh.  Right after bronzing my face I went into the dark bronze powder from my Marc Jacobs Filtering Power Pallet and proceed to softly blending it in with side swept motions.  When it came time to do the sides of my nose I switched to an Elf Concealer brush (talk about multi-purpose) and VERY gently brushed the powder across.  Rather working in one harsh layer I built up pigment on my nose up until I received my desired chiseled shape!  Since the blush I delved into is powder I'm going to keep it riiiiight in this bronze/contour step, besides there is a thing called blush contour yanno'.  Using my Sephora #74 brush I went into Orgasm by Nars and firmly patted it onto my cheeks (the bristles patting against) starting from the apples up to my hairline.  I brushed upwards to create the illusion of higher pulled cheekbones :).

                         Illumination is VERY important for this makeup look! Barbie is no dull monkey, she's a glowing pearl.  Here you can have a tad of fun because the shade of illumination doesn't quite matter, as long as you're glowing from within thats what counts (I know Barb glows from within, I used to cut the dolls head's off to make them men, vial, I know, but NOW YOU KNOW)! To kick start this process I began with a pea-sized amount of the Nars Liquid Illuminator into the back of my hand, I squeezed a bit more product than I normally would just as a reference point. After picking up my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush I gently PLACED the product onto the high points of my face (cheek bones, forehead, bridge of nose, and cupid's bow down to chin), avoid blending at first just apply the product to see how much of it you really need then wipe off excess from your hand.  Blending was no biggy, I opted in for side sweeping motions as well as upward blending motions to make sure the product fully melted into my skin and no streaks were left behind! To set the liquid I took my Incandescent Light powder and brushed it across the SAME area's the liquid originally touched.  I worked in two light layers just for an optimal glow fit for my needs! 

                For my last Barbie tutorial I used a pure magenta shade on my lips, you could either follow the lead of that OR go for the Spring edition with lilc pink hues, don't forget Babrie is notorious for wearing ALL pink's from the spectrum.  Excuse my infected nose hair haha, tis the season of allergies! I first took Wifey all over my lips in two fully coated layers and then saturated the center of my lips with BYOB. You want to make sure the light pink contrasts well with the lilac pink, work your layers!!  Once the eyes were completed I moved along to setting my face with MUFE's Forever Matte Setting Powder.  I took the powder under my eyes, on my forehead, under my nose and between my cheek and jaw contour using my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush.  Any area's you highlighted is generally where this power should go, this is primarily why I skip a powder highlight by the way, too much powder creates a cake like effect!  To keep my skin hydrated and set for the full day I sprayed on Makeup Forever's All Nighter Setting Spray in 8 spritz's in an X formation across all angles of my skin. I like to move my head around a bit just to make sure the spray hits every crevice :))!!
*Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet: Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Divinity
                     It feels so damn good to get back into step by step photos, I felt SUPER guilty for not doing them in some of my previous blog posts!  Some things to keep in mind with this look; the paper towel I used during cream contour was used once more to prevent glitter fall out, though not a lot occurred + you will need CLEAN blending brushes, no if's and or but's.  The first and foremost step is the brows, you cannot have a fabulous look like this without perfectly sculpted eyebrows!!  To prevent a run-on of speech (every post begins the same with my brows), simply put I took my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush and began to first spoolie through each brow just to ensure the brow hairs went in my desired direction.  I then picked up my Dipbrow Pomade in Carmel to line my upper and lower brow's for a defined shape and lastly proceeded to gradually filling in the sparse areas! I gave my brows a last spoolieing to once more ensure the product spread out evenly and my brow hairs to go one direction.  Once my brows were completed I smudged on Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk and blended it out up towards my brow bone, excess product was smudged under my lower lash line! Try to stick with white bases for this shadow look, skin tone priming bases' will NOT yield the same appearance. 

                   Rather starting from the lid and carving everything out like most do, I decided to work on the crease first (view image 2-3)! With my Mac 217 brush I mixed together Almond Truffle & Cashew Chew and gently blended it into my crease with soft side to side motions. I actually HATE mixing shades as it is such an annoying process but it is much needed as the perfect mid-tone rose shade is received.  For added depth I went back into Almond Truffle once more and reapplied it into my crease as in inner V shade, this time I concentrated it right against the natural creasing of my eye socket! When it comes to bright colors you beauties know I am ALL FOR IT, however for the eye makeup shown above in specific you want to make sure you section out your usage of brightness carefully.  For example, if you apply a bright pink in the crease as well, a less Barbie like look will be received and less focus will be on the glitter! With all of that said, using Savage from the Urban Decay Electric Pallet I VERY LIGHTLY like EXTREMELY LIGHTLY blended in the shade using a denser and smaller Mac 219 Pencil brush. The shade was held up higher than the previous colors and "outlined" the crease without being too strong, I avoided blending up from my outer lid with this shade as I wanted it VERY disbursed out!  Before moving along to the lower lash line I quickly went into a fluffy sephora eyeshadow brush and brushed on Divinity to my brow bone.

                          Onto the lower lash line, with the same Mac 219 Pencil brush used for Savage in the crease I transitioned it right to my lower lash with firm smudging motions.  This color MUST be kept vibrant, to do so I did not use a light hand of product I continued to build up pigment until I received my ideal bright hot pink! Between you and I, I did not feel like switching to another brush.  Instead I gently wiped off the hot pink pigment onto a clean proper towel and then went into Bh Cosmetics C1.R1 shade. This color was smudged into Savage on my lower lash line and situated into my tear duct exclusively ;)! After I had decent pigment on the light pink I then had the second thought of applying it to my entire lid, just as a guide for the glitter pigment.  Having a strong glitter bonding glue base is much needed for this especially if you're planning to wear this out!  I know many are not fond of the Too Faced Glitter Glue, which is weird but if you happen to be one of those people using a lash glue will work just as well.  As you might of guessed, all I had done is taken a pea-sized amount of the product onto the back of my hand and patted it onto my lid, I made sure to work quick! When I say quick I mean it, and when I say glitter up baby, I also mean it.  Pack on AS MUCH of Baby Pink as you want, it doesn't have a restraining order on it, don't be shy!  I got SUPER messy with this stuff, I took my ring finger to pack on layers upon layers of the glitter.  

             Once the glitter was set I gently lined my upper lash line with my Kat Von D tattoo liner in a solid black wing shape.  Going in with a liquid liner or pen liner is your best bet, this is because the BH glitter is very thick a brush will be difficult to charge through the follicles and inevitably will mess up the placement + cause fallout!  After I had the upper lash line set I moved down to my waterline and lined it with Makeup Geek's Immortal Gel Liner using my my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, ironically. To finish up the entire look I coated my lashes a few times with my Lancome Hypnose Doll Lash mascara and gave myself huge fluffy Kiss Ritzy lashes! I want to end the post with a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been undoubtedly kind to me, especially with the past two weeks of not posting and you guy's staying loyal :).  Happy National Women's Day!!!!!! Here are some other makeup look featuring pink eyeshadow; Girly Pink Smokey Eye, Glittery Holiday Lights, and my Sultry Raspberry Pink Makeup.