Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dewy Fresh Faced Coral Everyday Spring Makeup Tutorial

                FINALLY, it is Saturday! Hopefully all of you had a splendid week, and will continue to have them alllll month loong (Spring gets me giddy, oopsie).  Rather doing an intensive makeup tutorial that requires tons of skill level, I decided to do another "everyday" makeup look custom to the month of March, and more specifically Spring! My last everyday tutorial was in January, a lot has changed between now and then so hopefully this will "key" you into what I like to do for the warmer months.  Be noted this tutorial is VERY chatty, meaning I couldn't keep my trap shut. Oddly enough everything I was chatting about was REALLY just about the new products I got and some tips of mid Winter-Spring transitions, not just a bunch of lolly-gagging (cough cough, I squeezed my nose like a clown in this tutorial LOL).  Just as I was thorough in explaining why certain products are beneficial in the video, all will be explained here as well, in probably greater and more understandable detail!  Be sure to check out my last review on the Tarte Water Foundation, I was super impressed on this baby.  Lastly, I couldn't help myself so I took a picture of the glow received from the new foundation above, hehe!

*Tarte Water Foundation SPF 15, Fair Light Neutral 
*Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey

                               For this makeup routine you want to invest in a good oil that'll be beneficial to YOUR skin!  For example, while my Fresh Seaberry Oil works wonderful for me, on others this might be way too heavy duty and actually clog the person's pores.  Be noted oil can fight acne AND kill dryness!  IF you decide on an acne oil DON"T mix it with the foundation as I had done in the makeup tutorial, this will water down the consistency too much.  Choosing an oil is really a whole process because if you choose something too watered it'll effect the consistency of the makeup applied and if you choose something too thick it'll effect the consistency as well.  For me, I decided to do a heated water treatment as a morning skincare routine.  This involved literally just putting my head under steamy water for a few minutes (THE BEST when you wake up, it gives a slow transition of sleepy to awakened)!  Once I reached 2 minutes I turned the water off and gently pat dried my face using a clean towel, always make sure your towels are clean ESPECIALLY if you apply a ton of makeup daily.  After all of this occurred I proceeded to applying Fresh's Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face (cheeks out to hairline, forehead out to hairline, chin, and nose), I really made sure to emphasize the motions of pulling out towards my hairline this way the product would wear off easily like the following to come!  

                                  To be a mini makeup artist is like being your own weather girl as well! You must be proficient in the type of weather each day brings, this way your makeup can be as perfect as possible.  While I LOVE my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer, it just WON'T cut it for this specific look which requires longevity and waterproofness!  With that being said I grabbed my Tarte Brightening Primer, this has violet pearls that really awaken the skin up, plus as a morning primer it is absolutely amazing because it has an orange zesty smell.  To apply the primer I simply took a tiny amount (pea-sized preferred, because yanno everyone has a clue on how to estimate the size of pea's) onto the back of my hand and gently began to smooth it in starting from the center of my face.  Similarly to the Seaberry Oil, I made sure to extend the product out to my hairline!  It is super IMPORTANT you do one of two things; apply product alongside the hairline for longevity and even wear, AND apply only one layer of primer, if more is needed simply work in layers but do not add more than 2.  The whole point here is to have a quick easy morning routine that looks flawless, adding too much primer will defeat the purpose of a  "your skin but better" appearance. 

                               This tutorial featured my first impressions of the Tarte Water Foundation, honestly I was impressed!  For starters I was not expecting such an amazing payoff in the glow, also it lasted an impeccable time.  You guy's should really check out my review posted yesterday to see some swatches, you WILL NOT (you better not) regret it :).  I was not expecting a pump like beaker so I kind of had to film the foundation part twice (my hands got all over the tube, hence foundation everywhere), not a fun endeavor.  After I got the hang of the pump I took a full beaker sized amount onto the back of my hand (the beaker only fills up 1/4, it has very nice control on the product you use) and then proceeded to having the last minute thought of adding a TINY drop of my Fresh Seaberry Oil into the mix for a dewier appearance!  Rather bothering to mix the product's together I simply took my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush and went right into the mixture (the brush tip is huge so just picking up product let a lone mixed the two together).  I gently started to pat the product onto my left cheek with firm yet light stippling motions UNTILL I realized this foundation is water based, meaning prone to streaky yuck-ness (if you understand what yuck-ness is, we're pals). I switched over to very firm downward stroking motions with occasional side stroke motions extending out towards my hairline to ensure the product remained flat in a non dull manner. If you need to add layers for area's containing a flaw simply take your brush and "dot" the foundation onto the area of concern, follow through with VERY light pressing in motions.  I did not allow the foundation to dry only for the reason cream contouring was done, thus making it useless for the foundation to dry down and get moistened again! 

               For this part I stressed choosing a bronzy contour AND a moisturizing concealer, this duo will make blending in the morning simpler and it will also create a dewier complexion.  Before describing what was done, PLEASE know this is very optional!  You can proceed to the contour powders or even blush and the look will still be beautiful, contouring just adds and extra "oomph" to what is already present :)!!  With that being said, using my Sephora #20 brush and Marc Jacobs Re(MARC)able concealer I began to lightly highlight my features.  As modeled with the photo presented to the right, the shade is VERY similar to my own skin color thus making it a subtle highlight!  I really wasn't going for anything too extreme here because this is JUST an everyday look.  I simply took the shade under my eyes in inverted triangles (out towards my hairline), on my forehead in a blooming flower (hovering over my eyebrows and out towards my hairline), and from my left jaw to right jaw passing over my chin!  Having a cream contour shade that turns orange is NOT necessarily a bad thing in the case of a a dewy makeup look.  When you're working with dewy looks it's best to keep the focus there, a harsh taupe contour will take away from that glow and turn the look ashy!  I took Cover Fx's N100 on the sides of my nose, a tad in my crease, and across my cheeks+jawline.  These are area's I just want a little bit more emphasized! Being I wasn't sure on how the foundation would react to such products I opted in for my normal blending utensil, the Elf Ultimate Blending Brush.   This has NEVER failed me in the blending world, but the Beauty Blender has so I worked with cation just in case anything went South! I focused on stippling and patting motions up until everything was blended in.  At the point of the creams being evenly disbursed and buffed out you want to make sure you go over once more with downward streaking motions to press the product down, keep in mind the foundation will cause a slippery slope!  If you happen to not want to purge on a 40 dollar cream, fear not Anastasia Beverly Hills has a pallet that is "cheaper", in terms of more bang for your buck, and features a shade "Cinnamon" which is almost identical to N100.

                                      When choosing a morning bronzer make sure it is NOT darker than you by more than 4 shades!  If you truly want that "my skin but better" appearance, darker bronzer's will only bite you in the butt, plus the fact in the morning it is an annoyance to blend. I did not allow my cream contour to dry, although I should of.  I just really hate waiting for everything to settle in, sadly I do pay the piper with this because my gel powders are laden in a light layer of cream. THATS ALRIGHT, moving along from my sad sap story, using my Mac 168 I swirled into MUFE's Pro Bronze Fusion (I first took a towel and "scrubbed" off the film) and proceeded to blending it up from my temples down to my jaw line following a "3" formation (temples, cheeks, jaw).  To add some extra depth I then went into the dark bronze shade from the Marc Jacobs #instamarc pallet and re-defined my cheekbones as well as sides of my nose with swift blending motions! I made sure the nose contour was the strongest this way the attention would go from the dewy look right to the center of my face and gradually up to my eyes. 

                I am not a noob when it comes to Stila's Watercolor Blush's, although they do have a tendency to dry on me in the middle of blending. The other day I bought a new shade called "Poppy" which is a super bright coral/red, its the perfect flush for Spring-Summer! While this is not a tricky blush for me to handle and I actually prefer the bright colors, I know some will be really going "ehhhhhhhhhhhh" seeing the vibrancy.  Listen, if you're going to wear makeup just fucking wear it.  It's not an A or B world, its A to the power of C+ this, that, and that.  If you understood ANY of that, my condolences you smart thang :')! In the tutorial I modeled a method for getting the quickest and lightest application possible.  First off, I took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and literally placed it into the container of the blush.  You should receive only a dot on the bristles, from there simply pat upwards from the apples of your cheeks to your hairline and then proceed to removing excess product onto the back of your hand BEFORE blending in!  This method will prevent too much color build-up and will yield a nice flush. To blend I simply used quick upward stippling motions until the shade finally seamlessly adjusted itself!  If for whatever reason you're still reluctant to using a bright color, you can opt in for Boho Chic/Glow by Nyx, stick with cream's or liquids.  

                I was in a contemplation process of wether to use my typical Nars Liquid Illuminator OR Benefit's High Beam, as you might of guessed I opted in for my High Beam for the simple fact it adheres better to likewise watery products! I simply brushed the product straight form the applicator onto the high points of my face (bridge of nose, forehead, cheekbones, cupid's bow, and chin) then moved along to blending it in using my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush!  To set the glow this way it would remain still all day long I then went into one of my FAVORITE highlighting powders (ND All Over Face Glow) and brushed it over the area's I originally liquid illuminated.  You really want to stick in the beige spectrum for the most natural effect.  Anything leaning too bronze or too pink will simply ruin the effect of a natural fresh faced look!

                           This is where choosing the vibrant blush WILL be of benefit for you, especially in the morning and long hours to come!  As you might of guessed, I took Poppy as a lip color.  Not only did this yield a gorgeous lip stain during the day it actually lasted, which for any woman/man is a major plus when it comes to re-application during the day! After the eyes were done (took no more than 10 minutes) I went into my Makeup Forever Hd Setting Powder.  I had a little girl moment with this stuff because I have been low on it for a month now, there is such a difference between this powder and the other powder's I use here and there! Using the Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush from before I simply took the powder under my eyes IN THE EXACT shape I placed the highlighting cream in and led by example with applying the powder to my T-zone and between my cheek and jaw contour.  Powder's are very important for humid weather, they can make or break your look INSTANTLY!  Be sure to finish off with a good setting spray too.  I like to use my Urban Decay All Nighter only because it waterproofs my makeup instantly and is non-irritating to my skin. Most setting sprays have a tendency to either bunch up on my makeup OR give me terribly itchy skin! 
*Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Pallet: Sweetheart + Smart Pants, Rebel
                     As you guy's can see there is nothing intensive about this look other than perhaps a very flushed appearance. In comparison to my other everyday tutorial, this leans on the "less product used" side of town, plus it is MUCH easier to do in the early hours, or whenever you want! One thing I made sure of when doing this makeup is having strong brows.  If the eyes are simple I like to generally amp up the brow thickness, it helps to define the face since the eyes really won't be doing that today! With that being the case, using my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush I began by gently spoolieing through each brow to ensure the eyebrow hairs only went one direction, this just makes it easier to fill in.  After doing so I proceeded to lining the top and bottom brow and connected the two lines at the tail end, from that point I gradually flicked my brush upwards to mimic brow hairs along sparse areas. I finished up with one last spoolieing across the entire brow to evenly disburse product!  The next step up is rather quick so I shall keep it in the same paragraph as brows- using the Sephora #20 brush I had used originally for cream contouring, I went into Mac's Bare Study and applied it all over my lid.  I made sure to FIRST apply it under my brows framing the lower half to "clean up" smudges, then I proceeded to applying and blending in! Opt in for creams with shimmer particles rather flat shades, it makes the process easier when it comes to skipping a brow highlight and such.

                        I figured the BH Cosmetics pallet is very inexpensive and many would splurge on a $12.00 deal so primarily this whole shadow look is using it, I also made sure to use blending brushes only because it allows product to go on quicker and softer! Using my fluffy Sephora #27 Brush, I first went into the color C4.R4, which happens to be a soft matte seashell shade.  I proceeded to lightly dusting the color on with swift side to side motions on my lid AND in my crease!  I packed up more pigment on the lid to ensure the eyes were "bright" enough. To avoid sitting there for hours packing up pigment, I followed up with C4.R3 which is a soft shimmery pink. I firmly, using the same Sephora #27, dragged the product downwards to the center of my lid this way the eyes would have a gradience of seashell pink - shimmer pink- seashell pink!  The crease is not quite tricky BUT it will pose a challenge to some as its clashing light browns with sandy pinks do occur.  First off, for the crease you should switch to a denser blending brush, like a Mac 217!  This will allow more product build up, thus making your routine quicker, as opposed to sitting and adding color.  Going into C7.R3 I proceeded to blending it into my crease with smooth side to side motions following the natural creasing of my eye socket.  I built up pigment TWICE on this shade to ensure a soft gradience would occur :)!  In the inner V is a mixture of Smarty Pants and Sweetheart, these two mixed together make a gorgeous light mauve, which fits this spectrum well. I firmly yet lightly blended this mixture in with swift side to side and circular motions.  These two blending techniques combined make for a nice and easy color output, thus once again much quicker for the applier in the morning hours, or whenever you plan to do this tutorial! The last shade added in the inner V is Rebel, this was just to form a more defined crease and add a tad of drama, be noted Rebel was smudged under my lower lash line as well using a Mac 219 Pencil brush.

                         Speaking of the lower lash line, I took "La La" by Colour Pop right into the inner corners of my eyes smudging into Rebel.  I then went into my Natasha Denona Face and Body Shimmer Powder and proceeded to pat and blend the color into my tear duct WITH a huge build-up of color on C4R.3! To finish things up I simply lined my upper lash line with Makeup Forever's 2L as well as my waterline.  This color is VERY smudge-able, so if you desire a perfect cut line, this won't be the liner for you! I really think for this tutorial sticking with the smudged liner is BEST because it'll give a fresher appearance, bold black lines create fantasy, smudged lines form natural aesthetics.  For the lashes I went with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, and as you can see coated that shit onnnn!  Especially on day's I'm not wearing falsies, having thick lashes is a MUST. Color wise, a dark brown mascara will only form a softer touch, I just prefer black lashes as it brings definition to the eyes.  I REALLY hope you guy's enjoy this tutorial as much as the previous everyday looks I have posted, while it is quite different there is a look for EVERYONE, I assure you this can be dolled up or down really quick with the transition of softer and muted shades (such as the change in blush color)!!

                            Have a good evening everyone, I apologize on the fact a haul was not posted, however my Nyx order kept getting resent back to the sender SO it supposedly is suppose to arrive Monday, March 7.  I am praying it actually arrives because even when I messaged them OR TRIED calling them, it was either a long wait or no reply! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for a video notification later today, I was about to post right now until I noticed some of my frames were screwed up.  ALSO, check my Instagram for sneak peaks of tutorials to come.  If you view the side bar on my blog (right, scroll down) you will see recent posts! Here are some links to my other "everyday" looks; Bronze Natural Toned Smokey, Spring Bronze Copper Goddess, Brief Tutorial on Red lips and Sharp Wings.