Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sexy Smokey Bronze and Black Glittery Cheetah Makeup Tutorial


                      Happy Tuesday (literally almost Wednesday LOL) cute thang ;)!  First off, I'd like to present a HUGE thank you to my loyal fans (you guy's duh) for staying apart of my blog with full fledged support.  This might be rather odd to some however I haven't done a look in around 4 days, detrimental, I know, however I figured creating more of a schedule is best (Wednesday night posting, Fri-Sat looks), besides it gives both of us both something to look forward too.  Today I have in store a super sexy smokey eye that is meant to be dolled up, this is not one of those versatile looks where you can simply remove lashes or change the lip color, those daring enough to be their inner cheetah surly understand this matter!  Originally this was suppose to represent a "black panther", but it ended up yielding a much more glittery and "glam" appearance, which contrasts against an all black look.  For those looking forward to a black panther look (MARVEL) fear not, over the weekend I will attempt this look again with a much darker approach, hopefully all will go well!  A few things you should keep in mind before getting started with this makeup look are: have equipped a few blending brushes, a paper towel (glitter fallout is prevalent), and make sure you have time!! This is not a "boooom, I'm done" sort of look, it requires patience and a certain skill level, I personally feel anyone could proceed to completing this look however, just focus my loves.  One last thing, the tutorial video wise will be posted around Friday, juggling school and editing is a toughie!

*Anastasia Bev. Hills. Pure Hollywood

           Thankfully I JUST received my brush clearer in the mail this afternoon, you guys have no clue how bad my breakouts have been from dirty oil laden brushes.  Sadly when I filmed the video I was using filthy bristles, so my skin care routine was very lean in terms of products I used.  Generally on day's containing poor skin conditions I like to simply splash hot water onto my face numerous times (until the water reaches a boiling point, I begin at a cool temperature) and I prefer finishing off the routine with my favorite Fresh Seaberry Oil.  Be dually noted this routine works for me in specific, I just find the Fresh Seaberry oil to work VERY well for pre-makeup application! Speaking of pre-makeup application's, once I had my moisturizing oil set I moved forth in applying my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer. Since the primer comes in a jar I like to "dash" the product across the tops of my cheeks, on the center of my forehead, and on my chin.  These are the fundamental area's that help aid blending, plus it allows the user to apply much less product!  Starting from my left cheek inwards, I gently eased in the primer using smooth circular motions, these motions mimicked buffing strokes very closely which helped to cover all zones of my face, hairline included. Make sure the primer you choose works for you, remember a primer should address previous skin concerns as well as prep the face for makeup application! In my experience, sometime's the fault of foundation is NOT the actual formulation of the products' problem, it could be due to a primer reacting poorly with the foundation chemicals, thus making it super important you as a mini home makeup artist know your products INSIDE AND OUT.  Once my primer had a good 4 minutes to dry, I transitioned straight into the foundation process- I took a pea-sized amount of my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Gobi onto the back of my hand for starters! Try to stick with light-medium buildable coverage foundations with serious glow factors, this makes the steps to come much simpler.  As a slight change up I decided to use my Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush, it makes the process of applying foundation much easier and between you and I then brush was 10x cleaner than my beloved MJ Face II.  This process is honestly VERY self explanatory (view the image provided above)- starting from my right jaw line up I began to place the product onto my skin with stippling motions, beware of the bristles they have a tendency to pick up too much foundation, it might cause streaky effects! Other than stippling motions and only ONE LIGHT COAT, I made sure to buff out excess product onto the sides of my face, better known as the "hairline".  By this point you could either allow the foundation to dry or move forth in the cream contouring, since more product is piled on I don't see a fair reassigning for wasting time drying when the product consistency (oiliness) will be reactivated again!

           I always hate when women/men defend not using cream contouring methods, listen, if you're completing an uber dramatic makeup look eye wise, the face must follow, it's simply odd looking to have blemish ridden skin and perfect eye's/lip's, plus the fact it distracts away from certain factors!  If you're already at the process of layering foundation, a little cream shouldn't scare you.  Now that we all have had a mini chat- using my Sephora Concealer Brush and the N0 cream by Cover Fx, I gently yet firmly drew inverted triangles under my eyes (extended out towards my hairline for a "pulled up" illusion), singular lines from my left jaw to right jaw (one firm stroke across to lighten up the lower region), and one line from the tip of my nose up to my forehead (highlight sprouted out hovering across my eyebrows).  Contouring wise, I used the cream N100 and drew singular medium thick lines across the hollows of my cheeks, on my jaw lines, and on the sides of my nose for a chiseled and slimming effect!  Contouring varies from person to person, this just happens to be the MAIN area's that work best for me, also be noted color wise it's best NOT to go by what you see above, I tend to choose shades 4 shades lighter and 8 darker, oddly enough this is what looks best for me, test things out until you discover your contour puuurfection ;).  To blend the creams in I took my previously used Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush and gently stippled in the products!  These are very blend-able on their own, no Fix+ is needed.  Try to avoid circular motions when it comes to the cheek contour, focus on upward pushing blending motions as it'll form the illusion of higher pulled up cheekbones! When it comes to cream contouring I highly suggest allowing it to dry for a few minutes, even if it remains porous at least after a good 6 minutes some formulation will be matted down.

                       Just as I explained in my video tutorial (yippie for those of you seeing my blog post first and getting a sneak peak), I wanted to make sure my skin was VERY bronzy and defined.  To get this look I first picked up my Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder in 4 (the darkest shade seems to agree most with my skin coloring, once again go by what works for you, not what seems to work for others) and with my Mac 168 I promptly blended in the product starting from the temples of my face moving down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to the curve of my jaw line!  This is better know as the "outer 3 of the face" because the outer part sort of curves in and out like a three shape. To yield more definition and too set the cream contour, contour, I then went into the dark bronze shade provided in my Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Filtering Powder pallet.  Being you generally SHOULD NOT bronze the sides of your nose if the powder is shimmery (creates a widened effect) I heavily contoured my sides using a Elf Concealer brush (talk about multi-purpose), this once more set the contour from before and added more definition.  I also quickly went over the hollows of my cheeks and under my chin with the shade to ensure optimal shadowing was received! Here is a real shocker- as a blush I used Nyx's Pinched, which happens to be a powder I HAVE NEVER used since I purchased it a year ago.  You love's know I absolutely despise power blushes for the fact they look phony and yield natural flushes, today however I decided to delve into that pool of color and go for it! Using my now super dirty Mac 168 brush, I gently brushed the product onto my skin starting from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline. It took literally 3 minutes to blend thoroughly, I suggest starting with a tiny amount of powder and building it up from there.  To finish up the tactical part of the makeup in terms of what I like to do prior to eye makeup, I then took my Tarte Swirl Powder Bronzer and Contour brush and heavily swept across my cheekbones/bridge of nose/forehead/cupids bow/chin Becca's Champagne Pop!  This color is my absolute favorite and it compliments the eye makeup SUPER well, be sure to once more work in layers, layers are your best friend's.  

               The lips flow two ways with this makeup look.  They can either be glittery red or a subdue pink/nude shade, I personally prefer the pink/nude hence why I chose it as my cover photo however the glittery red is definitely a fun twist, so I shall describe both ways! To the left is the "red" effect- I first lined my lips with Sephora's Nano Liner in Real Red then patted on loose BH Cosmetics Deep Red Glitter on top in light layers.  This got VERY messy, which is the top reason of why I removed it and started the lips over again honestly. The second version is with a light coating of ABH's Liquid Lipstick in Pure Hollywood, it gives off a very glam vibe! To help clean up the glitter, prior to the lip change, I patted on Besame's Brighting Vanilla Powder in large amounts all over the area's I originally highlighted with Cover Fx's N0 using my Sephora #74.  After a few minutes of "baking" I then dusted the product off with hopeful thoughts of dusting glitter away, and then sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to refreshen my makeup!  Honestly speaking the spray will really save you IF you decide on glitter lips, it sort of "flicks off" any glitter and makes it much easier to remove product, in this case glitter. 

*ELF Smudge Pot- Gotta Glow
* Too Faced Le Grand Palais: Dreamlight, Yule Log
*Makeup Geek Duo Chrome Eyeshadow, Steampunk 
*Glitter Injections, Cheetah Print
*Violet Voss Glitter, Copperella

                 During this little tutorial I decided to snap photos that represent a step by step view, the pictorial is VERY popular by you guy's and it is no biggy to create so I decided to stay consistent!  The first step to any eye makeup look is grooming and filling in the brows.  If you think about it, without eyebrows many eye makeup looks wouldn't be so spectacular, brows truly frame the face!  For quick and simply defined eyebrows I took my Morphe G11 brush + dipbrow pomade in Caramel and abided by a few steps: Lined the top and bottom, connected at the tail end; filled in with light brush stokes to mimic actual brush hair.  If you fancy giving a few spoolies in, go for it, I just find the G11 to do all the work for me prior to filling in!  As for an eye primer I opted in for Elf's Smdge Pot in Gotta Glow, it happens to be a super pigmented gold color which is PERFECT for this multi dimensional bronzy/copper look.  I simply smudged on the color starting from the center of my lid and blended up towards my brow bone(s), it is sheer enough to build in layers, so if you fancy a pigmented base shade this is an amazing affordable option!

                       It's best to avoid doing ANYTHING to the lid after priming, it's such a huge mess when glitter is added first then the crease is worked on, so I decided to work backwards in that sense. Going into my favorite Too Faced Chocolate Bar Pallet (funny because I gave it such a crap review when I first received it), specifically with the shade Salted Caramel, I gently blended the color into my crease using a dense Mac 217 brush using side to side motions using my eye socket as a guide. The brush density bristle wise DOES matter because it determines how much product is picked up and how widely disbursed the product is!  To add some dimension I then went into the color Dreamlight.  This color was placed directly into the inner V of my eye which requires much more patience blending wise, try to stick with small circular motions and side to side buffing motions, in fact I highly recommend going over the crease with a fluffier brush for a gradience in tone (Sephora #27 Brush).  The last color to be added in the crease is Yule Log, don't be afraid to start with a massive amount of pigment with this baby, it just makes for a smokier effect as opposed to building pigment up which as we all know gives a desirable gradience as explained above!  Using Mac's 219 pencil brush (easier to direct color into the inner inner V) I gently patted on Yule Log to the outer third of my lid with firm side sweeping motions, from those motions I shifted into the creasing of my eye socket with firm side to side motions followed by a dusting over with a fluffier Sephora #27 Brush to soften the shade up.

               NOOWWW you may all cheer that glitter is being used!  This is actually a new glitter from Glitter Injections so inside I was crying on how beautiful it came out to be (first time I viewed the glitter since a week ago). First off, I took a pea-sized amount of the Too Faced Glitter Glue onto the back of my hand.  From that tiny amount I gently patted on the sticky substance to the center of my lids extending midway through the outer third of my lid, be sure to work fast, glitter glue has a tendency to dry quickly (same goes for lash glue user's).  Using my Smashbox Full Exposure Brush I lightly patted it into the Cheetah Print glitter (I transferred it into a flat jar) and from there applied it to my lid with FIRM patting motions, this should be done slowly with your head tilted back to prevent a ton of fallout! Don't worry too much on how the coverage looks, as you can see from image 5 depicted above the glitter did not fully cover my entire lid, hence forth why I moved onto using another glitter on top.  To enhance the color a tad and make it seem more "copper" in tone I then took Copperella by Violet Voss and patted it right on top of Cheetah Print, make sure you only apply one layer as the idea is not to cover the multi dimensional glitter, just to change the tone.  I took Copperella onto the tear duct's of my eye as well, no glitter glue was needed!  Since things are going down south, to finish up the shadowy effect I took my Mac 231 brush and smudged across my lower lash line Makeup Geek's Steampunk. Beware, this color is VERY subjective, it could smoke out blue, brown, or even black, more often then not it is a smokey black/blue which is the effect we want!
             Something you loves should know prior to the tutorial is I HEAVILY smoked things up after the fact of recording, which is why image 5 is less smoked and dark than image 6!  Moreover I lined my upper lash lines with THICK heavy black wings using ABH's Creme Liner in Jet and an Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush. I then lined both my waterlines heavily (the second time hehe) with firm side to side motions this way I could ensure the thick black really glided on!  To finish things up I coated my lashes numerous times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, focusing more on the lower lashes, and topped it off with Kiss's Pretty Lashes.  Be sure to choose a set of lashes that DO NOT cover the glitter, some overly dramatic lashes have a tendency to cover up eye makeup, the point is to show off!  Hopefully you guy's enjoyed this SUPER different tutorial, it combines darkness with bronze light which is something I hardly do! If you would fancy a review of the duo chrome shadows simply click the highlighted pink words above, though the review was done a few months back I ALWAYS update previously done haul's/review's/or switchings (not sure if you guy's know that)! Be sure to stay tuned for later today as well, I will be posting my Batman V Superman review video, do be noted SPOILERS are included as if people watching the video saw the movie already.  LASTLY, be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep updated with special sneak peaks and more ;) Have a good rest of the week cutie's, unleash the beast. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pastel Lilac Smokey Eye With Vibrant Pink Winged Eyeliner Easter Makeup Tutorial

               When it comes to Easter many think of the classic colors pink, white, blue, purple, silver, green, and yellow. Since my thoughts are very like minded in this manner, I decided to add a bit of a twist to todays makeup look with glossy pink winged eyeliner! I noticed colored eyeliner seems to be QUITE the trend lately, and I certainly see why. Rather going with the flow of matte shades I added a bit of texture by adding a gloss on top instead, when you physically do this MAKE SURE to not blink- it'll transfer quickly.  The best part is NONE of this stained and the makeup lasted 5 hours (the amount of time I was out exactly) with no touch ups! This is more of an "expert leveled" makeup look, however if you take your time ANYONE will be able to complete this.  The only difference that sets this apart from easy-expert is the eyeliner and placement of pastels, they both can be quite tricky! Do be noted that on Saturday I will be doing a rant (I know it's only been so long) in regards to overly offended people, it will be filmed along with a new addition to my Zodiac Series (Libra's here I come ;)).  In the midst of ALL of this I am also in the middle of writing an "about me" page, when it goes up I will def be sure to inform all of you lovies!  Before getting into this makeup look full on just be aware that the style of application is different than usual, it might surprise you.

*Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey
*ABH Lipgloss: Barbie Pink
*Dose of Colors, Berry Me 2

                   First things first make sure your skin is adequately hydrated, it'll make a huge difference between nada and prada! Rather using harsh cleansers or chemical filled masks, today I opted in for a nice steam bath.  I find this method to be MUCH more beneficial to my skin as it unclogs pores 10x faster!  After around 10 minutes under the hot water I then proceeded to pat drying my face with a clean towel and applying a light layer of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face, including the sides.  It's a good habit to get into in regards to extending your moisturizers out towards your hairline, it creates an even base and allows wear time to be uniform!  The same premise goes for priming.  For example, after waiting a few minutes for the oil to sink into my pores I then moved along too picking up my Natasha Denona Face Glow Hydrating Primer.  From there I gently placed dashes of product onto the high points of my face and moved forth in blending it out with smooth outward tugging motions, note the outwards mention, this means the product would melt onto the sidelines of my face (hairline) which is what is most ideal when it comes to the basis of all makeup! 

          Here is where the surprising part might come along, no foundation was used, I went straight to the cream contour as my skin wasn't too shabby for once.  Being I only used ONE brush for the placement process I decided to highlight first (if I were to contour first the darker shade would deepen the highlight, this works against me)! Using Cover Fx's N0 and my Urban Decay Vice 3 brush, I firmly drew inverted triangles under my eyes in extended formations (to lighten my under eye area + cover any blemishes/discoloration), singular lines from my left jaw line to my chin and finally to my right jaw line (to form equal amounts of depth), and a line from the bridge of my nose up to my hairline (to brighten up my features).  To contour I took Cover Fx's N100 and drew straight lines in the hollowing of my cheeks, on the exact angle of my jaw line's, and on the sides of my nose.  Keep in mind these are area's I prefer to perfect and in this case add coverage too, it varies from person to person!  Before blending in one thing I did was "drag" the contour lines in the hollows of my cheeks upwards, this gives the illusion of higher pulled up cheek bones.  Speaking of blending, using my favorite Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I gently stippled in the product using up and down beating motions!  Make sure when it comes to blending in the contour you DO NOT mix it with the highlight, if you must wipe off your brush/sponge do so.  Other then beating motions I also occasionally used "buffing" strokes, this just helped to even the cream's out texture wise and just a flawless finish!  

                       You guy's know I am NOT a fan of waiting, so as always I went straight into the bronzing process! It is SUPER important that your skin is not dull or flat in dimension, pastels have an effect of "washing" many a person out, work against the odds love ;).  With my all star Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion powder and Mac 168 brush I gently brushed the product across the temples of my face down to the hollows of my cheeks and around to my jaw line!  This is better known as the "outer 3" of one's face, it is method that works on EVERYONE when it comes to bronzing and contouring.  With that being said, using my Marc Jacobs Filtering Powder in Mirage Filter, specifically the dark bronze shade, I "stipple blended" (patted the brush and dragged it upwards to created numerous illusions with shadowing methods) the contour shade across the hollowing of my cheekbones and across the sides of my nose, this process set the cream contour fully and made my features more prominent! Interestingly so when it came to blusher, it became the easiest step of all.  Normally many fear the appearance of "clown" cheeks however with Sephora's Blush me in 01 All Smiles this is a NEAR impossible catastrophe as the color can be smoothed on right from the container (view my March Haul for a swatching of the pretty Coral shade).  I highly suggest using a light coral shade rather light pink as it will contrast better with the eye and lip makeup, a light pink or dusty rose for that matter will "dull" the look out!

            The illumination part is EXTREMELY important, try to stick within the cool pink to natural beige spectrum!  Anything leaning warm in tone will simply wash the makeup out, working with pastels is a toughie.  Using exactly a DOT sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana, I gently patted the product onto the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and on my cupid's bow!  I then picked up Sephora's #53.5 brush and dusted along my cheekbones Laura Mercier's Matte Radiance powder in highlight, excess product left on my brush was lightly applied down the bridge of my nose and onto my forehead/chin (the center of both high points). Once the eyes were completed I THENNNN (yes this happens to be one of the last few steps) applied Dose of Colors Berry Me 2 to my lips along with ABH's Barbie Pink saturated in the center, this form of Ombre is my absolute FAV. To set my skin I took Laura Mercier's Matte Translucent Setting Powder and dusted it under my eyes, on my chin/forehead, and between my cheek/jaw contour, basically any area's highlighted!  To complete the look fully (highly suggest this part especially if you're planning to wear this out) I spritzed on Urban Decay's All Night Spray to every angle of my face and let it set for a few minutes, try not to blink during this as the gloss liner will easily transfer (referring back to the introduction).
*BH Cosmetics 88 Cool Matte Pallet (OLDER VERSION): C4.R4 + C2.R5 with C3.R7
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan(s): Shimmermint, Ocean Breeze
*ABH Lipgloss: Barbie Pink
*Dose of Colors, Berry Me 2
*KoKo Lashes, 501
                         Just as I said in the beginning of this blog post, the eyeshadow is NOT a big deal, it's the eyeliner that might throw you trough some hoops!  Try to follow along and PLEASE watch the Instagram video linked to the right of my blog (side bar scroll down) to see the eye makeup in action, sometime's this helps perspectively better than a pictorial. For starters, make sure your eyebrows are sharp, thick, and uber defined!  Having un-groomed eyebrows with such a striking look will throw things off, it follows the same idea with the facial makeup (certain colors wash others out).  Using my  Morphe G11 brush I firmly lined my upper and lower brow then proceeded to filling both in with light upward stroking motions to mimic actual brow hair, the G11 makes this process go by SUPER quick I highly recommend this brush cuties!  After giving myself my ideal brow shape I then moved along to smudging Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over my lid, as you might of guessed I then blended the light milky shade up to my brow bone and down to my lower lash line, this will be the priming base.  Try to stick with white eyeliner's or white bases, it'll help enhance the pastel shades better as compared to nude bases!

                           One of the most ANNOYING thing's about light shadows is they take a while to build up.  Although I have used my Bh Cosmetics Foil Eyes pallet frequently it happens to contain the MOST pigmented color's that I have ever come across, even over my beloved Makeup Geek! As you might of already anticipated, using C1.R2 with a mixture of R4 in there I applied the light lilac all over my lid with firm patting and light tugging motions, I used my Mac 239 brush for optimal pigment to be reached.  Don't be afraid to go back in and add more pigment, this will only enhance the pastel like effect and make the overall look more vibrant, I personally went back to add a bit of more color (view image 2) :)!  By this point the lid shade should be fully saturated in lilacy goodness, it's now time to work on the crease.  Starting off with C4.R4 and my Mac 217 brush, I gently brushed the shade into my crease with light side to side motions.  I made sure to REALLY ease this color in as it would be the transitional shade, I went the extra mile of taking my Sephora #27 Brush to lightly dust over the light blue/purple to ensure a gradience would form. Speaking of gradience, a super important shade is the mixture of C2.R5 and C3.R7, these two together not only give off a sense of lightness they both create drama while holding a level of vibrance!  With the same Mac 217 brush that was used from before, I firmly patted the color into the inner V of my eye with carefully placed buffing (little circular motions) motions and proceeded to blended the shade fully across my eye following the natural creasing of my eye socket.  The last color added to my crease was Ocean Breeze, it added a good amount of drama to the overall eye makeup without overpowering the other intense colors!  I lightly blended it into my inner V and made sure to work in layers, this gave a controllable coverage amount.  Try to steer clear of intensive blacks and such, remember this is an Easter look!

                   The lower lash line was SUPER simple!  Using a tiny flat shader brush that was firm enough to pick up shimmer products (Mac 231), I first smudged C4.R2 across the outer third of my lower lash line, followed by Makeup Geek's Shimmermint and C5.R3 which is a stunning light sunny yellow.  Be sure to build up pigment on EACH color, it is VERY important they shine just as much as the follow colors to come!  Speaking of following colors, here is where the tricky part comes.  Using my Sephora #20 brush, I gently dipped it onto the doe applicator tip of Dose of Colors Berry Me 2 liquid lipstick.  Make sure you have an adequate amount of product before you proceed to lining!  Just like with black eyeliner I gave myself a nice thick flick, the only difference is after applying Berry Me 2 I applied a light layer of ABH's Barbie Pink just to differentiate myself from the trends ;).  Besides, the gloss liner compensates for no glitter usage today! After getting my pink liner on I quickly washed off the brush and lined my water line using ABH's Jet liner, the black contrast allows the other colors too shine more as opposed to using white. When it comes to the lashes MAKE SURE you coat on the mascara of your choice like no otha', I went for my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara simply because within 2 coatings it gives me mega lashes! To top the look off I then firmly placed on my KoKo 501 lashes (my new favorites), make sure the lashes you choose are dramatic AND still show the pink eyeliner, if the lashes don't show the liner there was no point to applying it in the first place.  I hope you guy's enjoyed this super different style of blogging and applying makeup, it's always good to experiment! For an alternative pastel makeup look that contains glitter click the following link: Pastel Glitter Eyeliner (purple shadow with blue under liner). 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Batman Vs. Superman: Dark Wonder Woman Alluring Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

               Welcome back cuties! I am SO overjoyed with happiness that you guy's absolutely loved my previous makeup tutorial!! For those of you just checking into my blog now let me brief you a bit before going any further into this vivacious makeup look- yesterday night I decided to do a Marvel Infinity Stone makeup look, it represented each of the Infinity Stones/Gems that would bring back main characters, thanks to Vision.  As I explained, I happen to be a HUGE comic book geek, so I decided to start a new series IN CONJUNCTION to my Zodiac Series (don't worry haven't forgotten) too express my outlook on each character OR specific edition of both Marvel and Dc Comics, comics! Now, I know Wonder Woman is ALWAYS portrayed as either a bronzy goddess (Gal Gadot looks freaking amazing) OR as a minimalist makeup fanatic with red lips (Lynda Carter), I decided to take a different view of her as a person and combine the aspect of Batman in there (black lids) to show how she occasionally flirts with that Bat, but rides with Sup's (red on lower lash line).  This will require some skill level to complete, take your time and have tons of blending brushes at hand! Oh and lastly, “Of all people, you know who I am…who the world needs me to be. I’m Wonder Woman.” -Infinite Crisis #1.

*Tarte Water Foundation SPF 15, Fair Light Neutral 
*ABH Cream Contour Kit, Banana + Cinnamon 
*Nars Multiple, Portofino

*ABH Liquid Lipstick(s): Spicy, American Doll + Lime Crime's Carousel lipgloss in Candy Apple
                       I am pleased to say my miniature breakouts are fading away rapidly, in all honesty I am convinced I had a chemical burn of sorts on top of my brow bone because once I put aloe on top it started bubbling then it scabbed over! With that being said I'm taking it light on the skin care regime, if you happen to have an everyday routine be my guest to complete it, for me however this is what I did- as dumb as this might sound all I did was turn the hot water faucet on and allowed it to gradually get hot, while it was getting hotter and hotter I continuously splashed the water onto my skin UNTILL it became boiling, at that point I stopped and patted my face dry.  I then applied a light coat of my Fresh Seaberry Oil to all zones of my face, more so on area's needing that extra hydration! In the midst of the oil sinking into my pores I took a tweezer and pulled off some of the scabbing, though I do not recommend peeling off dead skin in this manner its a pain in the ass to apply makeup over. Definitely be sure to check in on my March haul blog post, I updated it last night with my new feelings on each skin based product! 

                     When I think of Wonder Woman I think of dewy and flawless skin, it really depends on the view point you want to take this look from.  For example, if you prefer her goddess warrior look right after a fight scene perhaps adding a tad of oil to the primer of your choice will be your best bet, on the other hand people like me who prefer the clean cut sexy son of a gun look, Natasha Denona's Face Glow Hydrating Primer will be for you.  To apply this primer since it is presented in a jar container, I like to take my finger and dash tiny amounts of the product on the high points of my face! Economically speaking, it is MUCH better to start with tiny amount across different parts of your face rather a huge lump sum on the tips of your fingers that blends out to too much product, at that point you're screwed.  Anyhoo, once I had the primer placement set I then moved into blending it in with light dragging motions starting from the center of my face out towards my hairline.  Be sure to NOT miss the hairline, uneven wear time will occur due to this, plus the fact the products coming after the primer will not be at their full potential!  You could either choose to allow your primer too set for a few minutes, or you could be like me and get right into the next step.  I always found waiting extra amounts of time to mess up my makeup, however I know for most it is the opposite! Being I wanted my skin very glowy I decided to use my Tarte Water Foundation in Fair Light Neutral. Water foundations are THE BEST for anyone's skin, this is due to more of a concentrate of minerals-water-skin benefits! With exactly ONE beaker full of product (as much as the beaker will allow you to pick up, about 2/4 full for me) I gently began to stipple on the foundation starting from my left cheek using Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush. I personally like to work in sections rather from the center of the face outwards, does anyone really use that method?  I mean in reality all of the face should be coated, foundation is the foundation of any makeup look, duh...you can't have gaps in the wear.  It always makes me cringe when beauty bloggers say "for the most natural look apply the foundation to the center and fade it out to the hairline", one's skin is naturally ONE color, not a fading of two (since the outer edges will have less coverage). Besides my miniature rant, I basically kept up with the stippling motions until my face was full coated and glowing!  If you need extra coverage work in layers, NEVER a huge amount of product, this is the SAME concept I was explaining with the primer above. 

             It's been quite some time since I've ONLY used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, almost 2 years in fact.  I originally wanted to use my basic N0 to highlight and N100 by Cover Fx to contour until I realized it would dull my skin out contrasted against the black-red tones, make sure you know your products, and if you don't know there is always room to improve, even for me! Using my Urban Decay Vice 3 brush and the shade Banana I firmly pressed the brushed down onto my skin and drew a line down the side of my nose extending out towards my hairline, this should form an inverted triangle. I then filled the shape in (replicated on the left side) and moved forth in highlighting the bridge of my nose, my forehead, and my jaw line's!  To contour I took Cinnamon and gently drew two lines down the sides of my nose (connected at the tip), singular lines in the hollowing of my cheeks, and one line under my lip followed by single lines on both jaw lines.  Keep in mind these are areas I like to brighten and chisel, it is NOT the same of everyone, if you want to have more of a "Wonder Woman" vibe perhaps you could define the cheeks more or shrink the nose to a smaller scale, I wanted to still look like myself so I went along with my basic technique!  When it comes to blending I have two major motions, stippling and buffing.  One thing you will notice is CIRCULAR motions are NOT in that description, why you might ask? I find circular motions to make the product wear faster and plus it does not create the most flawless appearance! With that being said, using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I followed through with stippling motions and occasional buffing motions for the blending of product out towards my hairline. I continued to blend until everything was fully evened out.  

                             ABH's contour creams dry VERY fast, no wait time is needed which is a major pro for me because I have a habit of getting cream product onto the powders and ruining the texture!  For a natural bronzy effect I took my Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light across the temples of my face, to the hollows of my cheeks, and around to my jaw line using Mac 168 brush. I actually went across the "3" of my face TWICE with two light layers to ensure the most natural blended effect would occur, I stuck to side to side blending motions.  Unless you're using a matte bronzer it is very important you DO NOT apply a bronzer to the sides of your nose containing shimmer, this will widen the nose.  To set the cream contour fully and to define my features a bit more I then went into my Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powder in Mirage Filter and with the same Mac 168, I brushed the dark bronze shade across the sides of my nose and in the hollowing of my cheeks with fluent upward side to side blending motions.  

                             The same conundrum happened to me again with the blush- I applied it after illumining my face.  I literally got so damn exciting to do the eyeshadow I forgot the blush completely.  Though it didn't create much of an issue towards the end appearance, I like to have my routine in place. Besides this flunk up, the first thing I had done after contouring is applying Nars Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana to the high points of my face. With exactly a DOT sized amount onto the back of my hand I gently brushed on the glowy dew using my Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush to the tops of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, on my cupid's bow, and on the center of my chin/forehead. To set the liquid glow I took Opal by Becca and heavily brushed it onto the EXACT area's the liquid touched.  As you can see from the main photo above I am VERY glowy, to achieve this I then took Natasha Denona's Shimmer Powder and brushed it in two light layers across my cheek bones!  LASTLY, I took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and stippled it into the tip of Nars's Multiple in Portofino, the product was then re-stipplied onto the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline.  It is super important the blush you choose compliments the rest of the makeup! For example, if you go forth in using a baby pink blush the same sultry effect WILL NOT occur as with a coral blush, a softer and lighter appearance will take place. 

           YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY I WAS TO ROCK CHERRY LIPS!!!! I have not done a red lip look in FOREVER, and being red is my favorite color its quite saddening.  To achieve this perfect red pout the first color I applied was Spicy by ABH, this sort of balanced out the heavy blue-red tones American Doll gave off!  Then, as you might of guessed I layered on American Doll, everything was finalized with a light coating of Lime Crime's Candy Apple ;).  To set my skin plus ENSURE it would be perfect all day, I took my Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil and blended/patted it across all area's I highlighted (under eye's, sides of nose, between cheek/jaw contour, and forehead)  originally with the cream products from earlier, I used my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush to do so.  I then sealed the deal with 4 sprays of Urban Decay's All Nighter onto my face as a whole, and I was to kick some villain butt, hehe!

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk + Black Bean
*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans: Corrupt + Poppy
*Lime Crime Venus Pallet, Muse + Aura
*Violet Voss Glitter, Rose
*KoKo Lashes, Goddess
                        A TON of colors were manipulated with this eye makeup look, you must make sure to blend out everything perfectly while also having strong brows to accent the look well too! With such a dramatic look strong and defined eyebrows should follow, not the inverse where you have noodle brows- not welcomed here THANK YOU.  To get my QUICK and simple brow formation I took my Morphe G11 brush and lined the top+bottom of each brow with firm fluent tug motions! I then lightly filled in the outline with upward flick motions, this way it mimicked brow hairs indefinitely.  If you'd like, you can use a spoolie to evenly disburse the product across each brow, I find due to the shape of the Morphe brush it on it's own evens things out! When it comes to primer for this look in specific, make sure you have a black base or cream eyeliner present along with a skin tone shade as well.  The skin base I chose was Nyx's Milk, I smudged it across my lids and brow bone straight from the stick and blended it in.  Due to me having foundation on my lids from prior skin steps, the milky white turned into a relatively pale color close to my natural skin coloring! As for a black base, I took Black Bean by Nyx and smudged it ONLY onto my lid area, I gently blended it in while concentrating the color strictly on the lid. 

                           For any extreme black smokey eye you want to make sure you have the basic pallet- black, black, and more black.  Basically black.  Out of all matte black shades my favorite is Makeup Geek's Corrupt, though it does have scarce amounts of shimmer the color is pure carbon! Using my  Mac 239 brush I gently patted on Corrupt to my entire lid area using very light patting motions, I made sure to work in layers for the time's I felt more pigment was needed.  Right after adding Corrupt to the lid I went into the big guns, Poppy.  Poppy is an EXTREMELY vibrant orange coral which means the color would need some altering to receive a complimentary hue.  To do so I took my Mac 217 brush and gently eased the color in my crease using side to side motions, while this was occurring I also was blending up the lid shade WHICH formed a light mauve with red tones!  Before adding any drama to the eye's I took Sephora's #27 Brush and lightly dusted over the crease to ensure it was fully blended in, keep in mind Poppy is a transitional shade it should be gradient (light to dark).  For some extra pizzazz (more of a last minute addition) I went into Love+ by Sugarpill and blended it right into the inner V following similar side to side motions as what was used with Poppy. The next and last color up for the crease is Muse which happens to be my FAVORITE deep red shade! Starting from the outer third of my lid I lightly YET firmly blended in Muse using my Mac 217 brush, if you must build up pigment try to stick to the natural creasing of your eye socket, it'll give a more precise blending appearance.  To finish up the upper eye makeup completely I dusted Aura across my brow bones using mu Sephora #27 Brush, in the midst of this I also gave an extra blending maneuver to the crease to insure everything was not only vibrant but smokey!

               You guy's know I'm a stickler for anything that has to do with glitter or shimmer, I simply couldn't let this Wonder Woman look go matte! With the Mac 239 brush that was used previously to apply Corrupt, I gently went into Sugarpill's Stella Pigment and patted it across my lid.  Do be aware this shade is more of a deep blue, use it lightly! Now it's time to play it up on the eyeliner, one of my favorite things to do when it comes to makeup ;). First things first, using Makeup Geek's Gel Liner in Immortal I thickly lined my upper lash line with an Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush.  Being I still wanted to mimic a "Batman" look during this I made sure to make my wing VERY pointed with medium thickness to mimic a bat! I then took the eyeliner onto my waterline+upper water line and smudged it under my lower lash line as well for depth and dimension.  Now that the shimmer part is done with, we need some glitter, duh!!!  Using Rose glitter by Violet Voss I gently patted it onto the inner third of my lower lash line WITHOUT a glitter glue, none was needed :).  If you want to add a pigment there first such a Love+ by Sugarpill (I did this after) be my guest, it'll just make the total aesthetic more pleasing to the eye as the lips will contrast the eyes! To send some love to my lashes I coated them multiple times with the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I especially spiked out my lower lashes to ensure they'd stand out against the intense black pigment and glitter.  I finished up completely with KoKo's Goddess lashes, they have THE BEST lashes freaking ever! I hope you guy's enjoyed this blog tutorial, be sure to check out my other dark smokey eye looks; New Years Amethyst Smokey Eye, and my Flapper Smokey Eye (more matte and simplistic).