Sunday, January 24, 2016

Glittery Winter Purple Makeup Tutorial

                Welcome back beauties!  Aside from all the smokey eye's I've been throwing towards you all, I decided to channel my inner snow bunny and use glitter because who in their right mind DOES NOT LOVE GLITTER?!  A few things to keep in mind with this look is: fallout will be super prevalent, the lips should not be changed to anything other than a soft pink laced with gold, and tons of blending brushed must be equipped unless of course you have quick drying brush cleaner handy.  This look came about due to the MAJOR blizzard occurring outside, and when I say major I'm talking 2 feet of snow!  You guys know me, snow correlates instantly to glitter and blue/purple seamlessly follow through in the color scheme.  By the way I followed through with the video style I did in my last tutorial sans the poor lighting, everyone seemed to enjoy that one a lot!  One last thing I will say before getting into the look details (literally rambled like this in my video too) is this look can be done for ANY occasion.  Wether it be a date night out or just some Winter fun, defiantly a must learn :)

*Hourglass Ambient Bronzer- Luminous Bronze Light
*Nars Multiple Stick, Copacabana
*Mac Angel, Creme De La Femme + Lime Crime Snowsicle 

                             Prior to filming I had a mini freak attack!  Let's just say yesterday I filmed and it came out crappy.  As result my skin ended up dry, think of a sponge- not a cute look.  The one product that saved my life, literally, is  Peter Thomas Roth's FIRMx Peeling Gel!  After a smooth rolling application of this onto my skin and allowing it to set for a good 2 minutes (the enzymes work double duty when you either roll for 2 more minutes or allow to set flat like a mask on the skin) I gently washed it off with warm water.  The difference is AMAZING once removed, forget the setting oil, dry patches say no more!  Despite my hero worship, I applied Fresh's Seaberry Oil onto all zones of my skin moving out towards my hairline.  I let the oil sink into my pores a tad longer than usual because eating soup is way more important, oops :).

                    Once my face oil was dry enough to move onto the next step I whipped out my favorite primer, Natasha Denona's Face Glow Hydrating Primer!  I'm telling you, anyone with dry skin PLEASE try out this brand and stop upsetting yourself the difference is like day as night.  For example, when I applied my TF Born This Way dry patches showed up everywhere, on the flip side with my ND Face Glow my skin was hydrated and healthy looking!  Point is, at least check it out especially with the heat of Winter caging in on most of us and causing terrible skin conditions.  Moving along besides that, I applied a finger tip sized amount to EACH zone of my skin and blended out to my hairline.  If extra hydration is needed simply build the product up (I had to do so on my nose), then allow to dry for a few minutes.  

                    One of the best part's to this look is the application process is breezy, meaning goes by quick with these select products!  With exactly one pump of Natasha Denona's Face Glow Foundation on the back of my hand along with my favorite Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush I gently began to stipple the product onto my left under eye area.  I tend to not go for the "center of your face" method (starts from the nose), I like to begin where most coverage is needed and work from there!  With that being said I stuck to stippling motions and made sure to extend the product to my hairline.  If you happen to be using a foundation darker OR lighter than your skin tone be sure to blend down to your neck and any other areas needing that spot application!  There was a tone of extra product left over, as you might of guessed the excess was applied to my chin, nose and on my chin.  I allowed the glowy foundation to set for around 4 minutes, especially if you're NOT cream contouring it is important to either a; build up the coverage or b; allow it to set a substantial amount of time.

              Just as said in the previous paragraph, if you do not use cream contouring methods foundation coverage is important!  Since today I happened to go through with one of my favorite things to do all shall be explained here.  With a Sephora concealer brush I took G10 on my under eye area in upside down triangles that extended towards my hairline as well as a huge smudge on my forehead that stemmed down to the bridge of my nose.  For some extra depth I also too the shade from my left jaw to my chin and back around to my right jaw!  For contouring purposes I chose a neutral shade this way the look still mimicked a frosty Winter angel look.  With N100 I contoured the sides of my nose as well as the hollows of my cheeks and on my jaw line!  Blending in is actually the least complex thing you can do when it comes to contouring, its about the placement.  Using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush I stippled the cream's in with a variation of patting and downward stroking motions.  As explained in the video some cases inhibit the usage of upward strokes, these cases are slim and situate around the cheek contour lines!  By brushing + patting the product upwards it creates and uplifted appearance that doesn't work against you.  If you must, allow the creams to set.  I personally just move onto the next step but everyone is different!

                               Straight off the bat I moved into Hourglass's Ambient Bronzer.  This provides a seamlessly chiseled effect and adds a tremendous amount of warmth back to the skin!  If you happen to not be a fan of bronzers, I still suggest using one just opt in for a matte one that doubles as a contour setter.  Using my Mac 168 brush I buffed the light bronze in from the hollows of my cheeks, up to my temples, and down around to my jaw line.  Avoid contouring with this (adding to the sides of your nose) since it contains shimmer particles.  With that same 168 brush I then went into the dark bronze shade provided by the MJ #instamarc pallet and depend up my cheek contour just a bit along with chiseling the sides of my nose!

                          When most think of Winter they gravitate towards frosty pinks.  Today I'm here to push you out of that logic, time to embrace just bitten cheekies that hinder a light pink glow!  The product in specific I am referring to is Nyx's Cream Blush in Glow.  Any cream blush in the light rose spectrum will do however this one in particular contains the "just right" appearance I was going for!  With the Elf Ultimate Blending Brush that was used previously for cream contouring, I gently stippled the brush in the product and began to pat it on from the apples of my cheeks up the my hairline.  This blush in particular works great in terms of coverage and build up methods, be careful on the amount you use!

                          One of the most important things to keep in mind is a NEUTRAL GLOW!  Moving outside the barriers with a pink or golden hue will throw off the entire look, try to stick with things that melt into your skin and look super natural, yet glowy!  To achieve this skin like glow I first took Nars's Multiple Stick in Copacabana and smudged it on the bridge of my nose, on my cupids bow and  on the "c's" of my eyes.  Using two fingers I gently blended the cream in, using a brush in nonsense!  This is essential a powder product thus the bristles from a brush would diffuse it too much!  Speaking of bristles from a brush, to set the cream-powder formula I dusted on Natasha Denona's Face Shimmer to the exact areas Copacabana was applied using a Sephora Pro Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush.

                     Right after the eyes were completed I moved forth in jazzing the lips up!  The three lip products used were Mac Creme De La Femme, Mac Angel, and Lime Crime Snowsicle.  As you might of guessed the first thing I had done is applied a nice coating of Creme De La Femme to my lips with Angel topped in the center for a tad of brightness.  For a more snowy appearance I then patted on Snowsicle and continued to layer it on this way the glitter particles were prevalent.  To finish things up I applied a hefty amount of Makeup Forevers HD Powder to my under eye area and on my T-zone using that same Teardrop Highlighter Brush!  I also sprinkled a good amount of Urban Decay's Setting Spray to every zone of my face, it helps to move your head around during this process for precise application.

* Too Faced Le Grand Palais: Cobblestone, Champs Elysees, Yule Log
               Hopefully all of these products DO NOT overwhelm you, when explained they all sort of fall in place!  For example, you can't use the glitter without the glitter glue- all conventional no fluff.  One of the first things done is my brows!  I decided to film the process differently than usual just so an ideal view was shown.  The concisest version available for those who know there stuff is- spoolie, line, fill, spoolie.  All of this was done using my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, in the rare occasion of a line that is too thick I simply too the concealer brush used for contouring and smoothed right over the line!  Right after the brows the next thing to do is smudge Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over the eye area.  I highly suggest using a white base rather skin tone or straight up black because the white helps white shadow be more vibrant!  I made sure to take this on my lower lash line as well.

                    Once the primer was applied and smudged all around my eyes I began by applying the first shade to my lid, Tako!  With a Smashbox Full Exposure Brush (I opted in for a brush that grabs tons of product, even for the most stubborn of products) I gently patted the pure white over my entire lid area.  Do no stress how pigmented the white actually is because right after two layers I took Elf's Perfect Finish Hd Powder and patted it directly on-top!  This powder is SUPER white and when applied reaps no fallout, defiantly a winner for 6 dollars.  By this point the lids are decent enough to use as a guide for the crease, if you happen to get shadow fallout on the lid don't worry glitter is applied right on-top, which covers a lot!

                          Using a super fluffy Sephora Blending brush I took Cobblestone into the crease!  This is a fairly neutral taupe that works with tons of shades, I suggest starting off with a light amount and working your way up in pigment.  Keep in mind Cobblestone is a transitional shade, be sure to use large circular motions along with side to side motions to evenly diffuse the shade.  To begin bringing the icy feel to this look I went into Champs Elysees'.  As expected this color lacks pigment, but I chose it primarily because it acted like a transitional shade for the inner V colors to come!  With a dense Mac 217 Blending Brush I softly blended the shade in following my eye socket crease.  If you must go back in with the same motions, but more pigment! For some added drama and depth I then smudged in Yule Log.  This color is odd because while it appears like a dark bronze it conforms to other colors.  For example, when applied in the inner V on-top of Champs Elysees' it turns purple/blue!  At any rate I blended Yule Log in the inner V with slight side to side motions, I focused on concentrating the color rather diffusing it.  The last color added to the crease is Bondage.  This was a last minute idea but I wanted to add the purple touch back, just like Yule Log I blended this right in the inner V!  Once you have the crease shades set take a fluffy brush and just blend everything out with side to side motions this way lines are less harsh and appear gradient. 

                    By this most most of the eye is completed all that is left is the glitter and liner (two awesome parts)!  First off, I took Urban Decay's Liner in ACDC and lined my lower lash line with a semi-thick line.  If you must, go over the line twice for optimal glitter reflections.  As you might of noticed there is a gradience on my lower lash line from dark purple to pure white.  After the glitter glided on (didn't record this due to the time) I took Bondage and with my finger patted it on the outer lash line, left the mid lower lash line along and then EXTREMELY HEAVILY applied Elf's HD Powder to my inner corners slightly smudging it with the mid lower lash line.  

                    Before applying the glitter to your eyes be sure to apply a sticky glitter bonding glue first such as the Too Faced GG!  I took a pea-sized amount of the product and gently patted it onto my lid avoiding the outer lid area.  Then, I mixed together a small amount of MUFE N3 and BH Cosmetics Silver.  Using my Full Exposure Brush I began patting it on the pre sticked areas, I happened to not use any protective guard under my eyes you guy's might want to as these two glitters vary in size and have extreme fall out!  Build up the glitter to your desired amount.

                 Start finishing up the look by lining and defining your eyes!  I went in for a SUPER dramatic winged effect that I actually changed to an Egyptian style when it came time to take photos. Using Anastasia's liner in Jet and a Sephora #92 Liner Brush I gently applied a thick line of the black to my waterline and with side to side motions slightly smudged it onto my lower lash line.  While working on the water line I extended the shade to my tear duct and flicked it outwards then up, like a triangle.  From that triangle I then switched to Stila's Eyeliner Pen and took it up to my upper lash line!  The finishing steps involve applying a few coats of Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara and applying some Andrea Falsies :)  

Hope you guys enjoyed this switch up! If you have any other ideas always let me know ^_^  Be sure to check out some of my other recent looks; Orange Soda Smokey, Gothic Winter SmokeyRustic Wearable Makeup.