Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pastel Glittery Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

       While I was not entirely sure on what to name this I knew I just had to post it immediately!  The look I created early this morning is not only super simple, it works for MANY occasions such as New Years Eve, and even Valentines day to throw that one in there!  I was contemplating sharing this one as its not my typical black liner, thick lashes, but then I came to the realization not everyone has lashes or is able to apply liner in a neat fashion. I decided that glitter eyeliner was the perfect alternative as the loose eyeshadow I used can easily be cleaned up if a mistake was made.  This gave me some freedom with light pastels as well because for a while I was itching to use Makeup Geek's Carnival (gorgeous medium orchid shade), just never got around to using it since I have been focusing on dark New Years looks!  This one is defiantly on the other side of the spectrum, super easy to complete, and the face didn't require all too much so I think this would be perfect for medium level makeup lovers who've been exposed to makeup of colorful sorts for a while.  The whole point of this look is to push your barriers, and to be you so if something doesn't look or feel right simply change the color scheme, but keep the same concept :)!

*Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey
*Too Faced Love Flush, Your Love Is King
*Colourpop BYOB 

      This is defiantly one of those odd looks were I didn't quite wash my face, but I did.  Instead of going through a full, boring routine of cleansing and exfoliating I decided to mask it up with Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Honestly, this is one of THE BEST masks I have ever used primarily because it visibly washes away dirt and my skin becomes baby smooth, all those pesky dry patches instantly gone!  Once I allowed the mask to harden I washed it off with warm water and set my skin with Fresh's Seaberry Oil!  If you happen to be using an oil like me allow this to set for 7 minutes total, letting it set for much less time will create an oily base for your primers plus doesn't allow the oil to do its job, hydrate!

         I decided to venture out into other priming realms as my current primer well....exploded once again.  No idea why this keeps occurring when the room is at a good temperature, bottle is kept upright OUT OF containers, and kept tightly close....hmm.  Anyhoo once my face oil set I then applied Makeup Forevers Step 1 Hydrating Primer onto all zones of my face. Be sure to extend out towards the hairline for the best results!  After using this primer I realized that a few months earlier I bought a full sized green color correcting primer from them and broke out, luckily that breaking out session DID NOT occur!  Let the primer set for 2-3 minutes, depending if the product has oil is how you should time yourself!

          Once the primer is set you should be ready to go for foundation!  I wasn't having such a good skin day, and when I'm not having good skin days I tend to gravitate toward products I haven't used in a while such as Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation and a Beauty Blender.  While I do love my brushes to death, I do admit a Beauty Blender Pro makes life much easier, it just doesn't make my makeup look as flawless.  To begin I squeezed one pump onto the back of my hand and with the back side of the beauty blender, or fatter side, I grabbed some product and began to bounce it off my skin with light stippling motions.  Follow the same stippling process on all zones of the skin and always blend out to the hairline.  Due to the Beauty Blender containing water, it waters down foundations thus leading me to using another pump to cover the left side of my face.  If added coverage is needed I wouldn't stress it as cream contouring covers basically everything!  Allow your foundation to set for a couple of minutes too.

            Right around three minutes in my face began to mattify down which lead to me pulling out the Cover Fx Cream Contouring Kit.   While I'm not the biggest fan of this pallet, as the contour given isn't as deep as I'd like, it certainly is convenient!  With shade 1 and my bare fingers, I drew upside down triangles underneath my eyes, one line down the bridge of my nose, as well as 3 lines on my forehead and another from my left jaw moving right to my right jaw.  With contouring I took shade 4 and drew one line on the natural hollowing of my cheeks, two lines down the sides of my nose with a slight semi circle on the tip, and a slight dash on both temples.  Contouring varies from person to person as we're all human. I suggest to try different techniques and methods to ensure your makeup looks flawless!  One thing I will say is knowing your face shape isn't the most helpful thing.  For example, for my face shape which is a mixture of 2, a heart and oval, apparently I should be highlighting right above my lip even though I know that'd make the space even larger than it is.  Be subjective, not every piece of information given out on the web is valid, even if many follow it.  Besides that little pep talk, once you have your cream contour set blend away!  There really isn't much of a method to the Beauty Blender Pro other than to stipple and occasionally flip the sponge to the pointed side for precision blending.  Never blend up with the sponge as this will magnify any dry patches or peach fuzz! 

       When it comes to the powders you'll have to use a brush but thats no big deal since this process takes all but 5 minutes total!  Right after blending in the contour its always best to add warmth back to the skin.  To do so I took Makeup Forevers Pro Bronze Fusion and gradually blended from my temples down to my cheeks and finally to my jawline with a Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush.  These are the areas the sun naturally hits, if you'd like to bronze the sides of your nose BE SURE the bronzer is MATTE!  Shimmery bronzers don't work too well as a contour setting powder. Keep in mind powders such as Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powders are the type of bronze/contour textures to use.  

     After completing the bronzing step, move onto powder contouring UNLESS you decided to contour with a matte bronzer!  With Sephora's #45 Brush i gently picked up the first shade named Contour in the Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit, and brushed it in the hollows of my cheeks as well as on the sides of my nose and under my chin.  When doing a powder contour you typically are just re-contouring the areas you cream contoured for more definition.  Blend until the product appears to be gone, harsh lines are nothing to be proud of.  Also, I am a believer that contour can be worn at any point in your life not just for special occasions or photoshoots!  There is nothing wrong with the process and if done correctly it looks completely natural.

      Blush is near the last step of any makeup routine.  With my Mac 168 brush I picked up a slight amount of Too Faced Love Flush in Your Love is King then gently tapped of excess product.  With a color so bright and pigmented it is best to work in light layers and work up to the desired flush!  Starting from the apples of my cheeks I blended the product up to my hairline with upward fluent strokes.  Generally speaking, never furiously blend side to side.  Blush is an elegant product that requires soft and gentle motions for one to fully enjoy the product itself.

      While it appears I used A LOT of glowy products, I really didn't.  Each product had its own purpose wether it be a base glow, or just simply for the bridge of my nose, nothing was put to bad use.  To begin I squeezed a pea-sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator to the back of my hand.  With my Beauty Blender Pro I then proceeded to gently dabbing it on the "C's" of my eyes as well as slightly on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose.  After doing so I then took Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal and with my Elf Concealer Brush brushed it on top of my cheekbones and then with a clean finger patted it slightly on the tip of my nose.  To add an ethereal glow to the mix I finished up with Incandescent Light from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet. With the same finger used to apply opal I then applied it right on the BRIDGE of my nose as well as on my cupids bow, and on my chin.

        To make my skin absolutely perfect I decided to bake with Makeup Forevers HD Setting Powder.  This stuff is wonderful not only because it photographs great, but for the simple reason despite the amount I use it still does not clog my pores!  Before applying I made sure to give the container a nice shake (the product is netted thus only some product comes out, by shaking a ton spills all over the place) to ensure when I opened it enough would suffice to cover my entire face.  Starting from my under eye area and the fat side of my Beauty Blender I started to stipple (in the manner of just getting the product on my skin) in the powder until it was completely visible.  I repeated the method on all zones of my face including my forehead, chin, and between my cheek and jaw contour.  I allowed this to set until I finally finished my eyes.  By that point I took a Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush and gently dusted away all the excess powder!  To set everything completely I then sprayed 6-8 pumps of Urban Decay All Nighter Spray onto my skin.  This not only refreshens the makeup but if this is done for New Years I can assure you everything will last, even the glitter eyeliner without transferring!

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk + Purple Velvet 
      While baking you should move along to the eyebrows as being unproductive is simply not an option.  With my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush I spoolied through both of my eyebrows then followed by taking out the Dipbrow Pomade, I began to line each brow to my desired shape.  After lining them simply fill the brows in with light brush strokes to mimic actual brow hair.  Give your brows an extra spoolieing to disburse the product out and soften harsh lines!

        Today I got a little creative when it came to using Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencils.  For starters, take the color Milk and right from the stick smudge it onto the entire lid area.  With a clean finger blend the product up to your brow bone, and then once more smudge to product underneath your lower lash line, this time without blending.  Purple Velvet is used towards the wee end as a waterline color by the way!

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan/ Foiled Eyeshadow: DayDreamerShimma ShimmaMermaid,  CarnivalCurfew,  Peach Smoothie
     Right from the gecko its best to take care of the lower lash line.  To do so I took the shade Mermaid and gently patted it across the entire white line with a Mac 239 brush.  When using Mermaid since it contains a high teal reflective sheen its best to work in light layers, or small sections at a time to fully capture the colors depth and brightness!  Right after you apply Mermaid move to the  lid and with any fluffy shadow brush (I used Urban Decay's Electric Brush for precise application) start to pat on the shade Daydreamer.  Daydreamer is not a tricky shade thus light application at first is not necessary, simply continue to pat the color on until you receive a light lilac!

           Right after you've applied Daydreamer move along to working on the crease.  With my Sephora #27 Brush I gently worked the color Peach Smoothie into my crease with light side to side and circular motions. This color is super flexible due to it being light so if you happen to make a mistake by blending too far up take the Jumbo Eye Pencil and smudge it right over as if nothing happened!  Here is where the fun part comes into play as a slight halo eye effect was done for a more fairy like appearance.  With a Mac 219 brush go into the color Carnival.  Starting from the inner corners of your lid, smudge the shade into Daydreamer WITHOUT going past the mid lid area.  Then, from the outer third of the lid smudge the color again on the other side be sure to slightly blend up into the crease for depth.  After applying Carnival go into the color Curfew and with the same smudge method apply this a little bit lower down the inner corners.  IF done correctly a light and airy gradience should be formed!  As for the outer corners, with Mac's 217 Blending Brush I gently eased it into the crease with patting and side to side blending motions.  Be sure to keep Curfew distant enough  from Carnival to have a distinct color change!

            The last finishing touch is rather simple, with either a finger or a clean 239 brush apply Shimma Shimma to the tear duct as well as on the brow bone as a highlight.  Since the rest of the look is purple finish up with the color Touch of Lilac by ABH and apply this right in the inner corners as well!

           The first step to completing this glitter eyeliner is to simply line your eyes!  To do so I took Kat Von D's Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper and I formed a thick cat eye that extended up to the tip of my brow.  It is extremely necessary you have a clean line made as this will be use for a guide for the glitter glue and pigment!  Once you have the line formed take a pea-sized amount of Too Faced Glitter Glue onto the back of your hand.  If all you have is lash glue, this works just as well!  With my Abh #12, brush that was used for my eyebrows, I took a bit of the glitter glue and gently patted it across the entire wing.  You want to make sure you work fast as the glue dries extremely quick!  Once you have your entire eyeliner covered in glitter glue to an exact precision move along to the actual pigment.  Begin by patting it on from the center of your wing out towards the tip the back around to the inner corners.  This will take a few minutes to not only build up pigment but to make sure the glitter line made is clean cut!  Fall out is scarce and especially with baking it is not the end of the world.  Be sure to build up the silvery sheen until it sparkles :)!

       Finish off the look with some mascara, give yourself a hefty few coats to ensure you have spiked and lush lashes.  If you'd like you can always add falsies but for this look in particular it didn't work out as I wanted the glitter liner to be extremely prominent!

            I want to wish all of you a VERY Happy New Years, and I hope 2016 is going to be one of the best you've ever had!  I'm super excited for what is to come and as far as my looks go you guys will not be disappointed :)!  As a side note, the lipstick used is Colourpop's BYOB, any sheer pink will do.  As you can see from the photos I experimented quite a bit by applying Daydreamer on top for a lilac sheen (next to my intro paragraph is the photo) and then by applying a totally different color when I baked (ABH Barbie Pink Lipgloss).  This just gives you guys a variation in color and allows you to visualize what other shades might look like if you don't happen to have the EXACT one's I used.