Thursday, November 26, 2015

Smokey Plum Makeup Tutorial

     Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)!  Today's look has been inspired mainly from the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Eyeshadow Pallet.  It retails for $35.00 and defiantly packs a punch in pigment.  When I first received this I admit, I was SUPER excited that Pink Champagne was included, since I use it in almost all my makeup looks!  Today however, the shade that started this inspiration off is Deep Purple.  It has such rich purple tones and is true to color.  I also was intrigued by the color Sherbet because it has a perfect balance between peach and sandy colorings. 

      I have done a video tutorial on this, but my camera blurred out me doing my eyeliner, putting on my lashes, and setting my face so I will explain what occurred with an in depth description, just so everything is expressed clearly.

    Also, if you guys ever recreate one of my looks let me know!  I love seeing the different perspectives and creativity added to my groundwork of a look.  You can always email me at for questions as well don't be shy (:!

*Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder, #4 Bronzed Light Brown
*Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet, Incandescent Light, Dim Light

    Normally my explanations are rather concise but you will notice today it is lengthy.  A few of these products I have gown on such as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet, and Hourglass's N28 Primer, so be prepared to have a full blown description of why.  

  I honestly did not wash my face at ALL for this look I simply woke up, brushed my teeth, and applied a light oil, specifically Josie Maran Light Oil.  This stuff glides right on and is not as thick as my normal Fresh Seaberry, thus making it ideal for before Makeup Applications.  When putting on the oil make sure you cover all areas of your face, including the neck and allow it to dry for about two minutes!

        Once the oil has set go ahead and smooth on your favorite primer.  Today I had used my regular N28 by Hourglass and applied it to all zones of my face.  I used to absolutely hate the Hourglass N28 primer!  At the time my skin was broken out everywhere, when unbeknownst to me it was from my hormones flying rapid.  So, when I used it for the first time in July I was ANTI N28, I thought It had made me break out ten times worse and just was an awful product.  Then, a few months ago my skin was starting to get super patchy and just fifty shades of yuck.  I used the primer and fell IN LOVE.  Sometimes, the circumstance you're in blurs the full picture of what is occurring. 

   Moving along, since the primer I used is super hydrating I wanted to allow it to sink into my pores.  While waiting around three to four minutes I started to mix my foundation with a lluminizer.  I really
need to buy a pump for my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, the design of the bottle is a pain in the butt especially since the Sheer Glow Foundation is rather runny.  What I had done during my mixing is applied a penny sized amount on my hand, then keeping my hand wide open, I squeezed some of the Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in. Doing this method makes the application of my foundations much easier to apply and less streaky, especially with the Elf Shimmering Facial Whip because it is tacky in texture.

        By the the time you have mixed the combination of foundation and lluminizer, you should be able to move onto the application part.  In the video I provided an example of how I first apply the foundation, which happens to be with patting motions on my chin, and both cheeks. I prefer the Marc Jacobs Face II brush over any other brush, including stippling brushes because it follows the natural curves of the face and picks up a lot of product.  Anyhoo moving along from that information, after the patting motions were completed I started to blend the foundation out from the center of my face out toward my hair line.  Any product left over was patted, then brushed gently over my forehead, and nose.  

          Next up is my ALL TIME favorite thing to do, contour!  Though I am not quite sure if I fancy the blending more, I defiantly love the way the use of two shades can transform a person's looks.  The brush I used throughout the application of Highlighting and Contouring is a Sephora #77.  This is another product I had mixed reviews on because it is advertised to blend contour out flawlessly, which it fails to do. Instead, I took the product into my own hands and used it to apply the cream products which it does a superior job to any other concealer brush, or finger.  

      Getting back on topic, I used the side curves of the brush and applied ABH Banana to my underage area, on my forehead, between my cheek and jaw contour, and on my chin.  I like to begin with placing my highlight because for the nose+chin+forehead in specific I like to create a huge line going straight down.  On my forehead I created a \|/ shape, then from the intersection point I dragged it straight down my nose, onto my cupids bow, down both lips, and finally on my chin.  From my chin, I picked up more of the product and dragged the shade to the areas between my jaw and cheek.  After that I created two upside down triangles extended out to my hairline for a more awakened effect.

      After you have placed on the highlight move along to the cream contour.  I used Cover Fx N100 because it doesn't blend out orange for me and is a creamy dream.  Basically, I contoured any areas I'd like to shrink or make the illusion of them appearing thinner.  These areas happen to my the sides of my nose, the hollows of my cheeks, and my jaw line. Everyone has a different face shape and sometimes I takes trial and error to figure out what works, so don't be discouraged if you mess up on this part :)!  For example, I used to contour my temples and honestly it made me look like a shrunken Alien.  All depends on the person, and the face shape!  Many people like to use the BeautyBlender for blending purposes and for me, especially with fresh acne, it is a no go and sheers the product's out way too much.  So, instead of the BeautyBlender I use my $6.00 Elf Ultimate Blending Brush that does a spiffy job.  I simply use circular motions and occasionally wipe the brush off with a paper towel.   There is no exact method for blending, some people like to use stippling motions, others like to use patting motions.   For me, once I reach my eye area I like to drag the product down then blend it in slightly and continue to work my way up.

    I actually had forgotten to tell you guys, but I recently purchased Givenchy's Healthy Glow Powder in Bronzed Light Brown!  It gives a wonderful hint of color without being too overdone and lasts hours, upon hours on end.  For this, I used my Nars #21 brush and swept it along the sides of my face, and sides of my nose to add color back to my face.  I followed a reverse 3 (temples, hollows of cheeks, and jaw) image to evenly disburse the product.  

     Switching to my Tarte Swirl Powder Brush, I went ahead and contoured with the Marc Jacobs Filtering Powders.   I first started off with the contour rather highlight since in the powder world, the darker shades overpower lighter ones!  To contour, I brushed on the product to the hollows of my cheeks, the sides of my nose, and my jaw line.  Then, I flipped the brush so it faced vertically and brushed the yellow powder on my chin, in-between my jaw and cheek contour, under both eyes (I began from the side of my nose and swept it in one motions up toward my hair line), and on my forehead brushing down toward the bridge of my nose (I blended the brush side to side). 

   Once the contouring is complete everything else flies by! I rarely use my Ingot Cream Blushes which is odd because...they're great, really.  Here is where I stippled on the product, even thought I am not fond of the motion.  Using my Sephora #45 brush I first stippled on the blush to each side of my face (on the cheeks though, duh).  Then in fast circular motions I blended the product right on-top of my cheeks slightly moving up to the sides of my cheekbones to create more depth. 

       The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet has to be one of the most misunderstood products I have bought!  To be fair, the powder I originally bought was too dark for me and had no sheen to it at all! Once I bought the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet I fell in love with Incandescent Light!  It is super glowy and brightens everything up!  

I used Dim light for my chin and the area between my jaw and cheek contour, then I swept Incandescent Light onto the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, cupids bow, and on my cheek bones with a Mac 159 brush.  As you can see from the image taken from my recent video, I a; make weird faced and b; make sure to extend the color so it is adjacent to the center of my eyes!  This helps create the lightened effect and 3 dimensional glow!

        I set my face with Makeup Forever's HD Finishing Powder right after I applied eyeliner.  I simply patted the powder onto my T-zone, under my eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead with the Nars #21 brush.  I allowed this to sit for a few minutes while I went along to do my lashes and lips.  After doing so I blended it in with the same brush and sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray! 

     Yes, I by accident shaved off half of my eyebrow.  Always a pleasant thing to do.  Despite this I still had some brow wowness going on.  I first spoolied through each brow with an ABH #12 brush then going into the dip brow lined my brows first for my desired shape.  Then, I went ahead and filled the brow in with one more spoolieing.

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Strawberry Milk

   I used Strawberry milk as my base shade since the look contained lots of pinks, and purples.  I rubbed the color onto my lid and then blended upwards.  Be sure to keep the shade right in the lid area otherwise it changes the pigmentation of the other shades slightly. 

*Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made Eyeshadow Pallet, Blossom, Sherbert, Pink Champagne, Metallic Plum, Spirit Rock, Deep Purple
*Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow Pan, Corrupt

    The first step to completing this look is patting on Blossom to the entire lid area.  I actually used the brush that came with the pallet since the blending brush side drew me in immediately.  Be sure to pat on the color until you reach your desired sheen, I opted in for a supper glowy effect, however it does not matter because this will be overruled with Pink Champagne.

   Next, pat Pink Champagne onto Blossom dragging the color into the inner V.  This has a lot of pigment in terms of glitter so be sure to use a paper towel under your eyes and build up, rather blend in. As many of you know I use Pink Champagne with almost ALL of my looks so it was super fun to have double the product now!

Once you have the basis for the rest of the shades move along to blending Sherbert in the crease!  Using the fluffy side of the ABH brush I used circular motions and sheered out the color in a C shape down to my lower lash line.  This will create a smokey effect for the other colors to come.  

   Be super careful with Spirit Rock, especially if you're using the brush provided.  I had to restart this whole shadow look on my left eye because it created a black patch over my eye- be sure to use a light hand and a small, dense blending brush.  For the purpose of concentrating the shade in the outer V I switched to my Mac 217 and with circular motions created depth to my eyes.  I dragged the color under my lower lash line as well. 

   Since this color blends out with grayish tones, and I didn't feel like building the color up I went into Makeup Geek Corrupt with a Mac 219 and smudged the shade right on-top of Spirit rock.  Don't drag this under your lower lash line because a different color will be used there!  Once you smudge the color in go back into the Mac 217 and blend the color out just a bit.

       While I was reapplying Pink Champagne to my lid with a Mac 239, I decided to add Metallic Plum to the mix.  I patted the shade right next to Spirit Rock+Corrupt for some extra depth. 

Lastly, I dragged Deep Purple under my lower lash line and slightly touched up Pink Champagne once again this way it was fully glittery! 

As a reference point from the image above, I made thick wings extending out toward the tips of my brows.

*House Of Lashes, Iconic

Monday, November 23, 2015

Glittery Fall Leaves Makeup Tutorial

         Today's makeup look consists of products I rarely use since they need some lovin' too!  This look was different for me primarily because of the coral slightly orange toned lips.  I hardly wear corals since I find they're a tad too bright for me.  Then, I realized I love bright colors so why be afraid of it.

  The best part about this look is the lip color is totally up to you because the eyes are a bronzy duo of shades- meaning any color will work.  To the right is an example of lip color that would also be very flattering for this makeup look! It is Mac Paramount with Mac Fleshpot right in the center.  

    Doing my face also only took me 15 minutes which is a record for me since I normally take 20-25 minutes.  Keeping in mind the face was a breeze, the eyes only took a total of 17 minutes total!  Pigments are much easier to use than pressed eyeshadows because even dusting the bronze shade over my lids creates a dramatic and easy flirty look.

    By the way, next week I will be updating my favorite products of the month since December is only a week away *-*.  If you haven't noticed, any products on that list I have used basically the ENTIRE month such as the Hourglass N28 Primer!

*Burberry Fresh Glow, Nude Radiance 
*SmashBox Contour Kit, Light/Medium

     Before putting on a primer I made sure to wash my face and exfoliate my skin for about 6 minutes.  I mixed Bobbi Brown's Buffing Grains with Murad's Time Release Acne Cleanser, then finished it off with Fresh's Seaberry Oil.   This oil is extremely thick in texture, so depending on the amount of time you have, is the type of moisturizer you should use.  For example, Josie Maran's Light Oil takes less time to absorb into my pores than the Fresh Seaberry Oil!

    Now that your skin is clean you can move onto a primer.  Again, just like the oil this is subjective.  I chose the Hourglass N28 primer because my skin is a little under the weather- even with the use of buffing grains.  I used a pump of the primer and disbursed it evenly across my cheeks, T-zone, and chin!  Any excess product was just gently smoothed over slightly drier areas.

    I know, this is a first since I used a foundation other than my beloved Too Faced Born This Way.  Since my skin is relatively good break out wise I wanted to use a lightweight foundation, that being Nars Sheer Glow in Gobi!  I mixed Gobi with Burberry's Fresh Glow for some added radiance, then I went right into my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush.  I really need to buy a pump for my Sheer Glow because I keep having the issue of the product running off my hand, literally.  At any rate, I dipped my brush in the mixture and patted two strokes on both cheeks, one stroke down my forehead to my nose, and any remaining product on my chin. Then, I blended the product on my cheeks outwards toward my hair line with light patting motions and continued the motion all the way up until I reached my forehead.  By the time I got to my forehead I simply tugged the product side ways with multiple stokes this way it looked more natural. 

      I normally go right into concealing, but today that wasn't necessary.  I actually have NEVER used my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, and thought what better way to use products I never have touched than now!  I used the concealer as a highlight rather concealer since it is notably lighter than my actual skin.  Using the applicator I created an upside down triangle under my eyes toward my hair line, a line down the bridge of my nose, one line on top of my jaw line for each side, then since I had minor blemishes on my forehead slight dotting motions on those areas.  Before blending in, I picked up my contouring cream and a concealer brush from Sephora.  I contoured the sides of my nose, applied one line for the hollows of my cheeks, and another for my jaw line.

      Blending was fairly simple especially with the Makeup Geek Foundation Stippling brush!  I simply used circular motions for the contour shades, and highlight shades from my jaw up to my cheek bones then for the under eye highlight's I used slight patting motions.  As for the nose I continued the circular blending motions and then used slight stippling motions for my forehead since I had minor redness.  

       For the bronzing, and power contouring I used only one brush, the Tarte Swirl Powder Contouring and Bronzing brush.  This is super versatile because not only can I create blurred contour lines, I also can do quick highlighting!  Even though the Mac Mineralized Skin Finish is not a bronzer I decided to use it anyway because the peach tones stand out on my skin.  I swept the product on my jaw line, under my cheek bones and slightly on my temples.  

      Then, I went into a Smashbox's step by step contour kit which I have not used since last January.  It really is not my favorite since it is extremely powdery, but change is good!  I took the first taupe shade and brushed it right under the hollows of my cheeks.  Then, I squeezed the brush bristles together and dusted two lines on the sides of my nose the met at the tip for my desired nose shape.  To finish things up I went into the yellow shade and brushed it on my forehead, in between my cheek and jaw highlight, and under both eyes.  I avoided my nose because it was super flakey by this point and powders will only make it worse!

   The finishing steps are super simple!  I first blended in Mac's blush in Well Dressed to the tops of my cheeks with a Mac 174.  I believe any cool toned pink will work, perhaps even a coral, there are endless options since the eye look leans bronzy!  After applying the blush, I used my Sephora #74 brush and applied Becca's illuminzer in Champagne Pop to my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose, and my chin.  This works well with the bronzer since both exhibit peachy tones!

     Lastly, using the Sephora #74 I went into Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.  I applied a hefty amount under my eyes, and any excess was brushed onto my forehead as well as chin, and between the cheek and jawline contour.  I finished things up with Urban Decay's All Nighter spray once the eyes were complete.  

  Most people might prefer doing the eyes first actually since this look involves glitter but I did my face first since it takes me the longest and clean up is no biggy! 

After my face was completed I went straight into the brows! 
Using my ABH #12 brush I spoolied through each brow then lined my eyebrows with one steady stroke.  After doing so I filled them in and gave them one last spoolieing to make the product disbursed properly.

        I used only a pinky amount of product and rubbed it all over my lid up to my brows.  Any product left over was rubbed right under my lower lash line.  Do not stress on the lower lash line with the primer because I used a glitter adhesive!

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans in Bitten, Corrupt, Latte
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow Pigments in Penelope, and Goldilux

    Right from the gecko I applied Penelope to my lids with a Mac 239 brush.  Most people do the crease first, but I like to use the lids as my guide!  

 Once I gently tapped on the color I went right into Makeup Geek Latte.  With a big fluffy Sephora blending brush and circular motions I blended right around Penelope and dragged the shade under my lower lash line.  

  Then, I switched to a coarser brush, my Mac 217, and picked up Bitten.  I kept the color in the outer V and used slight side to side motions to keep the maroon prominent.  If you do not have Bitten, Cocoa Bear will do as it has red tones to it as well!  For some added depth I went back to my Sephora blending brush and patted Corrupt into Bitten.  Be sure to use a light hand when picking up product since it is very easy to go overboard with this particular color!

     After the crease was finished I squeezed a pea sized amount of the glitter glue on the back of my hand, and began to pat it onto my lids and underneath my lower lash line. Don't be shy with the product usage-  you will need a super sticky base too allow the two loose shadows too remain in place all day and be super glittery!  I used a flat lip brush by Sephora to apply the shadows, make sure the brush you use is synthetic and not fluffy for direct application.

Now to the fun part :)!
    I took Penelope once again and patted it with side stokes onto both lids.  Then, I went back into the pigment and dipped it into Goldilux, then back once more into Penelope.  I patted the mixture all over my lids and extended it slightly toward were I placed Corrupt.  Then, I went ahead and lined my lower lash line with Penelope fading into Goldilux.  I used a paper towel under my eyes because this stuff gets SUPER messy and will ruin the face makeup if not done correctly.  

Continue the these two steps until you reach your desired glitter amount.
If you do happen to make a boo boo go back into the brush used to blend out the contour shades and dust away the product!  

I used a Mac 210 and lined my waterline. 
 This is defiantly waterproof so beware watery eyes will happen midday.  

The lips are Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Melon.  I have a review here!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Makeup Geek Duochrome Eyeshadow Review+Swatch

     Yes, I have now blogged twice in a day, get used to it :').  A couple of weeks ago I had ordered two new Makeup Geek DuoChrome Shadows in the shades Steampunk and Havoc.  

       When I first received them my first impression was utter shock, especially from Steampunk.  While this bronzy color appears to be brown in color, when swatched it leans black with slight bronze reflects.  On the other hand, Havoc reminds me of Sugarpill Lumi, just with more bronzy reflects. Before I start showing swatches, I will have you guys know I DID NOT use a primer when swatching- the colors are pigmented enough and have great staying power!  From the image above left to right is Steampunk, and Havoc.  
     What makes Havoc super unique is while it resembles Lumi's sheen (as pictured above), the copper and green combinations makes for a almost lizard like color with SOO much depth.  There isn't any bitter chunks to this either, pure simmer.

    Here is another angle of the shadows.
 In comparison to the first image, they lean more brown in color with less green reflects.  On the Steampunk is described as "...a black base with rich copper reflects."  This defiantly has an opaque black base.  When I first swatched the color it did slightly disappoint me because when blended in the crease it blends out grayish in tone!
       Havoc is described as "...a warm red-brown base with teal reflects."  While I do DEFIANTLY see the teal reflects it overpowers the red-brown shade to the point you cannot decipher what the color is, which is an awesome effect!

    Pictured above is Steampunk and Havoc, once again.  This image really shows what Havoc is made of as the copper with teal reflects bounce off the flash lens.  This is where the shock happened for me, because in the pan they don't look the same as swatched.  For instance, for Steampunk I was expecting a light bronzy color with coppery reflects.  Boy was I wrong.  The black base makes for a really unique shade and is less effort for days I want a dark smokey eye. 

    Pigmentation wise these are incredible and glide right on, in fact you might want to be careful with how much product you pick up because they're very "ready to be touched" and have a wet feel.  The texture almost reminds me of Colourpop's highlighters JUST with 10x more pigment!  

    The beauty of Duochrome is if you bend one way the shade appears different, and if you bend the other it looks like a new color.  This image justifies how freaking amazing these colors are since now Havoc appears like a frosted copper, and Steampunk appears to be a dark bronze.  Actually, it looks quite similar to the way Darkheart looks in the pan from the Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet since Darkheart is a blacked plum with pink reflects.

Lastly, here is an image in warm lighting from the bathroom.  
I honestly have nothing bad to say about these shades as they pack a punch in color, glide on effortlessly, and last long even WITHOUT primer!  Pictures do not do these colors justice so I decided to also take a video to go along with this post.  It captures all the angles of these shadows


      Unlike in my other swatches+review posts I can actually rate these as whole because both offer the same values and word beautifully!  Just be aware that Havoc is a tricky color and can sometimes lean forrest green.  A lot has to do with the other colors incorporated in the look you decided to do! 

Tomorrow I will be doing a blog post on the look pictured above but I feel it helps to annunciate the fact havoc can lean extremely green RATHER copper with teal notes.  Also, to the right is the shadows under natural day light.  It is much easier to see the teal reflection and blackened base.

       Though I have not tried the pigments yet, the shadows defiantly are a 10/10.  With any duochrome the results will vary which is why I LOVE them beyond a 10/10 rating.  After testing on the two shadows I fully believe any color you decide to buy will have amazing pigmentation and glide on like silk.  
Again, I did notice some similarities in formula with the duochromes feeling like Colourpop highlighters, however it is not a bad thing just be super careful when placing a brush on the shadow pan.  They're more resistant when it comes to breaking but still- just because they're more expensive than regular makeup geek shadows watch out!  Also if you have Sugarpill Lumi, the only difference between Lumi and Havoc is one contains a copper base, and the other a white base!  Both have the same teal reflects.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Shimmery Thanksgiving Makeup

     Hey beauties!  Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better way to hype up the excitement than planning out your makeup for that day!  A few days ago I had done a Thanksgiving makeup tutorial, so I decided to do a less "lashey" look and bring up the shimmer game.  The best part on the shimmer is there is no need for glitter bases!  All you need to do is pat on the shadow in two applications. 
  This is the look I had done for my "Stop Judging Makeup" video as well.  I am super fed up with people judging makeup when in reality its a positive thing, but hey it's just one more thing man has ruined. 

       I admit, before doing this look I was super lazy and did not wash my face.  I honestly had so many dry patches I lost count.  The moral here is to please, wash your face even in the laziest of moods (':  The only thing that saved me was my Hourglass N28 Primer.  As I have mentioned before it is SUPER moisturizing, especially when you let it soak in your pores for a few minutes.  As you might of assumed, my first step today was to smooth in a primer of my choice.  I made sure to only use half a pump (this can look oily) and disburse it evenly amongst the T zone, chin, and my nose going out towards my cheeks.

      I mixed a pea sized amount of Elf's Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight with my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation.  Despite the foundation being ultra glowy on it's own I wanted to glow more.  Like a disco ball.  I applied a pump of foundation to my skin with a Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting Brush

 Now, I just tried the Makeup Geek Stippling Foundation Brush and it was atrocious.  My makeup came out streaky and just, ew.  I suppose it depends on the foundation formula too because the TF Born This Way tends to be thick. 

    ANYHOOO, I first applied the mixture with two pats on my cheeks.  Then any excess product was patted onto my chin and forehead.  After I patted on the color streaking it down slightly I then began to blend with fluid patting and blending motions.  Make sure you blend from the cheeks OUT for a more even look!  

       IF you somehow had blemishes going out towards your ears now is when you can use some concealer to cover up!  Being my foundation is glowy, my concealer had to match.  I used Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able concealer in 1 Awake.  Rather doing what most people do with "carefully" placing the product over the blemish, I went in for the kill.  Literally.  I took my Sephora #45 and gently stippled the brush hairs into the concealer then, following the same quick up and down motion, I stippled and slightly blended it onto my blemishes.  This concealer is a life saver and lasts long periods of time!

   The next step is fairly simple but I noticed confuses some people.  Contouring is completely optional but it does give an extra oomph to any look!  Basically I like to create shadowing on areas I want to shrink, or make stand out and create light on areas I'd like to enlarge, or make wider.

    Everyone has a different face, so to keep it concise I used my finger and took a little product from Cover Fx's N100 Cream Foundation.  Then, I put a line under the hollows of my cheeks (which can be seen if you do an extreme kissy face), the exact positioning of my jaw line, and the sides of my nose.  Most people like to do a little something something to the temples, but as I said everyone has a different face shape!  For me, I like to widen the area, so I highlighted with N10 my forehead in a \|/ formation, under my eyes in reversed triangles, under the cheek bone contour, on the bridge of my nose, and my chin! 

   After doing so I blended the colors in with an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush.  I used circular motions and when it came to the under eye area slight patting motions.  In between each section I like to wipe off my brush on a paper towel this way no product build up occurs and the contour remains distinct between the highlight!

      Since I used the Elf Blending Brush for my contour, I wiped off the brush once more and went into my Nyx Rogue Cream Blush in Glow!  This is the perfect rose color for me and look natural as natural can be.  I gently stippled and swept the color onto the cheek bones RATHER the apples of my cheeks.  By putting it right on top of where you contoured it pulls to face together more.

  After the creams are done the rest is a breeze!  
   I added color back to my face with Benefits Hoola Bronzer.  Due to this being matte you can use it as a contour as well!  Using my Tarte Swirl Powder Bronzing and Contouring brush I swept the color under my jaw line, under my chin, and on the sides of my nose.  Instead of using the same sweeping motion I went ahead and patted the color right onto the hollows of my cheeks, then blended it in a bit. 

    I used to go highlighter crazy until I realized it made me look like a yellow lemon, which isn't a cute look.  Now I just use the dark powder for my powder contour, especially in the colder months when my skin isn't appreciating the dry formulas.  Using the same Tarte brush I swept the dark brown  color in the Marc Jacobs Filtering Powders Pallet right under my cheek bones and on the sides of my nose. I lightly dusted the yellow on the bridge of my nose, and on my chin+forehead using the side of the brush
       Once the eyes and lips are done,  I dusted Makeup Forever's Matte Setting Powder under my eyes, through my T zone and on my chin with a Sephora #74 brush.  Then I sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray to freshen up the makeup and ensure it will last all day!

      What might surprise most people on this shadow look is the amount of products used is slim to none, it's all in the allusion of shimmer!  
What you will need though is a few blending brushes and one flat shader brush, like a Mac 239.

*ABH Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde
Like another day I lined and filled in my eyebrows with an Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush.  Before lining them I spoolied through each eyebrow!

      Since the shadows lean purple I took my ring finger and applied this to my lid, smudging it down to my lower lash line.  This creates a fabulous base shade for Makeup Geek's Showstopper.

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow(s) Bitten, Showtime
*ABH Eyeshadow(s) Birkin, Pink Champagne 
    Once the base shade has been put on I took my Mac 239 and patted on the shade Showtime to my lid.  Make sure you apply it in two coatings just so the reflective sparkles show.  This has minimum fall out as well which is a MAJOR plus!

After doing this I took my Sephora fluffy blending brush that came in a Christmas set last year, and blended Birkin in the crease, and smudged down to the lower lash line.  I noticed ABH does not hold these shades in individual pallet anymore, so you can swap this in with any pink toned brown!  

     Switching to another brush, specifically the 217 Mac brush, I went into the shade Bitten.  This color is an intense red that can easily be darkened with the mixing of Bitten+Showtime.  I concentrated the shade in the inner V of my eye with circular blending motions. Be sure to smoke the color out down to the lower lash line this way there is a gradience between light and dark, which elongates the eye.

Now to the fun part! 
There is honestly no need for another primer base as I said in the beginning of this  blog post.  I simply went into Pink Champagne and patted it right on top of Showstopper.  It took me two applications to fully get the color amped up, but it was well worth it.  I also took my ring finger and put the highly reflective color in my tear duct slightly blending into Bitten which happens to be on the  lower lash line!

To finish things up I dusted Becca Moonstone right on my brow bone.

I used a Mac 210 for a nice thick line then, I took the color onto the water line.


Lips are Mac Diva