Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pin-up Makeup

      After a month of having the Bite Mimosa set, I finally delved into it!  Rather using the actual lipstick, I topped off ABH Liquid Lip in American Doll with the Mimosa Lush Fruit Lipgloss!  I must say the texture is phenomenal and non sticky- not to mention the fact coverage is on par with Mac's lip glasses.   This is the second red lipstick look I have posted on my blog!  While my older look was focused more on the lips this makeup look evenly balances between Mimosa, and the fluffy lashes.  Also, before I get into any details I would like to say this was a pleasure to apply (the liquid lipstick and lipgloss) compared to the OCC lip tar I had used in July.  Mess free and minimum tree branch lips!

    The interesting part here is American Doll is described as a blue red, and  Mimosa is described as a warm red.  Both clearly would clash, and they don't!  In fact I feel the duo is wonderful and Mimosa helped make American Doll less clashy with my undertones. Being I have neutral to golden tones it's odd a blue'ed red works nicely however, about a month ago a Mac associate explained the ideology to me!  She had said, "The reason the blue reds might look well on you compared to yellow tones is the same reason the shades red, green and white work well on Christmas.  The opposites attract essentially!"  I found this quite interesting and ever since she had told me this, it has helped me find the most PERFECT reds such as Mimosa, and American Doll. 

 For reference- Russian Red by Mac is DARKER than American Doll!
                       Mimosa is BRIGHTER than American Doll and Russian Red!

     Aside from this, the eye look was rather simple and required far less products than the original "Red Lips and Sharp Wings" Tutorial.   It also can be paired with ANY lip color and is super effective in brightening the eyes up!

*Tarte Tartlette Pallet- Free Spirit, Multi-Tasker, Wanderer 
     After applying the cream eyeshadow I applied Free Spirit all over my lid with a Mac 239.  I made sure to apply just enough that it appears vibrant.  I dragged the shade into my tear duct as well.
Next, I took Multi-Tasker and using a 217 Mac brush I placed it right above the crease in circular blending motions.  To finish it up I took Wanderer and applied it in my inner V with a Mac 219 brush!

I shaded Wheat onto my brow bone and slightly applied it on my lower lash line with Mac's 219 brush. Lastly, using the same 219 (as you can see it is very multipurpose) I smudged Espresso under my lashes for more definition!

*Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink
I created a simple wing using a Sephora #92 brush!

       For my skin, I didn't do my regular cream contour, I instead stuck to powders.  I know, shocking.  I have rather dry skin at the moment and I have NO idea why creams cling more to my dry patches than powders!!  I had used less product than usual making this the easiest look I have created so far.

I lightly dabbed this on my skin with my Beauty Blender Pro!  This stuff is incredible because you can easily add coverage where needed and it will not bunch up.

I blended the product under my eyes, and over any blemishes.  I really did not highlight too much and stuck to covering up dark circles and break outs!

Ahh I finally tried the baking method!  Right after applying my concealer I patted this under my eyes and on my T zone with a Sephora Teardrop Highlighter brush!  Once blended I noticed my skin looked ultra smooth!

I applied Lyric under my eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead with a Sephora #74 Blush Contour brush.  I also took Sombre and lightly contoured with the same brush!  I focused more on the highlights than contour today to make the red stand out more!  

I hoola'd up my look by applying this bronzer under my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, under my chin, and slightly on my temples with a Tarte Swirl Powder Contour and Bronzing brush!

I applied Well Dressed to my cheekbones with a Mac 168.  This light medium pink is perfect because it doesn't clash with Mimosa and illuminates my skin beautifully!

Mac: 217, 239, 219, 168
Sephora: #74, #92