Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kitten Makeup Tutorial

     This is the last Halloween tutorial for the season!  Rather another dramatic look I went for a classic staple for more Halloweeners, a cat!  Next week I will begin my Christmas+Thanksgiving looks which will include lots of warm tones.

    Also, I had done a video on this so most detailing will be explained there.  BY THE WAY, I excluded some parts accidentally because my camera stopped recording.  Those parts will be explained in more depth below (setting, foundation, primer, eyebrows).

*Hourglass N28 Primer
*Too Faced Born This Way- Porcelain 
*Marc Jacobs Re(MARC)able concealer- 1 Awake
*Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation- 1 Warm Ivory
*ABH Cream Contour Kit- Cinnamon, Banana, Nude
*Bobbi Brown Bronzer- Golden Light
*Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powder in Mirage Filter
*Mac Relaxation Cream Color
*MUFE Uplight- #22
*Colourpop Highlighter- Stole the show
*MUFE HD Setting Powder
*UD Setting Spray

*Marc Jacobs Face II
*ELF Ultimate Blending
*Beauty Blender Pro
*Sephora #77, #74
*Tarte Swirl Powder
*Buxom Lipstick in Shanghai
*NYX Cola Lip pencil

       Before doing anything I cleansed my face with Murad Time Release Acne Cleaner+ Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains.   I then moisturized with Fresh Seaberry Oil.  I took the oil under my eyes, on my chin, the apples of my cheeks, and T zone.  It adds a lovely glow without looking oily!

       After letting my freshly cleaned face sit for five minutes I went along and applied my Hourglass Primer.  This primer has moisturizing properties as well so it works great against the chilly air, which happens to be making my skin look flakey.  I applied this with my hands and only used one pump!  An excess will make the skin look SUPER oily- which is not what the goal is here.

  Cats are FLAWLESS.  To look flawless I used Too Faced Born This Way foundation in Porcelain! Rather using my typical Beauty Blender, I went ahead and used my favorite foundation brush; Marc Jacobs Face II.  I applied one pump.  To begin I started by placing some product on my chin and worked it out up mid way to my cheek bones.  At the point I began stippling the product in place with light brushing motions.  I made sure to work the product outwards for a more natural effect.

   After doing the foundation and letting it set for about two minutes, I concealed some blemishes and dark circles with my Marc Jacobs Re(MARC)able concealer.   Originally I wanted to use my Nars Radiant concealer but then I realized my skin is super flakey and nothing covers that better than my re(marc)able concealer!  I blended the product in with my finger in patting motions.  To set this I took a barley dampened beauty blender and stippled on Bobbi Browns Powder Foundation.  The powder foundation method works better to me than the "baking" method because it creates a flawless base without the cake-like affect.

   As seen in the video I went ahead and contoured my face!  I used my current favorite, Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit.   To contour I used Cinnamon and for highlighting purposes I mixed Banana and Nude together.  For applying the product I used a #77 Sephora Brush.  Banana and Nude were brushed underneath my eyes in downward triangles, on the bridge of my nose, on my chin, and a slash down my forehead.  The same applies for Cinnamon, I applied it in the hollows of my cheeks, on TOP of my jaw line, and sides of my nose.  To blend the product out I used Elf's Ultimate Blending Brush in circular motions.  I occasionally took product off the brush so the highlight and contour shades were distinct.

  Alright, before continuing the contouring process I added some color back to my face with Bobbi Browns Golden Bronzer.  I simply used the Tarte Swirl Powder brush and in a reverse "3" applied it down from my temples, to hollows, and lastly to my jaw line.  The excess product was lightly brushed on the sides of my nose.

   The contouring process was rather simple as Marc Jacobs #instamarc pallet only has two shades.  The first shade is for highlighting purposes. I began with the second shade because I like to contour and tone it down with the highlighter.  Using a #74 Sephora brush, in circular motions, I applied the deep bronze to my cheekbones, under my jaw, and to the sides of my nose.  I tend to avoid my temples because my forehead is narrower than the rest of my face.  Speaking of narrowness- to make my forehead appear wider, I took the highlighting shade with a Sephora Multitasker and brushed it under my eyes, on my forehead and on my chin!

  To finish things up I dabbed on Mac's Relaxation cream color with the Elf Ultimate Blending brush. Then, I applied Makeup Forever's luminizer in #22 to my cheekbones with a Duo Fibre brush by Mac.  I applied Colourpop's highlighter in Stole the Show for some extra dimension on the bridge of my nose, and chin!

   Just to set everything off I applied MUFE HD Setting Powder under my eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead with the #74 brush along with Urban Decays Setting Spray to ensure everything lasts all day!

Before getting into the whiskers and nose, I want to quickly describe what was done to my eyes!  I wanted to keep it smokey but super simple to do since some people tonight will be doing it on the fly!

I applied this color all over my lid with a flat shader brush.  In the video I use an Urban Decay Electric brush and smudge the color all around my eye.

*Too Faced Cat Eyes- Panther, Leopard 
After applying the cream shadow I took Leopard with the same brush and dampened it.  I patted on the wet color to my lid and smudged it underneath my lash line.  I let the brush dry and went over it once more so the bronze sheen show'ed through.
Panther was applied under my lash line and on-top of my kitten nose!

*Stila Eyes are the Window Spirit- Puppy, Kitten+Wheat, Golightly, Espresso
Puppy is applied in the crease right after Leopard is smudged in.  I focused on large circular motions and used a fluffy Sephora blending brush.  After applying my transition, I went into Espresso and really smoked up the crease.  Using a Mac 217 I worked Espresso right into the inner V and lower lash line with circular motions.

Using a Smashbox full Exposure brush I went into the shade "Golightly" and patted it onto my mid lid.  After patting that shade on, I mixed Kitten and wheat together.  I used the combination of these shades to highlight my brow bone and act as an inner corner brightener.

While I did use this liner for my eyes I also used it to draw the whiskers AND cat nose!  More details to that are going to be explained below :)!

I took Jet right onto my waterline for a more intensified look!

The whiskers and nose were the easiest part!  I simple did the lines on each cheek and an oval shaped nose with a line connected to my lips!   

For the lines I made sure each line at some point would intersect.  So, it almost looked like the opening of a flow, just in line form.  

For the nose I formed an oval shape toward the tip and shaded it in.  To set the color I used Panther and then Sugarpill's Stella!  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mermaid Eyes Makeup

          Hey guys :)!  Today I had only done one eyeball because it was one of those days, if you catch my drift.  I have been super tired and with the weather changing, it's not a good mix.  After reviewing all my pallets I noticed I never got any use out of my Makeup Geek shadow in Mermaid!  Being this color is a super fun teal, I figured today was the perfect day to use it and hopefully wake my tired self up!   I tried to aim for a sparkly, yet mysterious shadow look as I used a significant amount of MUG Corrupt.  This will be rather short tutorial but well worth it being it was super fun to create :)! 
 After this I will be posting a glam fall makeup look! Minus the eyeball.  How weird. 

Rather my typical brows I wanted ones that stood out!  I went into ABH's Dipbrow Pomaid in Soft Brown and lined with their #12 brush!  
After lining my brows for the basic shape, I filled them in with MUFE Aqua Brow in 10.  Before moving onto the shadow base I made sure to let them dry for 2 minutes. 

Rather my typical Bobbi Brown Bone cream shadow, I went for a black shadow base!  This enhances the metallic shades more and forms a depth in color.  I applied this with the UD Electric brush and patted it predominately on my lid. 

*Makeup Geek Shadows- Mermaid, Cocoa Bear, Peach Smoothie, Corrupt
Urban Decay Electric Pallet- Freak, Revolt, Fringe 

    After the shadow base was applied I went right into MUG Mermaid. This color is SO beautiful, the picture doesn't do it justice!  The shade is teal with gold reflects which made the blue really pop in my eyes. I patted this in the inner corners of my lid with a standard fluffy shadow brush.

     Once I patted Mermaid on the inner third of my eyes I took Fringe and placed it mid lid using the same shadow brush, in patting motions.  I went into Freak and placed it directly on-top of mermaid, making sure to not mix the colors and then topped it off with Revolt.  The mixture of Revolt and Freak created a lovely icy blue shade which was to my surprise since Freak is an acid green!

    The crease was fairly simple and required only two brushes; a mac 217, and 227.  I first took Cocoa Bear and with my 217 blended it in.  I made sure to blend it in an "C" shape almost and concentrated the color around Fringe.  Next, I went into Corrupt.  Using the same 217 I applied this in my inner V, and under my lower lash line!  Again, I really concentrated the color near the last third of my lid.  

   To even out the gradience of the crease I took Peach Smoothie with a Mac 224 and dusted it right on-top of Cocoa Bear in sweeping motions!

Beware of this stuff...I had huge clumps over my lashes :(   
 Like literally, a huge glob of mascara and it was a pain in the butt to remove since it transferred to my waterline!
It irritated my whole eye area!  

Being this isn't the most pigmented liner I know of I decided to use this.  It created a "smoked" and blended out effect.  Using a mac 210 I applied this to my upper lash line, and water line. 


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Genie Makeup For Halloween

      Hello loves!  This is the last look I will be doing for my Halloween series.  If you couldn't tell the theme is being a genie!  This isn't an ordinary genie though- its I dream of LILLEE.  Yes I just re- named the show I dream of Jeannie.   Anyways, there will be a video to go along with this so be prepared to be genafied.  Oh, and be prepared for a little potty mouth- the cold front is getting to me. Just a little FYI- to most people a genie wears gold, purple, and browns.  For me a genie is an extremely alluring goddess covered in silver with big red juicy lips!  So you can alter this any way you'd like :)

Before I get into any detail, here are the products I used for my face:

 ***  Before doing anything you should cleanse and exfoliate your skin to remove any impurities!     Today I opted in for a Peter Thomas Ross FirmX Exfoliation Scrub.  This helped remove any dead skin that'd been sitting around all week!  After I did a chemical scrub I went onto moisturizing and used my normal Shiseido IBUKI Refining Moisturizer. ***

      After cleansing and moisturizing I went onto applying a primer.  Today I had chosen Dr Brandt's Pores No More Primer to cover up any blemishes.  I allowed this to set for four minutes.  Once the primer and moisturizer soaked into my skin I applied one even layer of Nars Sheer Glow foundation in Gobi.  I opted in for a Beauty Blender Pro just to cope with the dry patches I have. 
      (the cold weather is not my pal)

      For a little more coverage I applied MUFE Full Coverage Concealer over blemishes, and over my dark circles.  I honestly just used my fingers to blend the product in because it is has such a silky texture.  To set the concealer I used Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder Foundation in 200.  I used light dabbing motions with my dampened beauty blender for even look.

       In the video I went right into contouring- specifically with my Cover Fx contouring kit!  I used three shades: 1, 3, and 4.  As you might of guesses I highlighted with shade 1, and contoured with the other two!  To highlight I formed upside down triangles under my eyes, three lines on my forehead+chin, and a highlight under the contour!  In this look I used two contour shades to create a fluency of shadows.  For example, when I placed shade 4 on the hollows of my cheeks, bridge of my nose etc. I placed shade 3 directly on top!  This made the contour look more natural, and less harsh!  I blended with the same Beauty Blender Pro.

     To add color back to my face I used an Hourglass bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light.  This color has lovely shimmer reflects that reminded me of a genie immediately!  In a reversed "3" I applied this shade along my cheek bones, jaw line, and my temples with an Hourglass Ambient Powder brush!  This brush is super amazing and super soft, so yes it is worth the price #don'tjudge.

     After this last contouring step the rest is a breeze.  I took the Kat Von D Shade+Light pallet rather my normal Marc Jacobs #instamarc because this look required a variation of color.  I used the colors Sombre, and Subconscious to contour and Lyric to highlight.  Again, I used two contouring shades to mimic a natural shadow.  First I took sombre and applied it in the hollows of my cheek and under my chin with a Sephora #74 blush contour brush. After applying Sombre which is a true taupe I went into Subconscious.  This is a deeper brown and I applied it on the sides of my nose alone with on my jaw line.  Lastly, I highlighted with Lyric since as I said in the video, "its a mellow yellow".  I'm actually super serious- it brightens up the face well.

       I haven't used Nars Portofino in a long time, and decided today was the day.  I simple took this deep coral and applied it from the tube on-to my cheeks!  I then blended it in with a damped Beauty Blender.  After blushing I went into Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal.  This immediately clicked for me when I thought of Genies because of it's golden hue.  I swiped this on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose with a Sephora Small Teardrop Highlighter Brush.

       After finishing up my eyes I patted on MUFE HD Setting Powder on my T zone and under my eyes.  Then, I had sprayed on Urban Decays All Nighter spray to ensure the makeup stayed on all day.

     I had done my eyebrows with ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown.  I had a bad brow day.  I'm talking about muppet brows.  To fix that issue and form sharp lines I used ABH brush in #12.  After doing that I had applied Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Bone.  Lately I have been using this cream shadow because it holds shadow AMAZINGLY and it is comparable to UD's Primer Potion!  To set the cream shadow I applied White Chocolate over my entire lid.

      To begin on the shadow I used ABH Birkin.  This browned pink adds a soft touch to the entire look.  I blended this in my crease with a Sephora blending brush.  I made sure to evenly disburse the color in large circular motions.  After applying Birkin I mixed Black Forrest Truffle and Triple Fudge.  I applied these two shades in my inner v using the same blending brush.  This creates a nice purple'ed touch and brings a genie effect to the entire look.

  Lastly, to deepen everything up I took Oil Slick from the Ammo Pallet and applied it under my lower lash line, and in my inner V.  This time I used a Mac 239 for a more smudged out effect!  In my tear duct I applied Champagne Truffle with the 239 brush.

       After I had finished up my crease I went straight to the eyelid.  I first took Too Faced Glitter Glaze in Silver.  If I recall this is limited edition so any glitter glue will do!  After applying the glitter glaze and blending it with my finger I patted on Sugarpill's Grand Tiara.  This really has minimum fall out so a paper towel under the eyes isn't necessary.

To finish up I lined my eyes with ABH Creme Liner in Jet, and I put on some falsies ;)

Mac 239, 209
Sephora concealer, blending brush, #74

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Poison Ivy Makeup Tutorial

    Hey beauties!  

    Today I had the fabulous 
idea of doing a Poison Ivy inspired makeup look!  A few years back I had done a similar look andddd I ended up looking like a peacock. I will be showing you guys the before photos at the end!  Keep in mind I also did an Elsa makeup tutorial two weeks ago that is perfect for Halloween!   

    As you can see in this look I overloaded on the pigments and glitter, but in the end it was worth it!  Before I get into details I will tell you this much- start with clean brushes, have glitter glue prepared, and lots of multi dimensional glitters!   Also, for the neck shading I used the same technique of stippling on the glitter glue and using my fingers to disperse the shades.

   ALSO this is my interpretation of Poison Ivy meaning, you can alter any part of this look.  Hell, you could be surf blue if you want!  

        Before going onto any primers I applied a facial mask, specifically Origins Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay.  This is a spectacular product because when it is finally dry and you're ready to wash it off, the texture transforms into a foamy scrub.   Unlike my other posts I am emphasizing on the part of exfoliating and moisturizing before BECAUSE the glitter will cling to any dry patches- not a pretty look.  To moisturize I applied Shiseido Refining Moisturizer IBUKI , and in any SUPER dry areas I lightly patted on Josie Maran 100% Light Argan Oil.

NOW that your face is freshly washed you should let the moisturizers set for five minutes before moving onto a primer.

In my eyes, Poison Ivy must have dewy skin.   This is where the Hourglass primer comes in handy!  Not only does it create a protective hydrating barrier from environmental factor it forms such a unique dewyness I have yet to find with other primers.   Just as we had done with the moisturizer allow the primer to sit for five minutes.

Following the dewy trend,  I applied two pumps over my entire face with a dampened beauty blender.  I made sure to apply thin coats because much more will be added later.  As I grabbed my highlighting and contour kit I allowed the foundation to set for two minutes!   

*ABH Cream Contour LIGHT/MEDIUM- Banana, Cinnamon, Nude                                                                                                                                      I noticed this pallet got dried out REALLY quick so I took out my handy Josie Maran Argan oil and put a few drops on each shade.   Little did I know I made an amazing lightweight cream contouring unit!  I used the shades Cinnamon, Nude, and Banana.  As you might of guessed Cinnamon was used to contour, and I mixed Nude and Banana together for a concealing shade (didn't feel like going all out on concealer).  

As I said before, I didn't go concealer happy.  Instead I used this shade to highlight my under eye area as it provides a nice luminous effect to my skin.  I blended this in with a Beauty Blender!

To set the concealer I lightly tapped this on-top with the same Beauty Blender. This process just provides more coverage and combats an "oily" appearance!

This bronzer is SUPER glittery, so it fits the occasion perfectly.  I applied this to the outside contours of my face with a Nars #21 brush.  This sheds warmth back into my face that was lost from contouring!

*KVD Shade&Light Contour Pallet- Subconscious, Lyric, Sombre
While it doesn't seem I did an intense contour in more ways that one I did!  I used the Tarte Swirl Powder brush and first placed sombre right on the sides of my nose, hollows of my cheeks, and under my jaw.  After placing sombre in these areas, I gently picked Subconscious and tapped off access powder.  For a more defined look I applied Subconscious in the same areas as Sombre with the only difference of moving a couple of inches down for more natural effect.  Lastly, using a Sephora #74 brush I applied Lyric under my eye in an upside down triangle shape, on the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, and on my chin!

I heavily applied this stuff because IT HAS NO PIGMENT.  Why I bought this? No clue.  Actually I have a review on the product here, so you might want to check that out as I provided swatches.  Moreover, I used a dense Sephora Multi-Tasker Powder Brush and went to blush city.  I went for a sheer blush because any other colors would take away from the colored glitter! 

This has to be one of the most beautiful highlighters EVER.  It is super glittery so I made sure to first apply a sticky base (ELF Shimmering Facial Whip).  I used my index finger to heavily apply this shade to my cheek bones.  I skipped out on applying it to my nose and forehead because I let the facial whip do the rest of the work.

Before applying the UD illuminator I applied this to my cheekbones,  the bridge of my nose, my chin, and lastly, my forehead.  I used my fingers for this part because the whip is very thick making it almost impossible to use a brush!

BTW I AM SO MAD (note the caps).  This stuff is almost on its way of running out and its been only a month!!!! I think my travel size lasted longer.  Hmpf.   What saves this product is it actually does keep makeup in place.  

     Before I get into the face detailing I would like to begin with the eyes since the pigments chosen were all products used during this section of the makeup look!

*ELF Smudge Pot- Gotta Glow 
Rather using an actual primer I decided to start with a cream eyeshadow with metallic reflects! I had applied a thin layer of Gotta Glow from my lid up to my brow with my index finger.

Using a Mac 239 I applied this to the inner third of my eye.  This golden color reflects green which is PERFECT for the next pigments to come.  I used a patting motion for the pigment to insure optimal pigment

*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows- Mint Soda, Lumi, Grand Tiara
After applying the Ingot pigment I went right into Mint Soda and applied it center lid with the same 239 Mac brush. I made sure to pack on the shadow with slight smudging motions to blend it into #42.   Then, I took the shade Lumi and using a 219 Mac brush tapped it in the inner corners of my eyes along with the tear ducts.  Speaking of the tear ducts, I also added Grand Tiara to this shimmery mashup of colors for a more ethereal look!

*Mac eyeshadows- Swimming, Peacock, Kelly, Carbon
After working on the eyelid I moved onto the crease.  In the crease I first applied Swimming with a Sephora Blending brush.  I made sure to use big circular motions for a smoked out look.  After creating a base shade I went onto Kelly, which I believe was a LE, and applied it in my inner V with a Mac 217.  Unlike the motions used with Swimming, I used very short blending strokes to concentrate the color.  Lastly, I took Peacock and deepened up the crease more!  
~Peacock and Carbon are smudged on my lower lash line.

I took Jade and applied it to my upper and lower waterlines for a coordinated look! 


Alright, to begin I worked from my right eye down.   Sounds weird but completely makes sense when you do the intricate swirls and splotchy green ivy marks!  

     Using Sugarpills pigment in Mint Soda I took Sephora's Teardrop Highlighter brush and swept this in a C shape surrounding my eye- almost like I am applying a luminizer.  I dragged the shade up to my forehead slightly for a "spread" out effect!  With the same pigment and brush, I took the pigment onto my collar bones!  All I did was brush the shade in random areas on my chest+collar bones. 

     As you can see from the photos I also created depth with a darker green!  To create the depth I used Peacock by Mac and outlined my collar bones with a Mini Sephora fan brush.  I literally swept this a few times where shadows naturally hit my collar bones and proceeded in creating definition on my neck as well.  While moving up the neck I continued making random splashes of Mint Soda.  

By patting on the shades it holds the glitter, and obviously we want the charm bomb to explode with this look.

 I used two major glitters- MUFE #3 Glitter and OCC Mint Glitter.  

       In terms of the MUFE glitter, I patted this directly on-top of Mint Soda on my right eye!  I also in some areas on my chest mixed the glitter with OCC Mint!  This provided a beautiful golden/green glow.

   For the swirly part that is suppose to represent vines, I took Stilas Smudge Stick in Jade and began by drawing a hook extending from my original winged liner.  After I made the first hook, I connected it to hook in the opposite direction.  Essentially the vines are a bunch of curly hooks :).  Inside the hooks I applied Mint Soda pigment with a 219 brush and later added OCC mint glitter on-top!


      To create the glittered effect on my lips I simply patted on MUFE #3 and OCC Mint over the lipgloss with a fluffy shader brush.  This wasn't a difficult task being you can design the placement any way you want!  For instance, I put MUFE #3 on my cupids bow which some might not do as it draws a lot of focus to the lips!  I call these the kiss of death lips.  Yes.  Kiss and die mwahahahaha.

MAC: 239, 217, 219
SEPHORA: #74, #53

So this is my old edition of I suppose Poison Ivy...  I grew on the concept of vining (as you can see) and also my blending improved greatly.  I love doing this old me VS new me posts because it really shows how much I have changed as a person- yep makeup can change people.  In my case, for the better.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss Swatches and Review

Hey guys!  
     Yesterday I had just received my Anastasia Beverly Hills order which consisted of 3 full coverage lipgloss!  I bought the shades Melon, Barbie Pink, and Vintage. After doing a few swatches and wearing each shade for 2 hours, Vintage has to be my favorite!  It matches my natural lip color well and unlike other pinkish browns it truly leans like a natural rose shade!   Despite it being a unique color I do find it to be comparable to Kat Von D Cathedral, with the only difference of ABH Vintage being a lighter pink.    According to the site these are" ultra-smooth, [have a] weightless formula [that] combines the intensity of a stain with the mirror-like shine of a gloss. "  These defiantly pack a punch in pigment and after I present the swatches you'll see how creamy these babies are!

         The lipgloss comes with a flat sponge-tip applicator.  I have found this applicator to provide even coverage and create sharp lines!  Unlike other lip glosses this comes with a longer tube top which prevents messes, which I doubt will occur being this is a super creamy and thick formula.

 This is in natural lighting.  Shades from L to R:  Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon. 

 This is in warm lighting.  Shades from L to R:  Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon. 
I took this photo under a warm light so you guys can get an idea of what it looks like under certain lightings! Vintage leans more brown while Melon leans like a true tangerine shade!

This is with flash.  Shades from L to R:  Vintage, Barbie Pink, Melon

Creamy Formula, High Coverage 

Before I give an overall summary of this shade in specific I would like to annunciate my grading on lip glosses!  I like to go by the coverage (how opaque), the staying power (how long it maintains color), and application (how easy it is to apply).

Coverage: 8/10
Staying Power: 8/10
Application: 10/10

Overall Melon is a lovely bright coral shade that will change color depending on the lighting.  For example, based on my swatches above Melon can look extremely orange in warm lighting and in flash photography completely peaches and cream!  I would like to say these lip glosses have very opaque coverage HOWEVER you need to swipe a few times so the color is evenly distributed.  I noticed due to its thickness it lasts much longer than most lip glosses!  Compared to Mac's Lipglasses these defiantly are creamier, last longer, and don't least Melon doesn't! 

Barbie Pink
Creamy Formula, High Coverage

Coverage: 8.5/10
Staying Power: 8.5/10
Application: 10/10

Barbie pink is a true hot pink color that unlike other pinks fits the description.  What you see in the tube, is what you get!  Similarly to Melon this shade is a thick creamy substance that lasts a rather long time!  Only downside to Barbie Pink is it does leave faint a stain behind.  Application wise it is easy to apply and with the swipe of the brush once, vivid pinks appear. After using this product it got me thinking- I believe there is a similar lipgloss to this I just can't put my finger on it!! BY THE WAY   -- if you're sensitive to smell be careful of this product.  While it does have a VERY faint smell, unclose a fruit paradise hits your nose. As being someone with sensitivity to smell this was not an issue for me, it was quite pleasant and the smell goes away once applied.

Creamy Formula, High Coverage
Coverage: 8/10
Staying Power: 8/10
Application: 10/10

This shade matched my natural lip color so well!  I was surprised when I received Vintage because from the tube it looks like a deep mauve almost- boy was I surprised!  The coverage was fairly good and it stayed on a decent amount of time.  Only issue is for some odd reason this was not as creamy as Barbie Pink and Melon! Booh.  Overall, I'd recommend this shade because it is unique and can be paired with a variety of everyday looks, dramatic looks, and colorful looks!


Cons                                                                                     Pros
*Smell can be an issue for people sensitive to smell                                               *smells great
*Wears off unevenly                                                                   *Lasts a rather long time (3 hrs)
 *Very thick formula                                                          *Application is great- one swipe, color
*Transfers onto cups                                                                  *Not tacky, very smooth formula

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pin-up Makeup

      After a month of having the Bite Mimosa set, I finally delved into it!  Rather using the actual lipstick, I topped off ABH Liquid Lip in American Doll with the Mimosa Lush Fruit Lipgloss!  I must say the texture is phenomenal and non sticky- not to mention the fact coverage is on par with Mac's lip glasses.   This is the second red lipstick look I have posted on my blog!  While my older look was focused more on the lips this makeup look evenly balances between Mimosa, and the fluffy lashes.  Also, before I get into any details I would like to say this was a pleasure to apply (the liquid lipstick and lipgloss) compared to the OCC lip tar I had used in July.  Mess free and minimum tree branch lips!

    The interesting part here is American Doll is described as a blue red, and  Mimosa is described as a warm red.  Both clearly would clash, and they don't!  In fact I feel the duo is wonderful and Mimosa helped make American Doll less clashy with my undertones. Being I have neutral to golden tones it's odd a blue'ed red works nicely however, about a month ago a Mac associate explained the ideology to me!  She had said, "The reason the blue reds might look well on you compared to yellow tones is the same reason the shades red, green and white work well on Christmas.  The opposites attract essentially!"  I found this quite interesting and ever since she had told me this, it has helped me find the most PERFECT reds such as Mimosa, and American Doll. 

 For reference- Russian Red by Mac is DARKER than American Doll!
                       Mimosa is BRIGHTER than American Doll and Russian Red!

     Aside from this, the eye look was rather simple and required far less products than the original "Red Lips and Sharp Wings" Tutorial.   It also can be paired with ANY lip color and is super effective in brightening the eyes up!

*Tarte Tartlette Pallet- Free Spirit, Multi-Tasker, Wanderer 
     After applying the cream eyeshadow I applied Free Spirit all over my lid with a Mac 239.  I made sure to apply just enough that it appears vibrant.  I dragged the shade into my tear duct as well.
Next, I took Multi-Tasker and using a 217 Mac brush I placed it right above the crease in circular blending motions.  To finish it up I took Wanderer and applied it in my inner V with a Mac 219 brush!

I shaded Wheat onto my brow bone and slightly applied it on my lower lash line with Mac's 219 brush. Lastly, using the same 219 (as you can see it is very multipurpose) I smudged Espresso under my lashes for more definition!

*Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black Ink
I created a simple wing using a Sephora #92 brush!

       For my skin, I didn't do my regular cream contour, I instead stuck to powders.  I know, shocking.  I have rather dry skin at the moment and I have NO idea why creams cling more to my dry patches than powders!!  I had used less product than usual making this the easiest look I have created so far.

I lightly dabbed this on my skin with my Beauty Blender Pro!  This stuff is incredible because you can easily add coverage where needed and it will not bunch up.

I blended the product under my eyes, and over any blemishes.  I really did not highlight too much and stuck to covering up dark circles and break outs!

Ahh I finally tried the baking method!  Right after applying my concealer I patted this under my eyes and on my T zone with a Sephora Teardrop Highlighter brush!  Once blended I noticed my skin looked ultra smooth!

I applied Lyric under my eyes, on my chin, and on my forehead with a Sephora #74 Blush Contour brush.  I also took Sombre and lightly contoured with the same brush!  I focused more on the highlights than contour today to make the red stand out more!  

I hoola'd up my look by applying this bronzer under my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, under my chin, and slightly on my temples with a Tarte Swirl Powder Contour and Bronzing brush!

I applied Well Dressed to my cheekbones with a Mac 168.  This light medium pink is perfect because it doesn't clash with Mimosa and illuminates my skin beautifully!

Mac: 217, 239, 219, 168
Sephora: #74, #92