Saturday, September 26, 2015

Snow Queen Makeup

              Ni haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao!  I hope everyone is proud I actually memorized that and can fluently say it.  Besides taking the language of Chinese, I have a frosty look in store for everyone.  Along with this look I recorded a tutorial with a slightly different style of recording- so let me know if you guys prefer it! 
             I have not done a blue look in quite some time and decided today is the day!  Lately I have stuck with purples, and greens and it is quite hysterical since I have pallets upon pallets of BLUE!  If you notice I have some breakouts visible and honestly, thats okay. I'd rather have light coverage and a face that is clearing up than full coverage and a face that is still breaking out.  SOO please, don't mind the pesky one beside my left eyebrow!
This look would work wonderfully for a Snow Queen Halloween costume as the pale lips complement this look well.
Anyways, full details will be listed below along with the Youtube video (will be posted soon!)

 (leans slightly pink on me but I stuck along with it)

I lightly applied this with an UD Naked 2 brush to any blemishes.  I blended them in with a slightly damp Beauty Blender

Patted over the concealer with an ELF Powder Pouf (came with a pressed setting powder)

Applied with a Sephora concealed brush (came with a set from last year during Christmas)
Blended in with an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and damp Beauty Blender

Contour shade- Sephora #74

Applied with a Mac 168 Brush

Applied to cheekbones, forehead, LIGHTLY on bridge of nose and chin with a Mac 159

Applied with a Sephora #74

I took Mac's Pure White pencil and smudged it over the cream shadow- I would of preferred using a NYX Jumbo Eye pencil however both work just as good for a base.

Patted onto the lid with a Urban Decay Electric Pallet Brush.

Column 8, down one; column 9, down one.
I mixed both shades together and applied them in my crease as a transitional shade this way the brighter colors will appear faded.  I used a 217 Mac brush to complete this step.

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans
Poolside was mixed with Gonzo from the UD Electric Pallet and placed into the crease with a 217 Mac Brush.

Center Stage is placed in the outer third of my lid with the same 217 brush.  I dragged Poolside and Center Stage down to my lower lash liner with a Mac 219

*Mac Eyeshadow- Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue is blended in my crease, specifically the inner V with a 217 Mac brush.

Gonzo, Revolt
Revolt is packed ontop of Nyx Prismatic Shadow and placed slightly on-top of Tako with a 219 Mac brush.

Applied in the tear duct with a standard Sephora shadow brush

I created a wing with a Mac 210 brush