Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Disney's Elsa Inspired Makeup

         Today I had an on whim idea of a Princess Elsa makeup look.  I for one LOVE Elsa being she is her own woman and unlike the other princesses needs NO man.
   Now I know this is not the typical dark rose golden purple makeup look Elsa portrays in her fabulous films, however I had to add some "me" into it.  This makeup look features a brighter purple eye and more of a rose toned brown lip.  I had done an Elsa look last year and would like to show that along with my newest version since my skills have improved greatly.

Two coats of the foundation was applied with a damp Beauty Blender.

I patted the powder foundation over the concealer with the BB.

To apply the bronzer I used an Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush.  Contouring+Highlighting wise I used my Sephora #74 brush.

I applied the Shimmering Facial Whip with my fingers and lightly patted the Matte Radiance underneath for a multidimensional look.

Using a Mac 168 I applied a generous amount since Elsa has a frost bitten look to her cheeks! 

Lips are Marc Jacobs Gel Lipstick in Magenta!

Applied with #12 ABH brush

*MAC Shadows
Satellite Dreams was mixed with MUFE 1922 and patted on the lid with a Mac 239
Copperplate was blended into the crease as a transition with a Mac 224
Seedy Pearl is in the tear duct and used to highlight the brow bone with a Mac 217
Star violet was placed in the crease with a Mac 217 

 Candied Violet, Cherry Cordial 
Candied Violet was placed under the lash line and in the inner V with a Mac 219
Cherry Cordial was placed farther in the Inner V with a Mac 217

Smudged under the lash line with a Mac 219

Lined with a Sephora eyeliner brush- I have no clue why but this lacks pigment I prefer my cheaper MUG Immortal liner.

SO.  Here is a little throwback for all of you- yes I know its horrid.  My original idea of Elsa was very pinkish brown shades and a minimalist look.  This is until I realized ELSA IS SUPER FABULOUS and deserves great makeup.  Compared to my skills now, my blending has improved drastically and so has the way I apply my shadows for optimal pigment!