Saturday, September 26, 2015

Snow Queen Makeup

              Ni haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao!  I hope everyone is proud I actually memorized that and can fluently say it.  Besides taking the language of Chinese, I have a frosty look in store for everyone.  Along with this look I recorded a tutorial with a slightly different style of recording- so let me know if you guys prefer it! 
             I have not done a blue look in quite some time and decided today is the day!  Lately I have stuck with purples, and greens and it is quite hysterical since I have pallets upon pallets of BLUE!  If you notice I have some breakouts visible and honestly, thats okay. I'd rather have light coverage and a face that is clearing up than full coverage and a face that is still breaking out.  SOO please, don't mind the pesky one beside my left eyebrow!
This look would work wonderfully for a Snow Queen Halloween costume as the pale lips complement this look well.
Anyways, full details will be listed below along with the Youtube video (will be posted soon!)

 (leans slightly pink on me but I stuck along with it)

I lightly applied this with an UD Naked 2 brush to any blemishes.  I blended them in with a slightly damp Beauty Blender

Patted over the concealer with an ELF Powder Pouf (came with a pressed setting powder)

Applied with a Sephora concealed brush (came with a set from last year during Christmas)
Blended in with an Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and damp Beauty Blender

Contour shade- Sephora #74

Applied with a Mac 168 Brush

Applied to cheekbones, forehead, LIGHTLY on bridge of nose and chin with a Mac 159

Applied with a Sephora #74

I took Mac's Pure White pencil and smudged it over the cream shadow- I would of preferred using a NYX Jumbo Eye pencil however both work just as good for a base.

Patted onto the lid with a Urban Decay Electric Pallet Brush.

Column 8, down one; column 9, down one.
I mixed both shades together and applied them in my crease as a transitional shade this way the brighter colors will appear faded.  I used a 217 Mac brush to complete this step.

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans
Poolside was mixed with Gonzo from the UD Electric Pallet and placed into the crease with a 217 Mac Brush.

Center Stage is placed in the outer third of my lid with the same 217 brush.  I dragged Poolside and Center Stage down to my lower lash liner with a Mac 219

*Mac Eyeshadow- Atlantic Blue
Atlantic Blue is blended in my crease, specifically the inner V with a 217 Mac brush.

Gonzo, Revolt
Revolt is packed ontop of Nyx Prismatic Shadow and placed slightly on-top of Tako with a 219 Mac brush.

Applied in the tear duct with a standard Sephora shadow brush

I created a wing with a Mac 210 brush

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tarte Bling It On Amazonian Clay Blush Pallet Review+Swatches

         Ahh yes, it is that time again where Christmas goodies are amongst us and well we can't help but splurge on em'!  Today I received my Tarte bling It On pallet and I must say it is definitely not a let down.  I purchased this primarily because for a while I was contemplating buying Tarte blushes and figured five full sized blushes for $44.00 is amazing- especially since these are highly rated!

          To begin I will say packaging is right up my alley.  Glitz and glam with a tad of gold- what could go wrong with that.  Well...being a first time Tarte blush user a lot can.  I just would like to say I am NOT fond of their Tartlette pallet it is super chalky.  Why is this important?  Well, the blush is rather dry in my opinion.   It applies wonderfully but it just isn't the "wow" factor I was expecting.   The shade I was looking forward to most is doll face.  It was slightly disappointing to me since it wasn't as flashy as I expected in fact compared to Nars Gaiety it leans like a deep warm pink.  Since this whole paragraph might be depressing to some I will leave it on the note that Beaming is quite lovely on the skin and is very unique. OH goodness actually, going on the track of "uniqueness" shades such as Smashing or Fetching are very dupable- especially to Too Faced Love Flush's.  Now you all can rest in peace as I tore apart this lovely pallet :).

Moving onto the swatches...

L to R WITH FLASH and over MUFE Soothing Primer- fetching, dollface, prim, smashing, beaming.

              L to R over MUFE Soothing Primer- fetching, dollface, prim, smashing, beaming.

I don't know guys- the swatches are quite convincing but seeing that my Too Faced Love Flush resembled Smashing to a T it makes me regret this purchase; but hey when in Rome, do as the Romans do.  In this case, shop for glittery items!

       Individually each shade has a different pigment range as well as chalky factor.  For example, while fetching and dollface have a nice silky texture that is easily buildable, smashing and prim are atrocious.  The two shades that lack pigment and are straight chalk.  Like ew? Who comes up with this "amazonian clay".  IT has ruined two blushes and a full shadow pallet-- going to shadow heaven now.  Thanks Tarte.  In all honesty, I am on the edge of saying this pallet is decent but then the way Prim applies?  Man I have no clue this is a straight 7/10 and for 44 dollars down that is disappointing.     For 44 dollars I expect Prada- not Nada.

Overall should you buy this?
if you like glitter GO FOR IT
if you like chalk GO FOR IT
if you like matte blushes and one glittery blush GO FOR IT

If you're like me who prefers a shimmery blush such as Nars Orgasm or a silky matte blush like Too Faced Your Love Is King- skip the pallet.  The glitter isn't worth it.  Plus the fact it is hard to travel with being the sequins get caught on EVERYTHING.

This is with Dollface- it does't leave the same luminous vibe my other blushes give however it does do the job.  I'd suggest getting the singles as 28 dollars is far cheaper than 44 dollars of hit or miss shades!  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Disney's Elsa Inspired Makeup

         Today I had an on whim idea of a Princess Elsa makeup look.  I for one LOVE Elsa being she is her own woman and unlike the other princesses needs NO man.
   Now I know this is not the typical dark rose golden purple makeup look Elsa portrays in her fabulous films, however I had to add some "me" into it.  This makeup look features a brighter purple eye and more of a rose toned brown lip.  I had done an Elsa look last year and would like to show that along with my newest version since my skills have improved greatly.

Two coats of the foundation was applied with a damp Beauty Blender.

I patted the powder foundation over the concealer with the BB.

To apply the bronzer I used an Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush.  Contouring+Highlighting wise I used my Sephora #74 brush.

I applied the Shimmering Facial Whip with my fingers and lightly patted the Matte Radiance underneath for a multidimensional look.

Using a Mac 168 I applied a generous amount since Elsa has a frost bitten look to her cheeks! 

Lips are Marc Jacobs Gel Lipstick in Magenta!

Applied with #12 ABH brush

*MAC Shadows
Satellite Dreams was mixed with MUFE 1922 and patted on the lid with a Mac 239
Copperplate was blended into the crease as a transition with a Mac 224
Seedy Pearl is in the tear duct and used to highlight the brow bone with a Mac 217
Star violet was placed in the crease with a Mac 217 

 Candied Violet, Cherry Cordial 
Candied Violet was placed under the lash line and in the inner V with a Mac 219
Cherry Cordial was placed farther in the Inner V with a Mac 217

Smudged under the lash line with a Mac 219

Lined with a Sephora eyeliner brush- I have no clue why but this lacks pigment I prefer my cheaper MUG Immortal liner.

SO.  Here is a little throwback for all of you- yes I know its horrid.  My original idea of Elsa was very pinkish brown shades and a minimalist look.  This is until I realized ELSA IS SUPER FABULOUS and deserves great makeup.  Compared to my skills now, my blending has improved drastically and so has the way I apply my shadows for optimal pigment!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Snow Bunny Makeup

Today i had purchased some fluffy bear ears and instantly I got some inspiration to do a SNOW BUNNY makeup look.  Yes, I am aware Fall is next week however its never too late to let your inner snow out.  Anyhoooo this makeup look was actually not meant to be a "makeup look"  as i transformed my everyday look by the addition of lashes and pale lippies but be that as it may full details will be listed below :)! 


Using a Marc Jacobs Face II brush to apply

Applied with damp beauty blender over concealed areas

*Nars Mutiple in Copacabana, Portofino 
Applied with fingers:
 Copacabana on cheekbones/nose/forehead/chin.  
Portofino on the cheeks

Applied with Mac 168 brush

Using a ABH #12 brush

Maui Wowi, Chopper, Smog, Sin, Oil Slick
Smog: applied on the lid with a Mac 239.  Shade was smudged under my lash line with a Mac 219
Sin: applied 1/3 in on the lid with a Mac 239
Maui Wowi: applied in the tear duct using my finger to dab it on
Smog: applied on the outer lid with a Mac 217
Oil Slick: applied in the inner V with a Mac 217

applied in crease with a Mac 217 


Here is my latest rant featuring this makeup look with Nars Audrey Lipstick!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Feathered Romance Makeup

       So, today's look leaned a tad summery BUT fear not I added some Fall pazaz to this look!  Around two days ago I received my Lorac Unzipped Pallet and I must say these shades are truly unique!  For example, Unreal is a lovely pinked almost opal shade that I have never seen before.  In comparison to  Urban Decay's Naked 3, I wish I would of purchased the Lorac first being this pallet has 10x more pigment and unique shades.  

    During my video I had switched between two lipstick shades.  One being Mac's Creme De La Femme, and the other being Marc Jacobs Boy Gorgeous.  I will post both photos so you can get an idea of how this look can be changed dramatically by a simple lip shade!


Blended in with fingers + dampened Beauty Blender

Patted on-top Concealer with damp BB

*ABH Cream Contour Kit- Cinnamon, Banana, Nude
Applied with Sephora Concealer brush
Blended with damp BB + ELF Ultimate blending brush

Contoured/Highlighted with Sephora #74 brush

Applied with Mac 168 

Blended in with Mac 159

#74 Sephora Brush

Defined with #12 ABH brush

*Lorac Unzipped Pallet
Unreal, Uncensored, Unconditional, Unspoken, Untamed, Unbridled, Undisovered, Undercover

Ureal was applied on the entire lid with a Mac 239 

Undiscovered was placed towards the tear duct with a Mac 239

Uncensored was placed on the our lid with a Mac 239

Unconditional was placed in the crease along with Unspoken with a Mac 224, and Mac 217

Untamed and Unbridled were mixed together and placed in the outer V using a Sephora Small Shader brush.  I dragged the color under my lash line with a 219 Mac brush.

Undercover was used to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes- Mac 219

*MUG Corrupt
Corrupt was smudged under the lash line and smudged into Untamed for a more defined crease- 219 Mac

*KVD Trooper Tattoo Liner

*UD Smog 24/7 Liner
I used this on the water line and slightly on my lashes!

*Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

*House Of Lashes Iconic

*HOL Lash Glue