Thursday, December 31, 2015

Pastel Glittery Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

       While I was not entirely sure on what to name this I knew I just had to post it immediately!  The look I created early this morning is not only super simple, it works for MANY occasions such as New Years Eve, and even Valentines day to throw that one in there!  I was contemplating sharing this one as its not my typical black liner, thick lashes, but then I came to the realization not everyone has lashes or is able to apply liner in a neat fashion. I decided that glitter eyeliner was the perfect alternative as the loose eyeshadow I used can easily be cleaned up if a mistake was made.  This gave me some freedom with light pastels as well because for a while I was itching to use Makeup Geek's Carnival (gorgeous medium orchid shade), just never got around to using it since I have been focusing on dark New Years looks!  This one is defiantly on the other side of the spectrum, super easy to complete, and the face didn't require all too much so I think this would be perfect for medium level makeup lovers who've been exposed to makeup of colorful sorts for a while.  The whole point of this look is to push your barriers, and to be you so if something doesn't look or feel right simply change the color scheme, but keep the same concept :)!

*Makeup Forever Pro>Bronze Fusion, 10M Natural Matte Honey
*Too Faced Love Flush, Your Love Is King
*Colourpop BYOB 

      This is defiantly one of those odd looks were I didn't quite wash my face, but I did.  Instead of going through a full, boring routine of cleansing and exfoliating I decided to mask it up with Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. Honestly, this is one of THE BEST masks I have ever used primarily because it visibly washes away dirt and my skin becomes baby smooth, all those pesky dry patches instantly gone!  Once I allowed the mask to harden I washed it off with warm water and set my skin with Fresh's Seaberry Oil!  If you happen to be using an oil like me allow this to set for 7 minutes total, letting it set for much less time will create an oily base for your primers plus doesn't allow the oil to do its job, hydrate!

         I decided to venture out into other priming realms as my current primer well....exploded once again.  No idea why this keeps occurring when the room is at a good temperature, bottle is kept upright OUT OF containers, and kept tightly close....hmm.  Anyhoo once my face oil set I then applied Makeup Forevers Step 1 Hydrating Primer onto all zones of my face. Be sure to extend out towards the hairline for the best results!  After using this primer I realized that a few months earlier I bought a full sized green color correcting primer from them and broke out, luckily that breaking out session DID NOT occur!  Let the primer set for 2-3 minutes, depending if the product has oil is how you should time yourself!

          Once the primer is set you should be ready to go for foundation!  I wasn't having such a good skin day, and when I'm not having good skin days I tend to gravitate toward products I haven't used in a while such as Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation and a Beauty Blender.  While I do love my brushes to death, I do admit a Beauty Blender Pro makes life much easier, it just doesn't make my makeup look as flawless.  To begin I squeezed one pump onto the back of my hand and with the back side of the beauty blender, or fatter side, I grabbed some product and began to bounce it off my skin with light stippling motions.  Follow the same stippling process on all zones of the skin and always blend out to the hairline.  Due to the Beauty Blender containing water, it waters down foundations thus leading me to using another pump to cover the left side of my face.  If added coverage is needed I wouldn't stress it as cream contouring covers basically everything!  Allow your foundation to set for a couple of minutes too.

            Right around three minutes in my face began to mattify down which lead to me pulling out the Cover Fx Cream Contouring Kit.   While I'm not the biggest fan of this pallet, as the contour given isn't as deep as I'd like, it certainly is convenient!  With shade 1 and my bare fingers, I drew upside down triangles underneath my eyes, one line down the bridge of my nose, as well as 3 lines on my forehead and another from my left jaw moving right to my right jaw.  With contouring I took shade 4 and drew one line on the natural hollowing of my cheeks, two lines down the sides of my nose with a slight semi circle on the tip, and a slight dash on both temples.  Contouring varies from person to person as we're all human. I suggest to try different techniques and methods to ensure your makeup looks flawless!  One thing I will say is knowing your face shape isn't the most helpful thing.  For example, for my face shape which is a mixture of 2, a heart and oval, apparently I should be highlighting right above my lip even though I know that'd make the space even larger than it is.  Be subjective, not every piece of information given out on the web is valid, even if many follow it.  Besides that little pep talk, once you have your cream contour set blend away!  There really isn't much of a method to the Beauty Blender Pro other than to stipple and occasionally flip the sponge to the pointed side for precision blending.  Never blend up with the sponge as this will magnify any dry patches or peach fuzz! 

       When it comes to the powders you'll have to use a brush but thats no big deal since this process takes all but 5 minutes total!  Right after blending in the contour its always best to add warmth back to the skin.  To do so I took Makeup Forevers Pro Bronze Fusion and gradually blended from my temples down to my cheeks and finally to my jawline with a Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush.  These are the areas the sun naturally hits, if you'd like to bronze the sides of your nose BE SURE the bronzer is MATTE!  Shimmery bronzers don't work too well as a contour setting powder. Keep in mind powders such as Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powders are the type of bronze/contour textures to use.  

     After completing the bronzing step, move onto powder contouring UNLESS you decided to contour with a matte bronzer!  With Sephora's #45 Brush i gently picked up the first shade named Contour in the Smashbox Step By Step Contour Kit, and brushed it in the hollows of my cheeks as well as on the sides of my nose and under my chin.  When doing a powder contour you typically are just re-contouring the areas you cream contoured for more definition.  Blend until the product appears to be gone, harsh lines are nothing to be proud of.  Also, I am a believer that contour can be worn at any point in your life not just for special occasions or photoshoots!  There is nothing wrong with the process and if done correctly it looks completely natural.

      Blush is near the last step of any makeup routine.  With my Mac 168 brush I picked up a slight amount of Too Faced Love Flush in Your Love is King then gently tapped of excess product.  With a color so bright and pigmented it is best to work in light layers and work up to the desired flush!  Starting from the apples of my cheeks I blended the product up to my hairline with upward fluent strokes.  Generally speaking, never furiously blend side to side.  Blush is an elegant product that requires soft and gentle motions for one to fully enjoy the product itself.

      While it appears I used A LOT of glowy products, I really didn't.  Each product had its own purpose wether it be a base glow, or just simply for the bridge of my nose, nothing was put to bad use.  To begin I squeezed a pea-sized amount of Nars's Liquid Illuminator to the back of my hand.  With my Beauty Blender Pro I then proceeded to gently dabbing it on the "C's" of my eyes as well as slightly on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose.  After doing so I then took Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal and with my Elf Concealer Brush brushed it on top of my cheekbones and then with a clean finger patted it slightly on the tip of my nose.  To add an ethereal glow to the mix I finished up with Incandescent Light from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Pallet. With the same finger used to apply opal I then applied it right on the BRIDGE of my nose as well as on my cupids bow, and on my chin.

        To make my skin absolutely perfect I decided to bake with Makeup Forevers HD Setting Powder.  This stuff is wonderful not only because it photographs great, but for the simple reason despite the amount I use it still does not clog my pores!  Before applying I made sure to give the container a nice shake (the product is netted thus only some product comes out, by shaking a ton spills all over the place) to ensure when I opened it enough would suffice to cover my entire face.  Starting from my under eye area and the fat side of my Beauty Blender I started to stipple (in the manner of just getting the product on my skin) in the powder until it was completely visible.  I repeated the method on all zones of my face including my forehead, chin, and between my cheek and jaw contour.  I allowed this to set until I finally finished my eyes.  By that point I took a Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush and gently dusted away all the excess powder!  To set everything completely I then sprayed 6-8 pumps of Urban Decay All Nighter Spray onto my skin.  This not only refreshens the makeup but if this is done for New Years I can assure you everything will last, even the glitter eyeliner without transferring!

*Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil, Milk + Purple Velvet 
      While baking you should move along to the eyebrows as being unproductive is simply not an option.  With my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush I spoolied through both of my eyebrows then followed by taking out the Dipbrow Pomade, I began to line each brow to my desired shape.  After lining them simply fill the brows in with light brush strokes to mimic actual brow hair.  Give your brows an extra spoolieing to disburse the product out and soften harsh lines!

        Today I got a little creative when it came to using Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencils.  For starters, take the color Milk and right from the stick smudge it onto the entire lid area.  With a clean finger blend the product up to your brow bone, and then once more smudge to product underneath your lower lash line, this time without blending.  Purple Velvet is used towards the wee end as a waterline color by the way!

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan/ Foiled Eyeshadow: DayDreamerShimma ShimmaMermaid,  CarnivalCurfew,  Peach Smoothie
     Right from the gecko its best to take care of the lower lash line.  To do so I took the shade Mermaid and gently patted it across the entire white line with a Mac 239 brush.  When using Mermaid since it contains a high teal reflective sheen its best to work in light layers, or small sections at a time to fully capture the colors depth and brightness!  Right after you apply Mermaid move to the  lid and with any fluffy shadow brush (I used Urban Decay's Electric Brush for precise application) start to pat on the shade Daydreamer.  Daydreamer is not a tricky shade thus light application at first is not necessary, simply continue to pat the color on until you receive a light lilac!

           Right after you've applied Daydreamer move along to working on the crease.  With my Sephora #27 Brush I gently worked the color Peach Smoothie into my crease with light side to side and circular motions. This color is super flexible due to it being light so if you happen to make a mistake by blending too far up take the Jumbo Eye Pencil and smudge it right over as if nothing happened!  Here is where the fun part comes into play as a slight halo eye effect was done for a more fairy like appearance.  With a Mac 219 brush go into the color Carnival.  Starting from the inner corners of your lid, smudge the shade into Daydreamer WITHOUT going past the mid lid area.  Then, from the outer third of the lid smudge the color again on the other side be sure to slightly blend up into the crease for depth.  After applying Carnival go into the color Curfew and with the same smudge method apply this a little bit lower down the inner corners.  IF done correctly a light and airy gradience should be formed!  As for the outer corners, with Mac's 217 Blending Brush I gently eased it into the crease with patting and side to side blending motions.  Be sure to keep Curfew distant enough  from Carnival to have a distinct color change!

            The last finishing touch is rather simple, with either a finger or a clean 239 brush apply Shimma Shimma to the tear duct as well as on the brow bone as a highlight.  Since the rest of the look is purple finish up with the color Touch of Lilac by ABH and apply this right in the inner corners as well!

           The first step to completing this glitter eyeliner is to simply line your eyes!  To do so I took Kat Von D's Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper and I formed a thick cat eye that extended up to the tip of my brow.  It is extremely necessary you have a clean line made as this will be use for a guide for the glitter glue and pigment!  Once you have the line formed take a pea-sized amount of Too Faced Glitter Glue onto the back of your hand.  If all you have is lash glue, this works just as well!  With my Abh #12, brush that was used for my eyebrows, I took a bit of the glitter glue and gently patted it across the entire wing.  You want to make sure you work fast as the glue dries extremely quick!  Once you have your entire eyeliner covered in glitter glue to an exact precision move along to the actual pigment.  Begin by patting it on from the center of your wing out towards the tip the back around to the inner corners.  This will take a few minutes to not only build up pigment but to make sure the glitter line made is clean cut!  Fall out is scarce and especially with baking it is not the end of the world.  Be sure to build up the silvery sheen until it sparkles :)!

       Finish off the look with some mascara, give yourself a hefty few coats to ensure you have spiked and lush lashes.  If you'd like you can always add falsies but for this look in particular it didn't work out as I wanted the glitter liner to be extremely prominent!

            I want to wish all of you a VERY Happy New Years, and I hope 2016 is going to be one of the best you've ever had!  I'm super excited for what is to come and as far as my looks go you guys will not be disappointed :)!  As a side note, the lipstick used is Colourpop's BYOB, any sheer pink will do.  As you can see from the photos I experimented quite a bit by applying Daydreamer on top for a lilac sheen (next to my intro paragraph is the photo) and then by applying a totally different color when I baked (ABH Barbie Pink Lipgloss).  This just gives you guys a variation in color and allows you to visualize what other shades might look like if you don't happen to have the EXACT one's I used.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Barbie's New Years Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

      For all of my loves who don't like dark smokey eyes or wearing red lipstick yet still want to stand out on New Years, I gotcha covered!  Not only can this super sweet look be perfect for Valentines Day it also can be worn on the daily if you remove the falsies and soften up the crease a tad more.  In my video tutorial I showed raw footage just to ensure everyone understood the blending motions done, I know pink isn't the easiest shade to work with!  Also I included the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet just because it reminded me of something Barbie would carry around...and also some of the shades spoke to me, literally.  Before we get into the actual look, the lip color I chose was sort of toned down compared to what MOST see of Barbie because after really analyzing the doll itself, her lips are like a sheer pink not quite hot pink and not quite a bold pink.  That part is all in your hands depending on what shade looks best on you and what feels most comfortable to wear.  Be sure to have a variety of blending brushes ready to go!

          Barbie is notorious for her perfect skin, so rather washing and scrubbing my skin clean I decided to just apply a thin layer of Fresh's Seaberry Oil to create a healthy glow without overly redding my skin.  Be sure to of let the oil or moisturizer set into your pores for a few minutes prior to adding a primer!  As a side note since I know many women are against the image of Barbie, she is a doll.  If someone is that into BECOMING a doll, something is clearly wrong there and it IS NOT the toy itself.  I just had to clear that up because to blame a doll for someones insanity is absurd.  Don't tell me "children look up to Barbie", a balance child knows what is reality and what is not, I loved my Barbies yet never wanted to become that, I knew and know who I am, and what I am.  In todays look we're simply taking creative commons and doing a look Barbie approved. 

           Aside from that mini rant that had to come out, move along to priming the skin!  I went for my Hourglass N28 primer, however due to the product being scarce I applied it to all zones of my face by the actual tube that sits in the bottle.  After placing the primer onto my skin I then smoothed it out just like a normal moisturizer.  Blend it up to your hairline to ensure your makeup stays put on ALL sections of your face.  Allow the product to set for a few minutes; depending if the primer is oil based or not is how you should time it.  For example, for my N28 since it has oil properties I let it set for 7 minutes, as for other primers 3-4 minutes.  

               Moving along to foundation, choose a full coverage foundation that you know will last hours on end.   Some of you might go for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but I went along with my Becca Ultimate Coverage Creme Foundation in Sand.  This product literally only requires one pump, as it is marketed to do, and creates a flawless SKIN LIKE appearance since it is a creme!  To begin I applied on pump to the back of my hand and with my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush gently warmed the product up by spreading it out on my hand slightly.  With any creme its best to warm the product up first because it makes it much easier to use!  Starting from my left cheek I began to stipple the product on.  I continued to stipple around my face working counter clockwise until I reached my left cheek again, then I started to use slightly buffing and downward stroking motions to form a flawless base.  Be sure to work in light layers, this goes for any foundation as its best for build up coverage then start with a lot and have streaks everywhere!  Also, be sure to blend up to the hairline for the most natural coverage.  

                  Ooh sorry to scare you but yes it happens to be cream contouring time.  I used to literally go through 2 extra steps before contouring until I realized cream contouring covered everything...especially if you use a concealer to do so! As modeled above from my video tutorial, I took Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer and highlighted my user eye area with upside down triangles, my forehead, down the bridge of my nose as well as between my jaw and cheek contour.  Whenever you're highlighting always choose a few skin tones lighter, if you can't find lighter go for white! After you have placed on the highlighting shade go into a contouring cream.  I chose my usual Cover Fx Cream Foundation in N100, which goes to prove you don't need to contour with a product just because it's labeled "contour product".  I contoured the sides of my nose, my cheeks, and my jaw lines with a slight contour under my bottom lip and in my crease.  I happened to use a Mac 231 brush to do so!  Right after you have placed the product on (use mine as a guide but be aware contouring and highlighting varies from person to person!), move onto blending with either a sponge or actually brush.  As most of you know I'm a fan of using my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush because sponge products clog my pores WAYYY to much leading to break outs.  At any rate, starting from my jaw line up, I blended in my left cheek with a series of circular and stippling motions.  When you reach your cheek contour always blend in upswept motions to form a "lighted" and higher cheekbone appearance.  Complete the same blending motions on the other side.  As far as the chin, nose and chin goes use circular motions as well! 

        Once you have cream contoured its best to move along to bronzing, rather using an actual powder contour product.  I swirled my Tarte Swirl Powder Brush into Givenchy's Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Powder, and then brushed it from my temples down to my cheekbones and finally back down to my jaw line.  This just adds warmth back to the skin and helps to smooth out a dull complexion.  IF you happen to be using a matte slightly taupe bronzer you can set your cream contour with that rather moving onto an extra defining step!

        With the same exact Tarte Swirl Powder Brush, I moved onto setting the contour.  With my favorite contouring pallet, Marc Jacobs #instmarc Filtering Powders in Mirage Filter, I took the deep bronze shade and swept it on the hollows of my cheeks as well as on the sides of my nose and under my chin.  You can always powder highlight with the yellow powder provided however I am not the biggest fan of adding tons of layers to my under eye area, eventually it cakes up and cracks.  

              For a perfect Barbie flush that wouldn't overpower the rest of my look, I went into Mac's Relaxation Cream Color.  I simply took my Elf Ultimate Blending Brush and slightly stippled it in the cream then from the apples of my cheeks up to my hairline I patted the color on.  This method works best if you smile because you can clearly see the "apples" of your cheeks and a clear path is drawn upwards to your hairline!

               I have never been so excited to lluminize in my life until now.  There is something so freaking amazing about Barbies glow that it somehow fit perfect with the concept of New Years, because who doesn't want a flawless, NOT GLITTERY, glow that shines from afar, I do!  Anyhoo, I brushed on Benefits High Beam from the actual applicator to the "C's" of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead, and well as from my cupids bow down to my chin.  With my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush I gently blended the product in with a series of upward sweeping motions and stippling motions.  This brush is lengthy making it perfect to really blend and disburse shimmery products!  After blending in the liquid set it with Becca's Champagne Pop.  Any areas that the liquid was brushed on should have a taste of Champagne ;).  I suggest using High Beam and the Becca highlight together for the reason of Champagne Pop having peachy tones thus complimenting Mac's Relaxation blush well.

            Once my eyes were completed I then took Besame's Brightening Vanilla Powder and applied it under my eyes, on my forehead, slightly on my chin and on the sides of my nose with my  Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush. This happens to be AMAZING with cancelling out redness so I highly suggest using a hardy amount on areas containing blemishes.  To finish things up I sprayed on Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray and the look should be complete :)!  Whenever you apply a setting spray make sure every powder or touch up you want to do is completed because the spray refreshens the makeup and takes away an over powdered effect!

                   Before we get into the brows, I did NOT use any primer for this look, instead during my foundation application I brushed the cream over my lids.  The foundation I had used is super thick so I decided to forgo using any primer on top, besides the shadows held pretty well!
        With my Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush and the dip brow pomade in Caramel, I first spoolied through each brow.  This just gets all the brow hairs in place and makes lining then defining much easier!  Once you have spoolied through both brows go ahead and line them to your desired shape.  I went for much softer arches than my usual just to accentuate the wide awakened eye shape I created.  After lining them I simply filled them in with light brush strokes and gave them one last spoolieing to disburse the product evenly. 

*Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Pallet, Sprinkles, Totally Fetch 
*Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows/Pigments:  Penelope, Birthday Girl 
          As I said before, no priming base was used!  If you want to use one be my guest, it all comes down to if you happened to do the foundation over the eyelid method.  Moving away from all of that, the first shade I went into is Totally Fetch.  Please don't be afraid to use color, the hot pink sheers out tremendously and makes for a great transitional shade!  With my Sephora #27 Brush, I promptly blended the color in my crease with a variety of circular and side to side motions.  BE sure to every disburse it out and avoid blending up to the brow!

          Once you have Totally Fetch in the crease move along to adding Muse, any red brick shade will do!  With the Mac 217 Blending Brush, I gently patted Muse in the inner V on my eye just to build up some pigment.  Then, following the natural crease provided by my eye socket outline, I gently blended to color in with side to side motions and tiny circular motions as well.  Keep the color concentrated in the inner V, and build up pigment as needed always work in layers!  After you have it blended in take a tinnier brush such as a Mac 219, and smudge Muse under the lower lash line.  With the same 219, pick up Sugarpill's Eyeshadow in Penelope and gently pat it right in the tear duct.  If you must use slight side to side motions to blend Penelope into Muse!

         The crease and lower lash line should be complete by this point.  With a fluffy shadow brush (I used Urban Decays Electric Brush because the bristles are short), apply the shade Sprinkles to the inner lid area and slightly blend it into the mid lid with side to side motions.  This color is not necessary as even the color Cotton Candy can be applied to the lid, however it adds depth to Birthday Girl when it is applied over the glitter glue!

          Speaking of glitter glue, squeeze a pea-sized amount of the Too Faced Glitter Glue onto the back of your hand and gently warm the product up by taking a dense shadow brush (Mac 239) and brushing the product out.  As you brush the product out the glue will of transferred to the brush bristles, and at that point pat the glue onto the inner third of the lid and slightly on the mid lid area. Once you have patted the glue on immediately go into Sugarpills Birthday Girl and with a Sephora #14 Pro Shadow Brush pat it on.  You should always start with light layers when it comes to shimmery products and gradually build it up for the most shimmer possible!

       To finish things off I first lined my waterline with ABH's Creme Liner in Jet then with my Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner drew an extremely thick and long cat wing extended up to just about my eyebrow.  Be sure when you line your waterline you also smudge it out onto your lower lash line for a sexy smoke effect ;)!  If you want to have a more doll like eye look I'd suggest lining your waterline with white liner, or applying white eyeshadow to that area.  Since this is a New Years look, not Barbie makeup in specific, the black lining just accentuates and adds depth to the whole look!

                Finish off the look with your favorite mascara and some super glam lashes!  Just a tip for this look especially if you're doing it on New Years, apply a hardly amount of lash glue to the end and beginning tip of your lashes! These are the two most areas the randomly flick up during the day, keep it secure.  

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dark Amethyst New Years Makeup Tutorial

      Yes, I am on a streak of recording YouTube videos feel proud of me.  Today was rather usual because I had chosen an eyeshadow and basically worked around it for the final look.  Heres the catch however, I originally HATED this eyeshadow (Mac Pressed Pigment in Black Grape) and thought it was absolute crap and just uh!  Today, ties have mended this is officially one of the best pressed pigment shadows I have used and to be honest I'm a big fan on the fact little to NO FALLOUT was prevalent!  In the video I added some color variation by showing you guys the look with pinkish nude lips (ABH Milkshake), because the eyes are flexible in color due to the purple leaning also grey.   With that being said use whatever makes you happy, after all this is a New Year's makeup look.  I apologize for having no unclose eyeball image but the header photo above should suffice as change is good :)!  Also be dually noted that the baking method was used and I highly suggest you cream contour and prime your skin before, details on why will be explained below as always!  If you guys happen to have New Years makeup requests hit them my way by emailing me on the left side bar!

Lips pictured above are a mixture of Colourpop's Liquid Lipstick in Avenue and Lime Crime's Carousel lipgloss in Candy Apple
In my video lips are a mixture of Makeup Forever's Aqua Lipliner in 5C and ABH Liquid Lip in Milkshake

            Right from the gecko I moisturized and cleansed my skin.  This will allow the following facial products to not only apply better, but last longer!  I simply scrubbed and washed off with warm water  Murad's Time Release Acne Cleanserthen finished it off with Fresh's Seaberry Oil.  If you're using an oil like me be sure to allow the product to fully sink in your pores this way optimal skin benefits are reached, plus the fact a super oily base is not too good either!

          Once your moisturizer or oil is set move along to primer!  I know a lot of women/men don't like using primer because its an extra step and sometimes can effect the foundation itself however for a New Years look in specific, it is a must! Starting from the center of your face spread the primer of your choice out towards your hairline, this is just the same as applying a moisturizer or oil product.  By the way, I found a duplicate Hourglass N28 primer so hopefully this will hold me out until next week!  Allow your primer to set 3-4 minutes, if it contains oil like mine allow it to set for 7 minutes total!

          Now onto foundation, which happens to be part of my favorite steps in makeup!  I began by squeezing out a pump onto the back of my hand.  Be sure to only use half the product as later in this makeup tutorial I use it to add extra coverage for my cream contouring as well as cover up my pesky liner mistake.  At any rate, with my Marc Jacobs Face II Sculpting brush I began to stipple the product onto all zones of my face.  While most emphasize the point of starting from the center and easing the foundation out to the hairline, I like to place the product onto my cheeks, forehead and chin.  After doing so I gradually buff and blend it out with a variety of patting and downward stroking motions!

        Most foundation requires less time to set than moisturizers or primers so give it a good 3 minutes!  After doing so move along to cream contouring.  A lot of women/men don't like this primarily because they have oily skin or they just don't like the heavy feeling.  I assure you that if you blend until it looks completely faded and use a dry cream(s) such as Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Kit(s), it won't be heavy, plus dry thicker textured creams work well with oiler skin types!  With my Sephora #77 I took the shade Banana and highlighted my under eye areas with upside down triangles extending out towards my hairline, along with a line going down from my forehead to the bridge of my nose and finally to my chin.  I also highlighted my left jaw and my right jaw as I wanted to make these areas more prominent!  To chisel and sculpt I went into the shade Cinnamon.  By flipping g the brush to the pointed side I drew two lines down the sides of my nose, as well as one line for a cheek contour and another for a jaw line contour!  Once you have the placement either take a sponge (beauty blender) or brush like I did (Elf Ultimate Blending Brush) and begin to work from the bottom of your face up to your forehead!  I used a variation of blending techniques including circular motions and stippling motions.  For areas needing visibly more coverage I took the excess foundation I was referring to earlier about and lightly mixed and blended it right on top!  As a side not be sure to blend UPWARDS on the cheek contour, this makes for an uplifted cheekbone effect!

          After the show Jersey Shore many of us got turned off to bronzers, understandably so.  However a bronzer is a necessity especially if you plan on cream contouring, or if you plan to use a heavy foundation.  If done correctly bronzers can add wonderful amounts of warmth to the skin and can give a person such a healthy glow.  Today I used Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Golden Light!  With my Nars #21 Contour brush, even though it sheds like crazy, I dusted the product from my temples, down to the hollows of my cheeks, and finally onto my jaw line.  Since the powder is matte you can use this as a straight setting contour powder and move along to contouring the nose, or do as I did and went the extra step to providing supreme depth.

             When you use a bronzer and finish with a contour powder duo such as Marc Jacobs #instamarc Filtering Powders, it creates a gradience that in my opinion looks most natural.  With that being said I took my Sephora #74 brush and re-contoured areas I had originally cream highlighted and contoured.  Be sure to BLEND until harsh lines disappear, use any motion just be sure the contour looks natural and not fake.  There is nothing more pet peevey to me than unblended contour lines, and trust me on New Years with all the lights going around you want to look your absolute best!  

             Once you have set the contour completely move onto blush!  I chose Mac's Well Dressed Blush since it added a nice hint of color that was not too overpowering for most lip colors (the point of this look was to be versatile and fit the needs of any individual).  With a Mac 168, I swirled into the powder and starting from the apples of my cheeks I blended up towards my cheek bones.  Really any baby pink blush with radiance will work however this one in particular works the best since it is a midtoned nude pink, thus working with any shadow or lipstick in store, and it lasts hours! 

             Ahh illumination time, oh yes.  Today I had gone glow crazy and you can't blame me because who doesn't want to GLOW, not glitter, on New Years? I shall answer it for you, everyone wants to have a healthy lit from within glow.  To achieve this look I took Nars's Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana and squeezed only a pea-sized amount onto the back of my hand.  With my Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush  I picked the product up and brushed+patted it on the "C's" of my eyes as well as down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead and on my cupids bow extending down towards my chin!  On the right is a photo exemplifying the "C" of my left eye, it basically is a slang term for highlighting from your eyebrow down to your cheek bone, this structure is literally  a "c"!  With the same brush I set the glow with Mac's Mineralized Skin Finish in Lightscapade!  If you fancy a heavy sheen this product can easily be built up without looking too frosty or doing something all of us hate, illuminating dry patches.  I highlight suggest setting the liquid with a powder only because it'll elongate the wear time!

             As a finishing step I last minute decided I wanted to bake my skin.  Ahah reading this aloud is quite funny however baking is beneficial to any makeup you'd like to wear for long period of time.  With my BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Mineral Veil and the Sephora Teardrop Highlighting Brush I heavily applied the product under my eyes, on my forehead, and between my cheek and jaw contour.  IF you happen to have sensitive skin like mine only let to product sit for a few minutes then dust it away!  To set my entire face I then sprayed on Urban Decays All Nighter Spray.  This not only refreshes the powdered skin it elongates wear time and keeps making looking sharp and clean all day!  I'd highly suggest using a setting spray regardless if you like the feeling of cold spray on your face or not, beauty is pain!

     I managed to screenshot a photo from my video exemplifying the nude liquid lipstick!  As you can see it brings a sense of elegance to the entire look while the fiery red lips really bring out me as a person and add sensuality to the overall makeup look.  IF you happen to use pink, purple, or even blue for that matter I'd LOVE to see the end result!  You guys can always email me or contact me via Instagram DM, or Twitter private messaging.  Anyhoo lets get onto the shadow look itself!

After browsing through photos I took I decided this one was decent enough to explain what was done in depth.

           Just as always I lined and filled my brows in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Caramel.  To do so I spoolied through each brow, using the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush, then I lined them in to my desired shape and finished off by filling them in with light brush strokes mimicking natural brow hair.

        With this look in specific a black shadow base is a must!  Wether it be simply a black eyeliner or a literal shadow base like Nyx's Black Eyeshadow Base, it is necessary.  With a flat eyeshadow brush such as Mac's 239 evenly disburse the product onto your entire lid area.  If you want to you may pack up the pigment for the shimmery shades to come to appear more reflective!

*Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan/ Foiled Eyeshadow: Barcelona BeachDay DreamerCorrupt 
               Once you have applied your eyeshadow pace proceed to applying the pressed pigment.  Many people like to do this as a finishing step after the crease however I really left the work on the lids so I'd highly suggest doing it in this order!  Simply pat the shimmery shade onto your entire lid with either the same flat shader brush (Mac 239or a cleaner brush.  This has SOO much pigment to it, with that being said work in layers to avoid fall out although its a very rare occurrence with this color.  Pack it on until you receive your desired pigment.  Be sure to drag this under your lower lash line as well for added depth.
         After applying Black Grape move along to adding depth to the crease.  I used Makeup Geek's Barcelona Beach and eased it in with a Sephora #27 Brush.  You want to make sure the way you apply this color does not affect any of the shimmer particles.  To do so begin by gently patting the sandy brown to the outer lid and by GENTLY following your eye socket creasing ease the product in with side to side motions, if needed slight circular motions!

              After your transitional shade is set move along to a dark true black.  Being the pigment I have worked around is a deep purple incorporating black in the crease is a no-brainer.  To begin take a brush similar to Mac's 219, I used Sephora's #14 Pro Shadow Brush, and gently pat Corrupt on the outer lid area.  Once you have a good pigment slightly brush the shadow up while at the same time blending it into the transitional shade, if you must you can also switch to a fluffier brush to smooth the shadow out!  Only use side to side and patting motions when it comes to the black eyeshadow, it will save you the hassle of having a fully black eye, been there done that.

              The crease is simple and is literally the hardest part of this whole look being it is made up of patting variations with light and shimmery shades! Speaking of light and shimmery shades go into Makeup Geek's Day Dreamer Foiled Eyeshadow and apply it to the inner corners of your eye! I used my Electric Pallet brush since it was more convenient but any small shader brush will do.  Be sure that this shadow extends to the lower lash line as well and blends into Black Grape!

                  Line your upper lash line with a thick cat eye flick.  If you happened to watch the video I made a slight boo boo, to fix the boo boo I once again took the excess foundation and patted it right on top.  This resulted in my grand idea to slightly smoke the flick out by taking my ring finger and brushing it upwards against the eyeliner.  I then lined my waterline with the ABH #12 brush!  I must say it is one versatile brush as I can not only do my brows but liner as well, and probably even lipliner.

*Kiss Eyelashes, Looks So Natural 
            Finish off the look with mascara, I went for my new fond love Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes!  These give that perfect "plump" and voluminous lash look to the point lashes are COMPLETELY optional.  I actually happened to pick up the Kiss Eyelash set in Looks So Natural a few days ago so I decided to try em' out.  Basically, hardest lashes ever.  These will break at any sudden tug, that includes removing them.  They lose their shape instantly so if you want to buy these please beware :).  After 15 minutes of applying and reapplying to get the right lash angle the end result was super pretty and not too over the top where it looked absolutely fake or odd!